elastic ray [deleted] 5:03pm, 31 January 2009
we're now 1 month into 2009/365photos - have you found your legs yet? having fun? struggling? needing ideas? have ideas to share? tips? How's your first month been?
David Davies 13 years ago
I've really enjoyed it D'Arcy and am looking forward to month 2 :) I just wanted to thank you and Alan and the other 365ers for rekindling my love of taking pictures.
dibytes 13 years ago
I’m so glad I decided to join the 365 Photo Challenge - I’m really loving it! Not only am I making time in my busy schedule to take pictures, I’m learning from the daily submissions of the other members of the group. There are some really good “teachers” here! I posted my lessons learned on my photoblog - DiBytes.
arvindgrover 13 years ago
I'm feeling a lot of pressure each day, but am generally keeping up with the shooting. Some days are obviously less creative, but I knew to expect that. I hold myself to a high standard, and am trying to get really good photos.

The hardest part for me has been the post production. Some days I just don't have time/energy to go through all the photos I've taken, and then things pile up. Right now I'm uploading about a week's worth, and it feels sort of like cheating, even though I took pictures each day. You know?
MrWoodnz 13 years ago
Well my enthusiasm is still high and I I have already learnt so much about photography. I have been particularly impressed with the support from other members through comments. I admit to getting really excited when I do get comments on my own photos so I now make an effort to comment on someone elses photo at least every day or two.
I have also found now that I am back to full work days, that I also struggle with the processing and my photos are sometimes not quite the quality I wish for, yet that reflection itself it useful.

I am going to be sharing this journey with my student and hopefully inspire them. Thank you 365 guys for inspiring me.
windsordi 13 years ago
I have been loving it!... It has focused my eyes on many small details and images I used to look at in a glance, and now find myself stopping and studying in detail... has also convinced me to upgrade to a better camera.

I have also found it to be an fun source of discussion among my friends and family who have been enjoying my daily journey with me!

It's also a great way to add the visuals to something tweeted or skyped...
@schwier 13 years ago
Now I'm wondering why I didn't jump in last year. I think my favourite part is that I'm starting to anticipate what other people are going to upload - getting to know people in an unusually intimate way. But selfishly, it is also making me see shots everywhere I go, and especially when I'm stupid enough to leave my camera at home. D'oh!

Some days I feel artsy, some days like a snapshooter, and sometimes I'm just grabbing something out of desperation. But it keeps me in a "designerly thinking" posture -- and that's good.
Jeannine St. Amand 13 years ago
I've really enjoyed the 365/09 experience. I find myself looking for new and interesting things in the community that I've grown so accustomed to. I'm trying to find a balance of nature, family, landmarks and of course my cats.

I have seen so many beautiful photos posted and experienced great support from commenters and my family. This is definitely a learning experience for me and I'm so happy I've made it this far!
azmichelle 13 years ago
It's a lot of fun! It is amazing the things I look at as photo material now that I never wold have before. I'm also enjoying everyone else's shots and the great stories that go along with some of them.

Yes, some days it is a struggle to make that little bit of time to shoot. But it is a good reminder that life is short and we all need to take some time each day to "smell the roses" or, take a picture of them!
tellierobson1 13 years ago
I am very glad that I have decided to join the group...I love to look at everyones photos....I too am finding that i am looking at everything in a different view....I carry my little sony cybershot everywhere i go these days...As I working a Photo lab....i find in the evenings it is sometimes very i have the chance to "play" finding new things to play with.....These days I am very much in to a light box studio..At home I am doing new and different ideas with my Nikon d60...tomorrow night I am heading to Edmonton ( a 31/2 hr drive one way) for a photo class at McBains on Composition...yeah cannot excited

on that note have a great day everyone....remember...if you want a great photo you might have to get into funny positions...should you not be able to get out of that can always say.."help i've fallen but i got a great photo"

have fun shooting everyone!!
carlaarena 13 years ago
Just like the others, I'm enjoying immensely to be part of this project. It's self-rewarding, revealing. Plus, it's just wonderful to connect with others and their views of the world. I've always enjoyed taking photos, but now I feel the joy of sharing them, of finding different twists and perspectives, exploring the unrevealed.

Even in the midst of moving back to Brazil, I've managed to keep my photos up-to-date. It's really pleasing. I'm enjoying every Flickr minute!
cogdogblog 13 years ago
I am so jazzes at the growth of our little community, and seeing old friends like David Davies join in... and I got Brazilian coffee in the mail just for my photo (thanks @carlarena).

It still is a focal point of my day to make time for this, and am starting to ponder what kinds of experiments I can try this year. I've gotten sloppy in my exact count, and managed to get 2 days ahead for a while; I've taken up the method that others use to number their pics.

Okay, Dr. Norman- it's your turn to pick a theme for February!
elastic ray [deleted] 13 years ago
le_flynn 13 years ago
I fell off the wagon a little while back - but I'm getting back into the groove again!
plind 13 years ago
I'm having a lot of fun - trying to see what may be interesting to shoot when sometimes I don't even leave my yard for days on end. Makes me really pay attention on the days I "get out" to find something new and interesting.

