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ambrosialove 12:57am, 16 July 2007
Are you an admin for a group here on Flickr? Use this thread to draw some attention to your group, regardless of the subject matter. I want to see which groups are run by fellow 365-ers!

And please link to your group so we don't have to search for it!
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Kungfukitten PRO 10 years ago
I do have a group! My one and only group is called Silly Self Portraits and every 365 Days member should join and post their silly pictures! Our goal is to nurture your inner dork.

Silly Self Portraits
dramamath PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by dramamath (admin) 10 years ago
Do you dream of having a photo on a bottle of soda? Submit your favorite photos to Jones Soda, then share your submissions in the Jones Soda Submissions group.
ambrosialove 10 years ago
Your Fave Five is a pretty low-key group. Just figure out what your favorite five photos are, submit them to the group, take a glance through the pool if you wish, and move on with your life.

Everything Tutus!. Tutus rule, y'all!

I bought a stuffed duck, took a few photos, crammed him in a box and sent him out to visit some friends. He's currently traveling North America (at a very slow rate) and you can check out his adventures at the Roscoe's Tour of North America group as well as Roscoe! Roscoe! Roscoe!. Membership is limited right now until all of the current members get a chance to meet Roscoe, but if you want to get in on the action, go ahead and apply. Don't be surprised in you're on the wait list for a few months though.
cabroll 10 years ago
I'm new to flickr, but I feel my group has some promise if the right publicity was used. I just don't know how to do that.

The sites title pretty much describes everything.

Officially In Love.
The Tidal Rabbit Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The Tidal Rabbit (member) 10 years ago
@ dramamath - I actually got one of my photos onto a Jones soda label! I think they put it on the "Dave" flavor. This is the one they chose:

Flowered Brambles

@ Child Size Jacob: what a great idea for a group! i'm in :}
Kaptain Kobold 10 years ago
Nothing too exciting for me. I run a group devoted to pictures of teh extinct (?) Tasmanian Tiger or Thylacine.

Also one devoted to my town of residence: Staines.

Mind you, whilst I didn't set it up, I did inspire, and do administer, a group devoted to taking pictures of the inside of your fridge - with the door closed : In The Fridge.
LisaNH PRO 10 years ago
I have eclectic tastes in groups to start:

His & Hers




and Little Lambs
or4ngecrush Posted 10 years ago. Edited by or4ngecrush (member) 10 years ago
I administer this group it's the place where I grew up and noticed there were no groups for this place so I started one.

It's www.flickr.com/groups/eastkilbride/

I think the only people who would really join it are people who have lived/living in East Kilbride, Scotland, U.K. at some point but it's there if anyone else wants to have a look at the area.

How do you create those one worded links? I've always wanted to know?
melodramababs PRO 10 years ago
I started the Life List (No Opportunity Wasted) group.

inspired mostly by Phil Keoghan (host of the amazing race, author of the book (and host of the TV series) No Opportunity Wasted)

Just a little spot where people can share their life lists (not the kind for bird enthusiasts) and post photos of the exploits in not wasting an opportunity.

It's a pretty small group (I think we've got a grand total of 4 members and 2 regular photo contributors)

If this is your kinda thing - join up!
foreveravalon 10 years ago

I'm an admin for these groups:

365 Themed This group is similar to 365 Days mini-challenges, but its a smaller group, so your work may get more recognition. We are always eager for more members, so feel free to join! This week's theme is the color Red.

SSUC - Super Secret Underwear Club A fun group that Tara and I run for friends who want to prance around in their underwear. Members compete for the chance to pick the next meeting's theme, and to become the group icon for two weeks. This is group is by invite only too keep the porn people on Flickr out. If you are not a porn person, feel free to ask to join.
~~gone~~ [deleted] 10 years ago
oh... yeah... i got some... most of them were created during extreme boredom in the philippines on a business trip. some took off and have slowed down...some still go strong:

a group for shots of girls biting their lips ... which kind of was the more specific version of

the group i created called girl 101 to show off when girls do what they do and they know how they do it to kind of tease or attract boys.

a group for the fascination of licking things, as odd as that may seem...people love to lick things... who knew?

a group i formed based off an idea i created as a discussion or mini-challenge here, to show shots of yourself, captured by yourself or by others (hence the group...since some might not be self portraits) totally caught laughing

and finally... a group for the hippie in all of us, for tree hugging

enjoy and join if you like...

