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Ellesche ADMIN January 20, 2015
This group was created in April 2007 and ran contests until August 2013. The contests are now closed.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and participation!

(I have locked all Discussions but have left the pool open to submissions.)

Group Description

All contests have been closed.
Thank you.

Group Rules

The Group is now closed but these were the rules:

- There are 5 new contests created on alternate Saturdays.
- You may only enter 1 photo per contest thread.
- The photo should be medium-sized.
- Contest entries should be numbered accordingly.
- When it's time to vote, you cannot vote for yourself. Only vote once.
- You can vote in any contest, even if you didn't put an entry into it.
- Once the voting has begun, please refrain from entering more photos to that contest.
- The most votes wins the contest.

- To enter a contest, simply go to the photo you want to enter, click on it, then note the arrow on the right, after the email, Facebook and Twitter logos, click. This will open up a drop down menu. Click on Grab the HTML/BBCode and select HTML and Medium 500. Copy the code. Then go to the contest thread and paste the code into the 'post a comment' box within the thread. Then move it down a few lines and type in the number that is next in line following the persons entry above yours. It's as simple as that!

- You may enter any photo in more than one contest, even if it's won in the past. It does not matter, a contest is a contest in my opinion.

- The group pool is for any photos you'd like to post, it is not just for entries or winners. You may post 5 photos to the pool daily.

- There is to be no nudity or sexually explicit photos entered into the group in any way.

- The new contests start every other Saturday and they run 2 weeks. They will then be open for voting for 2 weeks. So you can basically look for new contests around the first and middle of the month.

- Voting runs from Saturday to 2 Saturdays later. If you enter, please take the time to vote. It makes it more fun!

- The winners get posted in the threads and on the main page.

- There are a few threads that you may want to enter if you are new to the group:

* Who's Behind the Camera is a photo and short description of other group members. It's fun to see who's behind the entries.

* Association Game - Come Add A Pic keeps going and going and it increases your photo exposure and makes you dig in your stream for the next posting.

* Icon for two weeks - submit your photo to be the group's icon for two weeks. Please submit it in 48X48 size.

* There are currently 2 threads open for contest ideas.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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