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Jerry Lee Que IV September 29, 2009
We hope you'll join/post your (food) campfire, BBQ, smoked, chili, fried fish/chicken and smoker photos! Please view some of our members photos and post a comment or note. Also ensure all photos have these type foods in your pics. BBQ joints are ok too, if you post your BBQ food photos too.Please do not post photos of live animals. ANYONE POSTING SPAM or not following the group rules WILL BE BANNED without notice, the first time! READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES!

Group Description

If you cook outdoors, then join and send your photos to our group! Smoked or BBQ food photos are very welcome! If you cook a mess of fish, chicken please join our group! Photos of your campfire cooking, please post your food photos!



Group Rules

1) I'd like each photo to include some type of smoked, grilled, bbq etc food.

2) Photos of your smoker, grill or campfire are OK also.

3) If you operate a BBQ business, photos of your main sign and business is ok, as long as you post your bbq/smoked food photos too.

4) If your chili, fried catfish or chicken is of excellent taste, then it's ok to post them too. It's really great is see these foods cooked on a campfire!

5) BBQ with booze pics are ok.


7) Do not post photos of "plastic" food. Only post real natural food photos.

8) Photos not per the rules will be deleted and the member banned without notice.

9) Do not post drawings of food, grills or smokers etc.

10) Non-members are allowed to post only three photos total.

11) Don't show us any "raw meat" NOTE; you can split the screen with the raw and the cooked.!


13) Discussion topics will be deleted after 90 days with no comments being made on them. You may re-post the topic and go for another 90 days.

14) No toys of a BBQ setting.

15) By joining our group you agree to read and follow the rules.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 12 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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