** great idea for a topic amber!! **
Wooble 10 years ago
I don't know that it needs much promotion, but I'm one of the admins of FlickrIdeas

Then there are my slightly less successful groups:
Ballpit for pictures of, well, ball pits.
Flickr Nomic, a game of changing the rules of a game through photos, which will never get off the ground like 99% of nomic games.
I also moderate and highly recommend the Vast Conspiracy to Dumb Down Flickr which is somehow a separate group from FlickrIdeas :-P
ⓖraham [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ⓖraham (member) 10 years ago
I have a couple I started:

Singulareyes - closeups of a single eye.
Dogs Named Charlie
misterg8s PRO 10 years ago
I do have a few groups... I'm not seeing it is the group I've mentioned in another thread. It's for the shots you don't care for which other people love to death.

And then there's Contact Sheet Haiku, which is less than 24 hours old, but promises to find a use for all those contact sheets out there.
badjonni Posted 10 years ago. Edited by badjonni (member) 10 years ago
I help run a group on Street Art in Adelaide Australia

Church on Fire
ena dear 10 years ago

i started a group based on a song w/ the line:
"...all romantics meet the same fate someday, cynical and drunk and boring someone in a dark cafe."

i had alot of contacts creating beautiful haunting images from the soul and the group though small and new has some real incredible talent . if u want to check us out or join us here's a link:


all the best ~ena
Angelina :) 10 years ago
I've got a portrait group along the 365days/52Weeks theme called Plastic 52. It is for that weekly portrait of your favourite Barbie, teddy, ugly doll, action figure etc etc. So....yeah. Go here to see it
[christina] 10 years ago
I created a group for self portraits shot through the viewfinder, a fun and fabulous technique of shooting.

flush gorden PRO 10 years ago
I made a group for people to post their favourite photos.

sarah. reed. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sarah. reed. (member) 10 years ago
I co-admin Color My World Daily , every day is a color from the rainbow -- Monday, red; Tuesday, orange; Wednesday, yellow -- you get the idea.

And then there is FUTAB (Feet up, take a break) -- we get a lot of 365 Days/FUTAB cross-overs.

There are a few others ones that I admin or co-admin, but they are wee little groups.
LisaNH PRO 10 years ago
Just Desserts, because a group of that name *should* exist.
~tricky business~ 10 years ago
I'm an admin for the Female Self Portraits Artists' Support Group :) It's great. If you meet the requirements you should join!
Saynine 10 years ago

I am the Admin for a group called. Bring On The Gimp (A Cruel Dictatorship) NOT. It is primarily a social group with flexible and eclectic photos in the pool.

We are fairly new and were founded for refugees from a group that was a lot of fun but always in a state of collapse called "Mad Punk Polish Housewitch.

We have a weekly challenge but even that is more about fun and camaraderie than serious competition.

If you have a sense of humor or want to develop one come on by.
freestyleMountainbiker [deleted] 10 years ago
I have a new group promoting the wearing of (Shoes without shoelaces). All shoe pictures are welcome including flip flops, heels, etc. It is not a foot fetish website, just running the site, to promote the wearing of shoes without shoelaces because the always break, and get in the way, or refuse to stay tied. link here www.flickr.com/groups/365606@N25/
Christina♥Kay PRO 10 years ago
I am a co admin for the 365 Days: Rejects group. A group for those 365 days pictures that didn't make the cut but you decided to upload anyway.

