sucking own cock

zenno23 [deleted] 3:53am, 9 September 2007
I guess most men would like to be able to suck their own cock, but only a few can.
Is this a gay thing? I think some straight men also would like to suck their own.
How many members of this group suck their own cock?
I have been selfsucking for about 25 years. and still love doing it.
I suck myself off every few days and sometimes eat my own cum, but not always.
My cock is 8 inches and i get about 4 inches in my mouth.
I especially love the taste of my pre-cum.

So anyone else want to talk about this? :-)

I'm getting hard just writing this--will have to go and suck myself off now :-)
johnluvsclones [deleted] 10 years ago
I would love to see some photos of you sucking your own cock, I think it's hot, lke sucking your clone's cock. I sadly can not do it, but would love to be able too.
Ourorboros [deleted] 9 years ago
I suck my own cock all the time too. I'm not 8 inches like you, but I can get all of it in my mouth. I can even lick my balls if i'm flexible enough that day. It's very hard to take pictures of that by my own, but sometime soon I'll have a friend take one for the group :-)
ausdad.aus07 [deleted] 9 years ago
I began self sucking at age 16 and did it a lot during my teens. I do it less since l have been married but stil love it - no other sensation is quite the same! I cetainly encourage any boys who ask about it to give it a try - gay, bi or totally straight!.
ccbstretch [deleted] 9 years ago
I think selfsucking is so erotic and hot. I did selfsuck when I was in my early twenties I wish I had never let the flexibiity I had in my early twenties get away from me, that was a sensation like no other. I even cum in my mouth.
ur_mr_e_mann [deleted] 9 years ago
Ooooh how I wish I could. I've tried many times. Just close enough to frustrate ya. I have shot the cum on my face and in my mouth. Love the precum drips, but don't mind eating a load too now and then.
buddhaPIMP [deleted] 8 years ago
Love to suck my cock, been doing it for about 15 years - the most i got in was about 3/4's with my head hitting the back of my throat.
patitan25 [deleted] 8 years ago
I wish i could, but never been flexible enough.
swarthywench23 8 years ago
I did it when i was 17 or so. Never came in my mouth though. Lost the flexibility, but would love to try again!
SoloSmokin [deleted] 8 years ago
I suck myself off a couple of times a week. My dick is 6.5 inches long and I can get over half of it in my mouth. I first started blowing myself regularly in 2001. I like to force myself to have a premature ejaculation in my mouth so I can enjoy my semen while continuing to masturbate. Sometimes I spit some out on my cock to use as lubricant. I always swallow.
alexnatash 8 years ago
I've never been able to be that flexible. I'd love to eat a guy's ass who is self-sucking....if that would make you cum a lot.
TS_Tammy [deleted] 8 years ago
I just sucked myself for the first time about amonth ago. Althogh it was diffecult to do.I loved it, I loved what my cum tasted like. I've done it one other time since then :))
engelundsonnenschein 8 years ago
I was also 16 or 17...Just could suck my head...Loved the precum...Dont remember if i ever shot in my mouth, but sure on my face...But never swallowed...But i loved the precum!

Would want to try it again...Doubt it i can bend so much again...

Any techniques?...Mine is now about 16cm...
mikej728 [deleted] 7 years ago
I've never been able to suck my own cock, but If I could I would
selfsucker81 7 years ago
i suck my cock since i was about 20, it's always great to suck it till it spurts in mouth
dealbata100@1066 7 years ago
When I was younger I could just about lick the head, but that is all,,,,,,,,unfortunately.
mikek45_1999 [deleted] 7 years ago
I wish I could suck my own dic--for the record I am very bi curuous
SmokeyPaulson [deleted] 7 years ago
I don't think autofellatio is gay at all. I don't want to fuck or suck other guys, but I love blowing myself. I do it almost every day and usually swallow.
~~badBADpenny~~ (read profile !!) [deleted] 6 years ago
Well in my mid to late teens i could suck my own cock and did often,I could get my knob n least half my 8 inches into my mouth so was able to give myself a real good blow job,oh and i usually came in my mouth.
Did it make my bi or gay??
At that age I only had eyes for girls,99.9% of my waking thoughts were of girls,it's simply another form of masturbation thats all.
Does stroking my cock make me gay??
Of course not and neither did that,,i did it purely for my own pleasure not to satisfy a latent need for cock !!
Funny enough in my early 30's i became curious and tried sucking cock but theres no connection,,it'd be like saying having a wank is a sign you want to give a guy a handjob,,nonsense you wank and if you can selfsuck for 2 reasons,feels great n cos you can
masculinedom PRO 6 years ago
I wish I had tried it when I was younger and more flexible. Seeing the photos of guys sucking themselves is very hot
bestw [deleted] 6 years ago
If you can't reach, use a funnel, then feast.
Take me to Heaven! 6 years ago
...size doesn't matter .. it's about a flexible back,, . I can do it.... hard cock or soft doesn't matter.. when my cock is hard the angle to suck is getting more difficult since it growing up-right. My dick gets harder erecting vertical.
Horizontal erection is preferred. That makes it more easier.

