* No. Pip, no!!! 12:34am, 13 July 2005
Please before posting any photo make sure you've read carefully the rules.
Was this your idea? I like it. Good idea.
*steve_gobeil* PRO 13 years ago
Thank you for the invite.
successful balance [deleted] 13 years ago
gracias no pip no!!! :-)
Crinity 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite - this seems like a great idea!
Sorry, I think the rules have been already broken. There are 3 continuous pictures of someone right now.

Oh, and excellent idea. I have to find something to add :D
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
You're rigth. But now this is already solved.

Thank yo to everybody for joining up!
han_solo 13 years ago
Gracias por invitarme!!! :-) Habrá que intentar que nadie haga 'favoritas' mis fotos, para poder traerlas, jajaja :-D

Una cosita: podéis aclarar si visita = 'comment' o a 'view', es decir, consideráis 'visitas' a cada comentario, o simplemente a las vistas. Supongo que será a los comentarios, pero era solo estar seguro.

Salu2 y suerte!
Thanks for having me on - great idea - although, minutes after posting mine was favorited (thanks, thanks sebka!) - so maybe that rule ought to be bent a little (perhaps by adding a delay? - remove ones that have been favorited 5 times after being promoted here?).
R. Michael MacLiotr 13 years ago
This is a good idea.
Pip, thanks for inviting me.

Rob MacLiotr
attractive yam [deleted] 13 years ago
Great idea pip, thanks for the idea and the invite :)
Thanks for the invite....

i heart groups!

OringeJellow 13 years ago
thanks for invite telipogon, needed a second chance hehe
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
Thank you to all for share your pics in this group.

Ana & Santiago.
Para Han Solo:

La foto ha de tener un mínimo de 25 visitas (VIEWS), 0 personas que la hayan elegido como favorita (FAVS), y los comentarios (COMMENTS) desde 0 hasta 1.000.000, tanto da.

Espero que ahora ya lo tengas claro.

* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
To Merodema:

It's not necesary to remove the pic from the pool when you achieve some fav.

Aoife city womanchile PRO 13 years ago
Thank you for the invite, Jimmy! :)
mRio 13 years ago
thanks for the invitation!
annavs 13 years ago
thanks for inviting, Jimmy!
Thank you for the invitation, Jimmy!
Ana, this is a great idea and lots of fun. Thanks!
eqqman 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite!
broad condition [deleted] 13 years ago
Dont forget to invite Your friends too!
Thanks to join the group.
Keep creating:)!
faw 13 years ago
Thank you Jimmy!
Lynn. 13 years ago
Thanks so much for the invite, Jimmy, this is such a great idea. I hope you're feeling okay about the Flickr time change now :)
Studio E 13 years ago
Thanks for the invitation, Jimmy! You're the best!
broad condition [deleted]
Hi Liza...
The merit is all from "No,pip,no!!!"...That is>ANA and SANTIAGO...
I´m here only giving a little help to my friends...(Beatles)...
Keep creating:)!
Daveblog 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite OringeJellow!

Great idea no,pip,no! I like the minimum views without a favorite. :-)
We have to thank Jimmy for the help he has brought us by supporting this group.

Everyone who is a new member, please, be welcome.

And don't forget to tell to your friends and contacts about this group!
Stewart Leiwakabessy PRO 13 years ago
Thanks for creating this group, and thank you Jimmy for inviting me!
Dimilinchen 13 years ago
Thanks Gracinha for inviting me. It is a great idea!
freemysoul PRO 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite Santarosa!
dbullens PRO 13 years ago
Thank you for the invitation.
earthy bead [deleted] 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite !!!Jimmy. Great idea.
ShutterSam & DigiNee PRO 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite !Jimmy. This is a great idea, especially for us newer members that haven't had much traffic yet. Now all I have to do is wait for a pic to be viewed 25 times.
EmmaBlemma 13 years ago
I have never been part of a group but thank u jimmy for inviting me. All your pictures are great i hope i wont look too shabby next to all you lot.. thanx again and hi im Emma! lol
Sheila Steele 13 years ago
Also thanx !!!jimmy and I echo EmmaBlemma's anxieties.
angel de olavide 13 years ago
thanks for the invite I post my first pic
OringeJellow 13 years ago
hi Daveblog..your welcome :)

most of my contacts joined! yeah!

Hi friends!
Welcome to all the new members of the group.

Ana & Santiago (No, pip, no!!! duet, Admins).
dthurbs 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite pip. You are beautiful and amazing. I hope I can contribute in a non embarrasing way. Thank you.
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
Sure you will contribute right, don't worry about that. Enjoy the group and participate a lot!

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