Members can post 5 pictures to the pool each day.

saraH_Heartbreak Posted 10 years ago. Edited by saraH_Heartbreak (member) 10 years ago
I just started a group (I'm the only member so far lol) called The Art of Love www.flickr.com/groups/theartoflove/. I thought it would be neat to see various artistic interpretations of love!
Dave Sewell 10 years ago
I created a group called "Images or Self" which seeks to collect photographs of you or parts of you that best define your moods,emotions,feelings.etc. The group may be found here.
Sick Little Monkey PRO 10 years ago
I admin a few groups. I started Single Light Female and Jessi Rocks! myself.

I'm also an admin for 365 Days and Arm's Length Self Portrait Experience.
dgs photos 10 years ago
Here are three I administer:

is a public group devoted to type and geography.

is intended for the photographer to show themselves with the model in a photo session.

is a private group set-up to showcase the total human form in an expressive act.
pierre_bl 10 years ago
Admin : Nature ( no limits )
rainbow*in*the*sky 10 years ago
i have a group called pretty*things, for pictures of pretty clothes, jewellery, accessories, ornaments, etc. everyone is free to join :)
Qfamily PRO 10 years ago
I just started a group called My 30 Days. I thought of it when I announced to 365 that I quit smoking. The thing that sealed the deal was announcing it to the group. Once I did that, there was no going back. So I started a group for people to begin good habits, break bad habits, or just try doing things for 30 days. 30 days (for habits) comes form the saying that a good habit takes 30 days to set in. 30 days is also from the Spurlock shows.

I was waiting until Aug 1 to start up which is why nothing is in there right now.
voyagephotoco 10 years ago
I have two:

I started a group for users of the Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS camera. You can also join if you have the camera, plan to get it or want to ask questions about it.

I also just started a group called The Best of Our Little Ones. This is a group for parents to post their best and favorite pictures of their children. It is also just a place to talk about all things parent related.
Rachel.::.K PRO 10 years ago
There are quite a few 365ers in the Storytellers group and we would love to have more. The idea is to write the story that goes with the photo.

JLovely (DisRunner) PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by JLovely (DisRunner) (member) 10 years ago
Come on over to our 10 Million Photos group! :) We're trying to be the first groups to hit 10 million photos..just for the hell of it. Just join and dump your WHOLE photostream and then invite all your contacts to do the same.

It's a quirky little group but it's fun! :) We love it over there!
photobug Lis 10 years ago
I'm admin for a trucker wife group that is not active what so ever... Oh well..

teekathepony Posted 10 years ago. Edited by teekathepony (member) 10 years ago
Ahhh why not!

Alright. First, my favorite group: A Very Flickr Christmas ( www.flickr.com/groups/flickrchristmas/ ). Currently the second biggest Christmas group, as far as I know. It's an awesome group from November - January and I try to keep it going throughout the year too.

Also Duotones: www.flickr.com/groups/duotones/

And Human Form: www.flickr.com/groups/humanform/

(... and a bunch of others that aren't doing so well! haha)
I am co-Admin for a fun group, colorful world group logo . It is full of talented, friendly people. Every week we have a different theme and every day we focus on a different color. We also have some fun games! The other co-Admin and our mod are also 365ers. You could always tie one of the theme weeks into a couple of self portraits to help switch things up a bit! :)
darkredbeloved 10 years ago
I am the admin for a group called Girl Anachronism. This is a group to photos that are inspired by or refrenced from dresden dolls songs...

we welcome look alikes or just something the rings through in the lyrics.

Its brand new so please join!!
susiejulie PRO 10 years ago
Giant Things!
Do you ever see giant ice creams on the street? How about random Big Things as statues or roof decoration? Here's a group for all those!
the trial PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by the trial (member) 10 years ago
OK 365-ers - idea well running dry? Need a jolt of fresh inspiration to reinvigorate your project?

Just stumped for an idea for your daily shot? Stop on by and check out Flickr Group Roulette and take a turn with our daily self portrait challenge!