Thanks for starting and mentoring the group!
keepps 13 years ago
It's interesting...I don't think there's anything else in my life quite like it - yes, there's a subtle pressure in the back of my mind - what will my picture be today? Gotta take a picture (and get it posted)! I take lots of pictures every day, but which is THE picture for the day?
bgblogging 13 years ago
I am having so much fun (too much fun) with the group that I've blogged about this first month:
loonyhiker 13 years ago
I'm having a blast doing this and now I feel like I look around me differently. I now carry my camera everywhere I go and I'm always looking for a photo opportunity. I am also learning so much by looking at the other photos in the pool. It seems like I learn something new every day. Thanks to everyone for inspiring and motivating me to take better photos.
mikecogh 13 years ago
In the space of a month or so this project has gone from feeling like an imposition to a great joy. It has literally opened my eyes. I spend lots of time each day looking intently at the world around me. I guess that's what photographers do all the time. Not that I'd call myself a photographer, but it has had an interesting impact on my days.

Sometimes being part of this project motivates me to go out and do and see things I might otherwise be too lazy to bother with.

And then there's the choices - inside or outside. Day or night? People or place? And reasonably often things happen in an average day that I realise are worth documenting with a photo. It awakens you to the richness of everyday life. I'm loving it. Thanks Alan!
avilasal 13 years ago
I am so pleased that I decided to join the group. I thought it would be fun but looking back after 45 days I am amazed by what this experience has given me. I am seeing things around me in a whole new way. I am paying attention and appreciating the wonderful experiences that every day brings. I am enjoying reading the comments from other group members and I am constantly inspired by the range of images being uploaded. On a personal level I am also surprised when I look back on the first 45 days and see what has happened to me, my family, friends and community. I feel connected and motivated and I am really glad I am part of such a great group. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my photos so far and offered advice and encouragement.
konarheim Posted 13 years ago. Edited by konarheim (member) 13 years ago
Okay - a little more than a month. This has been GREAT!. I think it has added punch to the old New Year Resolution bit. Kinda like having a diet buddy - you get inspiration from the group. The challenge of finding something each day as others have found requires taking time to think and see, find the beauty or detail in what is around you in your everyday life that you didn't notice.

I actually think it is helping in putting things in perspective and reducing stress. Things at work can always be "crisis"- but they aren't. Looking to the details and how parts make up a whole through this project can be applied to life in general.

It has really helped me put into practice why students need to experience many different viewpoints and situations in order to transfer that learning to new situations. Beyond the soul and mind expansion, is the technical learning. Moving past auto on my point and shoot to no flash, digital macro and a host of other things I don't yet have a clue about, help in extending each day to learning something as well.

Third - the joy of viewing others photos. It is so relaxing! When I am too tired to escape into a book, or other activity, I can travel the group and see how other's days may have gone, drink in the beauty, the humor, the days successes of others who I am beginning to know-but really don't know. I find myself rooting for kids of posters, traveling their routes to work, watching their environments change with the seasons and weather. I really think I can make the year and it is all because of the network.

TeddyBoy 13 years ago
I find myself finding photo ops around the house and saving them for the day or days that I hadn't gotten anything creative for.

On the other hand, days like today (Saturday) when I could easily have five or six keepers. But of course, you can't take them today to save for another... no fair!
lkasyan 13 years ago
Have been taking photos but have had no time to download since Monday! Feels like I am behind in something important. I left my camera at school (trying for the work/play theme) but will remember it on Monday I hope. I also love seeing the posts of others. Global sharing means connections that would otherwise not happened. I love that we can see all the picts. Noone misses out by not being a buddy or something along those lines.
substantial stick [deleted] 13 years ago
I've just been reminded of this discussion. It's so interesting to read about the positive developments, often unexpected. I almost didn't join, then I thought I would for fun, but much more has come out of this. It doesn't take that long, and it gives me a small focus daily. The insight into people and their lives is very interesting. Commenting is the best thing. It's a visual record of our lives unfolding, the deep within the mundane, the sad and the wondrous - it's life, but one that would otherwise have been lost to memories.
rhondda.p Posted 13 years ago. Edited by rhondda.p (member) 13 years ago
It's been a great idea. My aim is to try to see something in the everyday, somnething that I might have taken for granted, but now pay attention to. Not always easy, or inspiring but it always makes me think. It also is useful for me to write down a description. Later I will ne able to go back an remember. I have also loved looking at the things that others have seen in their day.
susanvg 13 years ago
It's been great. It remind me of when my children were very young. Suddenly I started to see things through their eyes and everything started to look interesting again. Well I'm back their - looking with new eyes and when you start to look, you really start to see.
lynnjake58 13 years ago
I'm loving it. I still manage to take a photo a day, but like Arvindgrover, sometimes I take them off my camera a few days at a time. I also seem to send them to the group in chunks. I'd like to try to be better about that. I think I'm getting better at taking photos, at framing the shots. The hardest part is that I take quite a few each day and sometimes it's hard to choose which one to post.
OroAnnM 13 years ago
I've enjoyed reading all the responses. I didn't join last year because I was afraid of being overwhelmed. I actually jumped in this year on day four. I'm so glad I did.

We've had a change in life style this month as my mom moved in after a fire in her home. It's something I really look forward to everyday. I've really kept up because it reminds me that things will return to normal again some day.

I do feel, at times that I'm just taking snapshots, but it is a pleasure to think about what I will do for any given day. I'm looking forward to opening the suggested February shot discussion next.
lorda 13 years ago
I've almost made it past February. I think this will be a record for me. Now I'm thinking I need another camera. I've been carrying around an Olympus point and shoot, which takes ok pictures, but I think I want more. I used my hubby's DSLR the last couple of days and I can certainly see the difference in quality, but I don't really like his brand, so I'm going to have to look for something that suits me.
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