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Good God........... Jack ignores this group for a couple weeks and somebody uploads a snuff pic. What is wrong with you people?


  • Happy Holidays!

    Animal cruelty aside... Santa's Muscle Santa needed a bodyguard. ;-) Post something s...

    ::sarah::ages ago3 replies

  • Jack doesn't say bad things about your country.


    I Got Woodages ago6 replies

  • Nacho Fries

    Pfoutzages ago4 replies

  • Holy crap!

    Will someone post some photo's! PLEASE! I"M FRIGGIN BEGGING HERE PEOPLE!...

    I Got Woodages ago6 replies

  • Fall colors (or colours, if you like)

    Think of this as a greeting card - post fall picks for Jack and others that have...

    ::sarah::ages ago19 replies

  • Ha! The bravest crayfish ever in...

    ::sarah::ages ago2 replies

  • you need to see this

    this link is not for the faint of heart. it will upset you. If it does not fill ...

    I Got Woodages ago7 replies

  • The silence is deafening!

    post something already............

    I Got Woodages ago14 replies

  • I changed my pic

    Jack I changed my pic to one of Kerry Alice

    Dogtired akaages ago3 replies

  • Avast, me cute, little bilge rats!

    This be talk like a pirate day! The pickup lines are some beauties, I highly ...

    ::sarah::ages ago9 replies

  • I'm a moderator, apparently.

    I was a bit surprised to find I've been made a moderator. I figured you would as...

    Rosemarie Hughesages ago24 replies

  • the math is just too hard for my brain

    ok there are 64 members each with only one oppertunity for a shot. But there ...

    Dan Bennett2891ages ago9 replies

  • do you ever

    Click on TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS? Try it there are some really funny photos th...

    Dogtired akaages ago7 replies

  • How was your day?

    Tell me about it. I won't care, but it will make you feel better.

    I Got Woodages ago16 replies

  • Poke

    *poke* *poke* You awake? Piss off.

    ::sarah::ages ago18 replies

  • Panic attack

    But...if I only get one...which one do I post?? I'll never get it right. ;-)

    ::sarah::ages ago17 replies

  • Im going to whinge big time

    I hate those smart arse fuckers in flickr "I am so fucking intellectually superi...

    Dogtired akaages ago24 replies

  • No Whining

    You know why it happened. Deal with it.

    I Got Woodages ago27 replies

  • What the??

    56 members and only 11 photos.....I guess it is hard to choose! that is funny as...

    VXR13 <FF$C-AA>ages ago36 replies

  • Sink or Swim

    I was about to spin another yarn about my Grandfather. As colorful of a characte...

    I Got Woodages ago3 replies

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