Or just cruise through and join in the polite banter, civilized conversation, and high brow humor that we are rapidly becoming known for. Or just drop by and offer up your suggestions for what Flickr Group we should use as our source of inspiration next!
Rachel.::.K PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Rachel.::.K (admin) 10 years ago
For love of square selfies, get your selfie butt over to Selfie Squared:

Rules are easy: just make sure it's of you and square format.

I'm also a Moderator for the Storytellers group and we've got quite a few 365ers there. Got a good picture and a good story?!? Then the group is for you.
/J PRO 10 years ago
My group is Beer Chang,

Dedicated to the Thai beer "Chang". Any image with a photo of the Chang - logo goes.
Lucy's 10 Lives 10 years ago
I recently started a group about stories/memories evoked by a dress. I like looking at all the beautiful designs and the interesting background stories...

About the group:
Tell us the story about a special dress. May it be a dress from school dance, hand-me-downs from family or friends, a birthday present, or a dress that evokes the feel of sunshine. Simply tag your image with "memory of a dress" and describe the background story or thoughts inspired by the dress.

alisaisblue [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by alisaisblue (member) 10 years ago
Just started one today dedicated to Michigan Musicians.
Photos of them, or the members are musicians that live in Michigan. After we have connected we will begin the world domination scheme.
For any of you that take world domination seriously...I don't actually have any plans for that.
Panoply of Song [deleted] 10 years ago
I have a super small group I just started....called *People Knitting*

Wooble 10 years ago
(@$$! Pro User
Just thought it might be fun, or an idea for a self portrait. :-)

Can you tell I am super bored at work? ;-)
Wooble 10 years ago
clande Pro User
hola 365istas hispanohablantes!

hay un grupo de 365 donde se habla espanol. todavia es pequeño pero estoy seguro que hay mas gente que habla español y quisiera conversar en este idioma.

me permito hacer publicidad para 365dias

Posted at 7:33PM, 22 September 2007 EDT

clande  Pro User 

hola. de nuevo yo

juntense todos al grupo
www.flickr.com/groups/proyecto365dias/ (sin quitar el grupo original por supuesto)

es lo mismo como aqui, pero en español

Originally posted 3 hours ago.
ambrosialove 10 years ago
badlyricpolice says:

I just recently created a new group for 365 projects called 365 Right Now!
I'm interested in seeing what sorts of situations require an immediate picture.

This group is for members doing any of the 365 projects and happen upon a need to take a picture RIGHT NOW! There was a moment in your day worth capturing and you used the tools at hand.

We are looking for pictures with minimal set up and using available equipment. Shot on your camera phone on the go. Snapped on your computer camera at the right time. You bought a disposable camera at a street newspaper stand because you needed to take THIS picture at THIS moment.

Jacqi B PRO 10 years ago
The Photo-diet Project is my group. Photographing what you eat, just before you eat it makes you stop and think about what you are eating and why you are eating it. It's an interesting record of the differnt foods eaten at different times of the year, too.

ambrosialove 10 years ago
ms.Tea says:

About Holiday 365

-this is another spin off of the 365 days group.

it's all about those holiday Influenced 365 photos.

it is not limited to Christmas, by any means.
It's for all holidays, that have particular influence on us, when we take that 365 photo.

You should be a member of 365 days, or 365 alumni, or 365 more.

The pictures should be seasonal, depending on the holiday.
An example, would be the month of December, when you might be posting 365s influenced by Hanukkah, or Christmas, or the Solstice, or Festivus :).
In January there are those New Year's Eve photos.In February maybe it's Valentine's day, or Presidents day that influences you. Whatever the present holiday season.

What is of interest in this group, is seeing how the holidays, inspire you in,creating your 365.
Kitzzy 10 years ago
My group is the Zooma Challenge. It is kinda small right now, but we're always looking for more members and zoomas to guess.

This group was inspired by one of the activities in the popular board game, Cranium Turbo Edition. In the game, the Zooma card contains close up pictures of three related items, and the team must correctly identify the three pictures within 1 minute.

The idea for this group is to create our own zooma photos and then try to guess them. You get to work on your macro/close up photography skills, cropping skills, and guessing skills!