I love being sucked by my girl,,,but when I 'm really really horny, I feel sometimes like sucking my cock,,,wanna feel that cock the same way like my girl is feeling. The more horny the more easy to suck my own cock... it's a sensational feeling my big cock in my mouth,,,tasting my sweet precum first.. yes sweet ...I get my cock head in my mouth ...stroking till I cum exploding in my mouth...WOH love this feeling...such a sensation ,,,feeling that warm cum .. odd and bizar at the same time !!
Your own cum.. all those semen in my throat,,.. flowing out of my cock directly into my mouth.. swallowing all. I can still feel and taste those semen after hours deep down in my throat. It's sensational.

When I puss it too far my back hurts.. so remember to take it e.c.
I don't do it much often... since my girlfriend love to suck it too...that's much more easier :-)

What do think about it?
roundeye4asians 6 years ago
I hurt my back trying to suck mine so I dont try anymore but someone else is better
somadmike3 [deleted] 5 years ago
Haven't sucked my own cock, but if I could I'd be sucking it daily
donnitt94 5 years ago
I've been able to suck my cock once in a while. Only the tip though, would love to get more in my mouth though. Any pointers?
~~badBADpenny~~ (read profile !!) [deleted] 5 years ago
I think it has to be tried early when your most supple,at 15 i was so flexible and i'd started having sex wh girls it wasnt many times daily like i needed so going to bed my mind was on pussy,my cock rock hard and wi my experimental streak didnt take long to wonder what if ??

I'd lie at the pillow end,looking at the ceiling and body against the wall like in ai handstand .neck head,shoulders around where the pillow was and by letting my body fold ouer so i was in a sort nf gynastic position.heaa on bed looking up,shoulders by pillow,back against headboard and fulj weight of rest pulling my belly in tight,my back at full stretch and my cock in easy range.

You telling me you discover you can take half your cock in your mouth you'd weigh the pros n cons öf it.

Found it in range and immediately took it in my mouth.Fuck me you dont question whether its gay at the time,you found something that feels so wonderfully dirty n hot.end of

wasnt till i read it here does it make you gay that the idea ever occured to me n thats 20 year since i last did.

Does it make you gay when you stroke your cock ??

No,so why would sucking your cock then ??

Do you wank to come,simply relief then

I wonder cos I enjoy the very process of wanking just as much as comeing,in fact it's the pleasuring myself i adore,comeing means your finishing,aint good.

Self sucking was another form of masturbation same as the
P a n t y b o y 5 years ago
I use to when I was in my teens. That is where I acquired the taste for dick. I love the taste of a cock in my mouth. Mmmmm.........
robins_lover2012_4 [deleted] 5 years ago
I have dreamed about it but never been able to do it in real life. I wish I could!
thickone4u2enjoy 5 years ago
I can some of the head in my mouth, but that's about it. Would love to be able to get more. Got to work on my flexibility.
CUNNI£INGUI§T® 4 years ago

I've been "recycling" my cum almost every time for over 23 years. My "Mistress" insisted that I never waste it. I'd lick it off her clit everyday. BUT whenever she was on her period she'd demand i shoot it str8 into my mouth. Wasn't allowed to swallow until ordered to.
sino44 [deleted] 4 years ago
I wish I can do it, somebody teach me how to do it
pintudo18c 3 years ago
I can selfsuck, and I like eat my precum and my cum.
watcherwatched 3 years ago
I have been self-sucking since I was 13 and still do at 47 years. Love the taste of precum and swallowing my sweet load. I am bi- so not a homosexual thing per say since when I started I am ashamed to say I was kind of homophobic.
I love to suck myself off. I love being watched when I do, too. I also love watching.
rebeccaschaa 2 years ago
I was in a serious car wreck when I was in my 20's, so I lost 2 ribs which made me quite flexible.

I am only 6" long hard, but I can swallow my balls.

Yes I am a TS, but I do enjoy my desert!
cdejoy 1 year ago
When I was young and limber I did this almost every day. I worked at it until I could even do it standing without laying on my back. I would grab my ass and pull my head down far enough to get more than half of my cock in my mouth. I would suck my self to completion without touching my cock with my hands. I did that for many years.. I got caught by mom once and that was embarising.
springtx1983 6 months ago
i love sucking my own cock. I use to do it daily but unfortunately i became overweight and couldnt enjoy my fun anymore but now ive lost it all and have started the fun times back up again
cdejoy 1 month ago
When I was young and limber. I sucked myself almost every day. At first it was a lot of work but eventually got easy and I could even do it standing without using my hands. I would suck myself to completion almost very day and loved it
So jealous that you guys can actually do this! The most I've done was just the tip so used to stroke my shaft with the tip in my mouth until I filled my mouth with cum. Totally loved doing it, especially with a toy inside me at the same time.
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