gibsonsgolfer PRO 1:29am, 31 July 2009
Thanks to Jeannine St Amand, I've been tagged to pick the theme for August.

Thinking of this as a back to school month for many of you (September for me), I thought it might be interesting to use one of my favourite subjects, Math (or arithmetic) as the theme.

I'm thinking of shots that could be used in class for discussion of math concepts, used as question generators, used as a sample for kids with cameras to imitate, follow up on, etc.

I've done a Flickr search for a tag math365 and it turns up nothing, so I thought it might be a suggestion to contributors to use that tag, specially if the interest is to continue with photos with this theme past the August challenge.

It will be interesting for me to use your contributions to this theme (assuming there is the creative commons copyright okay) in a workshop I am doing for teachers in our district at the end of the month.

Cheers... Bob
windsordi PRO 9 years ago
Cool topic!... time to put my thinking cap on!
dibytes 9 years ago
Good topic. I think we'll all be amazed at how embedded math concepts are in everyday life. Great idea for your workshop!
azmichelle 9 years ago
I like this topic too. One of my favorite films is "Donald (Duck) in Mathmagic Land". ;)
loonyhiker PRO 9 years ago
@azmichelle I used to show that to my math classes every year!
gibsonsgolfer PRO 9 years ago
Numerical Order

Look closely at the garage door numbers. The image could be used to present to primary students to ask what might be different about the way numbers were used by the residents of this housing unit. Under what organizational systems might this work?
gibsonsgolfer PRO 9 years ago
One more for today ...


Count or estimate the number of birds in the various locations ... roadway, sidewalk, fence, ball field. Can you identify two different types of birds in this photo?
windsordi PRO 9 years ago
How's this for an example for symmetry?

This picture provides a good line of symmetry, and congruent halves.

A sample math lesson for symmetry is here:

mirror mirror
windsordi PRO 9 years ago
Mother Nature's Number Line

birds on a wire
gibsonsgolfer PRO 9 years ago
Not a photo as such, but a link to a set.

See the math notes on the set page.
keepps PRO 9 years ago
I decided to look for parallel lines, and was assaulted by lines everywhere I looked- Here's my favorite (there are others parallel lines in my Lines and Curves set):

24 August 2009
rhondda.p PRO 9 years ago
Very symmetrical and the pieces mathematically worked out
Water tank rooves
susanvg PRO 9 years ago
Day 242: The Math of Music by susanvg

You can read more about the math in this photograph here:
The Math of Music
windsordi PRO 9 years ago
Geometry at play here...
- right angles and spirals

geometry at right angles
Groups Beta