The Zooma Challange group was featured in the Cranium Blog!
MEETING NEIL IS EASY [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello. Without my knowledge, I somehow got suckered into moderating a brand new group called 365 Black. It’s dark. It’s bleak. It’s the negative space you’ve been craving.

Carefully copy your black images and paste them onto our pristine white page. Hold your breath and gasp in delight.
ambrosialove 9 years ago
*Milou* says:

I've started a 365 Days group for kids under 16. My 10 yo dau wanted to join our group but I didn't feel too comfortable with that. I tried to have her join the 365 Days of Kids -- but the admin didnt want my dau to take her own picture (which blew me away). So I had to start a group for her (after all I've been trying to get my family to join my Flickr addiction for a year!). If you have kids interested in this project, please send them over.

I've made the group invite only so I can try to weed out the creeps.

ej_heart [deleted] 9 years ago
Hello everyone! My friend and me started a new group it's for 20-30 year olds and it gives free range for expression about, well basically anything, relating to your road in life. We give a topic once a week, you can participate or not, either way just have fun! Check it out! we are looking for members who love to have fun and love photography :D

steven.russell [deleted] 9 years ago

365. The Mobile Phone Edition.

Come join the fun!
Jackan! 9 years ago
Hello All,

My group is Toggle, groups of two shots that look cool when you view them in succession.
Come check it out and help me get rolling.

Regards, Jack
dramamath PRO 9 years ago
kouryo [deleted] 9 years ago
Dear 365 neighbours,

would it not be nice and to collect all those moments when we said yes, let's do this 365 challenge ? This moment which changed our flickr life ? :-)

This is the purpose of this new little group

My first day of 365 days

and you are heartly invited to post your first day picture of your 365 days there :-)

I would be glad if anyone of you would help me with the collecting and inviting of the first pictures of our 365 neighbours and friends. Please drop me a short message.

Happy 365 flickring :-)

like_shipwrecks 9 years ago

Wanna be a Hood Rat?

For pictures of you (or anyone else) in a hood!
.emily. 9 years ago
Awhile back I started the group Motif'd Challenges. It's basically one of those "pit your photo against another person's photo" challenge groups but I've tried to add other things in as well.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to spend much time with it over the past few months but the other admins have done an excellent job of keeping it up. And, actually, the group has become more successful since I "left" (not that I'm officially gone). Check it out though :-)
Cyan Del Mar 9 years ago
I just started a petition group dealing with the Moderate filter essentially becoming the Restricted filter.


If anyone is interested in this issue, feel free to come on by.
NizhoniGrl 9 years ago
when i first started flickr i created a group called Showoffs. This is a group where anyone can show off how creative or talented they are. Or you can put stuff up for trade and selling.
We are the showoffs and we're here to showoff our stuff.

..Allison.. 9 years ago
Being in Love

A group about romantic love.
clande 9 years ago
hello fellow 365ers

'Bebbi' viajando - auf Reisen - travelling

this is a group about "Bebbi". He is a stuffed dog which we sent for travelling all over the world. Each member hosts him for a week at its places, takes a photo of him, and then send it to the next person.

Feel free to join and host him
Wooble 9 years ago

Girl_On_E  Pro User 
says: name reply / icon reply

There is a new project called 52 clones. It's a clone per week kind of deal. Sometimes themed , sometimes random.
Those who're interested, please JOIN HERE.
It's a new group so we need all your clonning freaks' support to get it going.

This week it's "POST YOUR VERY FIRST CLONE SHOT!" week!

Thank you!

Posted at 12:20AM, 16 May 2008 EDT
Taps7734 9 years ago
I have three that I started.

Hairscapes - The idea came from one of JazzJumper's photos. And since I am a huge hair freak, almost to the point of fetish, I loved the idea.

- 365 Days - Nude Self Portraits - A collection of the Nude SPs from all the other 365 Type groups.

Ride The Wind - A group I literally just started a few days ago. There is one member at the moment. I haven't done anything more than reserve the name really. But eventually I hope to make a group dealing with photographing motorcycles. (My second or third favorite hobby). :D
hesmywatermelon 9 years ago
Hey All, we have a friendly group over here: www.flickr.com/groups/365of2008/

It's a 365 group for all those who started on Dec 31st of Jan 1st!

Come on over for a nosey :-)

We also have a photophlow group thats for general photo chit chat- hope to see you there! (check out the group homepage for the link)
twnklmoon Posted 9 years ago. Edited by twnklmoon (member) 9 years ago
My group is 100 Dog Strangers ; similar to the 100 Strangers, but with Dogs, you can get a stranger to talk about their dogs more than themselves sometimes. And you can take their photos, get their stories, while just out for a walk.
dramamath PRO 9 years ago
Widescreen Self-Portraits is tailor-made for 365...check us out!
seanlamonby. [deleted] 9 years ago

A straight on self-portrait, no photoshopping, no strange angles.

A huge collage is going to be made when we complete it. ;)
Enduser Null 9 years ago
I am the admin of a single-member group (lol) called Code::Mad. It's for code-related things and generally anything to do with electronics / the digital age.
Signe can be found here: flickr.com/lovesigne Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Signe can be found here: flickr.com/lovesigne (member) 9 years ago
i'v got two

Favourtie Mosaics
for mosaics of your favourites, your own photos or your contacts.


EW - Eye Week

take a week out of your project and taken seven close ups of your eye.
use one and something else for a diptych too.
WtB (Watch the Birdie) [deleted] 9 years ago
Unusual Head Accoutrements ....the silly stuff we put on our heads, bizarre hats or something really weird...let's see it!
kellyg42 9 years ago
I started a group called Tell Me a Story, which is oriented towards videos (but photos are totally welcome!) that tell a story of some kind.

Check it out!

Panoply of Song [deleted] 9 years ago
New Group
tommy_v 9 years ago
Someday I will learn how to make a word be a link, someday I will learn how to make a group invite.... but until then here you go!

My group is Half Dressed Tuesdays! its a spin off Half Naked Thursdays.
Check it out, we have been having fun, plus tomorrow is Tuesday!
chicadecasa PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by chicadecasa (member) 9 years ago
I'm an admin in two groups...the first one is Motif'd Challenges, a fast-paced group with daily and monthly challenges.

The other is Twice a Month Self-Portraits, a group for people who are doing 365, or for those who didn't have the time and energy to do a self-portrait every day. It's a lot easier to be creative when you only have to do 2 a month!
Steffe PRO 9 years ago
I took a 365 photo yesterday. Aiming the camera at my wrist watch at precisely 17:05. That's five minutes past five in the afternoon. So wait for the right time and then shoot. The good thing is you can add the photo to both 365 Days and the new group started just an hour ago:

dramamath PRO 9 years ago
Seeing how we have all been accused of being narcissistic at one time or another, what other mythological creatures can you conjure up. Join us for mythologically-based self-portraits at myth-o-logical.
Axemaniac-Art 9 years ago
Crack open a beer , whiskey or wine and come visit

The Flickr Bar

all 1/2 tanked , completely wasted, little tipsy or just having a glass SP's welcome, in fact anythings welcome - but alcohol related photo's are specially welcome.
Dan. D. 9 years ago

join this group, its all about your best self portrait in Strobist style

Have fun!!!!
dm74 9 years ago
After completing my 365 in this wonderful group and while gearing up for my year 2 I've created a group for my fellow Chicagoians who are also taking on the challenge. Please join in, only have 5 members to start and would love more of you in or around Chicago! Hope to see you there!

365 days in Chicago
sheenacv PRO 9 years ago
I've created a group for picniked 365 photos:

Picniked 365s
BrokenGhost 9 years ago
I now take a lot of dark-themed pics, but annoyingly found that if I set them properly as moderate, some so-called dark-theme groups won't accept them (usually just laziness by admins in changing settings). And since I am from Scotland, I decided t ocreate a group focusing on that area, hence...

Darker Scotland
lintmachine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by lintmachine (member) 9 years ago
I run the 365 days-related group 365 Regrettable and Forgettable.

This is a group to showcase the worst shots from your 365 days project.

Anyone who has been doing the project for longer than a month has at least one shot with which they regret or would like to forget...maybe all of them if you are particularly talented.

These are shots that are ill-conceived, poorly executed, or technical failures and shots that showcase your poor judgment, laziness and ineptitude.

Maybe the idea was just a little too grand or beyond your capabilities. Maybe you were having a hard day and couldn't put forth the effort. Maybe you were drunk at the time. But now the shot has been taken, it's the next day, you have no backup shots, and it's officially part of your set. Bugger all.
AndYaDontStop 9 years ago
Hello everyone, for 2 weeks now I've been managing a group to help give Ideas and Inspiration for 365 shots...the group is an open group and is called Theme Of The Week. I post a weekly theme to help give you something to base your shot around. You can play all week, or just as often as you'd like, but if you do play, please post your shot there.

I hope some of you will come and join in the fun! :)

Theme of the Week

and here is this weeks theme "Book Interpretation":

Pretty simple, yet should open the group up to some great ideas. Take something by your favorite author, and interpret it through a photo. It could be a book title, a line or quote from the book, or it could just be a photo of you with your favorite book(s). Pretty much anything on the subject of books will be admitted...

Post here if you wish, and don't forget to go through the group and comment thoughtfully on some shots you like :) Have Fun!!!
miriness PRO 9 years ago
Hi guys! I decided for those days ur stuck for ideas or just embracing your child side! I give you Hiding Under the furniture

I decided to start this group because its silly and fun! And why the hell not?!
pamstar24 9 years ago
HI to all
I am pamstar24 and I am admin for Baby's Life.
I a mum of a now 2 years and 4 month old baby boy. Who I started taking photos of since his birth in Aug 2006 , in this group share photos of your baby everyday to show your baby's changing face, their milestones & Come join our games and topics in Baby's Life.
If you have a baby and would like to share photos then please come and join in the fun in Baby's life.
Shamelessly Hannah 9 years ago
For people who started in December we have the December starters group. We would love to have some more 365'ers!
zenstudiow本摄一 9 years ago
hi...can add me...to 365 day....
CAMEL007 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by CAMEL007 (member) 9 years ago
Hey my fellow 365ers....

I started a new group on this same premise....

365 Days - Cell Phone Edition


Lets have even more phun!!!
left--handed 9 years ago
Here are my groups. My favorite colour combination:

Red and Yellow

and my not-so-favorite fast-food joint


On a more serious note, I also have a group about war memorials:

Geotagged: War Memorials

riot jane PRO 9 years ago
i just took over this group this past week! [and changed a few things about it.]

One man's trash is another man's treasure

trash made into jewelry, sculpture, etc.
finds at antique malls, flea markets
vintage or antique items you've purchased
how you incorporate it into your home
photography artwork made from your finds

don't just take a photo of a pile of trash and post it though. everything should be of at least some quality!
toaster.cat 8 years ago
Inspired by starting my 365, I just started this group: Stuff on my head.

Because sometimes you just need to balance something on your head and take a photo.
Boy_Wonder 8 years ago

I've just started a group for those of in Canada to share our 365 photos!

365 Canada
ForkyNel 8 years ago
Mine is "What the...?!" - for any photo that makes you think "what the?!"
BluejackBerrie 8 years ago
365 march starters 2009

this is a group for the people who just started there 365 days project.. it's a much smaller group.. so you know the people more.. and you have a good overview
dramamath PRO 8 years ago
International (TBA) Week features weekly themes of international celebration (some real...some not). Join us for some 365 inspiration.
Faire Un Voeu [deleted] 8 years ago
Fairly new group that I think has great potential...

Rock -n- Roll He♥rt
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