mintyfreshflavor PRO 10:22pm, 22 January 2007
Inspired by this guy, I think I'm going to try for a shot where I'm running from the camera. I love his gallery! Anyone else want to play with it?

I actually learned about this guy from this site. His flickr page is here
Auntie P PRO 11 years ago
MIght give this a try but I think it's probably best to make sure you have some company to watch over your camera ... just in case.
mintyfreshflavor PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mintyfreshflavor (member) 11 years ago
I gave it a shot upon getting home from work--if I'd stayed late at the office, I would have tried for running through the cube farm. but I wanted to test it out in a closed environment. There were others where I looked more like I'm running, but I liked that both feet were off the ground in this one.

ferrous 11 years ago
my turn:

runnning away from the camera
amanky 11 years ago
I read this this afternoon... I knew it would be today's shot. SOOOOO much fun!

Day 22: Run, Amancay, Run!
mintyfreshflavor PRO 11 years ago
me again, this time at work!

MoshChick 11 years ago
Haha this is on my list of things to do, I want to see how far I can get!
kanorama 11 years ago
Hi guys! Here's a piece of article published on "Liberation" Website (a famous French national newspaper) mentioning this mini challenge:
Elena777 11 years ago
I did walking instead of running :)

Day 28 / Walk away
jeneyepher PRO 11 years ago
yeah, um.... no way jose!
you couldn't pay me enough to photograph my own ass running.
who would want to see that?
great idea though and i cannot wait to come back and see more :)
Locator PRO 11 years ago
hehe, I did this one yesterday and just now found the mini-challenge - must be flickr zeitgeist again! :)

running away
nikka101 PRO 11 years ago
funny , running from camera!
today I did it.
day 44
day 44, Running From Camera 2s  --  20070213 BG - DSCF2856 - rito
smiling reason [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by smiling reason (member) 11 years ago
day twelve

i did it today!!
mobtownblues 11 years ago
Day 49
4.D Posted 11 years ago. Edited by 4.D (member) 11 years ago

My partner and I yesterday, running for our lives.

Ok, not quite our lives.
MegaBee 11 years ago
07 February 20

Running down the hall at a hospital attracts attention if you don't have lookouts posted!
kronoskid Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kronoskid (member) 11 years ago
365:66 Stride

Wheeeee.... I really run alot. This was at the end of 3 3/4 miles.
ferrous 11 years ago
this was intentional running from the camera, but not really in the same way as the rules state. i wasn't running as fast as i could & the timer was set for ten seconds instead of two. i was actually setting it up for a different shot but i thought it came out well as a running from the camera one anyway .. especially since i got it with both feet off the ground! hehe. :-)

running on air
xilonem!! 11 years ago
does walking count?? I tried running but I didn't like the way they turned out..

Day 6 - 080307- Walking away...
libraryann 11 years ago
I'm surprised the neighbors didn't come out to see the suspicious activity what with all the flashing and running and walking back and setting and running and flashing....

day 20 of 365
badjonni 11 years ago
80/365 days - run jonni run (by badjonni)
tamelyn PRO 11 years ago
spring forward
getthebubbles 11 years ago
no pain no gain
Heather Burks 11 years ago
I ended up using one of me running toward but these were prospective 365 day pics:
AHHH! The Camera!
Running Away
abchick PRO 11 years ago
Run Away!
kriegs 11 years ago
Day 123 / 365 (outtake 01)
wwcutie PRO 11 years ago
(3.15.2007) r-u-n-n-o-f-t
wwcutie PRO 11 years ago
Also, here's one of a friend and I who wanted to run away and then BACK toward the camera, simply for the delight of laughing at our faces.

(2.18.2007) friends are my favorite

Of course, I didn't realize that I'd accidentally set the macro on my camera, so you'll have to imagine what our faces look like.
The_shoeshine_man 11 years ago

Inspired by the song "The Chase - Moroder Giorgio" it's the theme from Midnight Express aparently.
mintyfreshflavor PRO 11 years ago
today i walked carefully on icepacked snow!

One Thousand New Ways 11 years ago
I would say I was more "briskly walking" - but here we go!

Day 28 - March 19th, 2007
OldhaMedia PRO 11 years ago
Run away!
The Dread Pirate Betty 11 years ago
2 second timer:

Rockin' Rob 11 years ago
Here's my attempt.
Day 168 - Running (into the unknown)
Crankydragon 11 years ago
My attempt:

Day 49: Running from the camera
Gym Bow 11 years ago
I finally got around to trying out this mini challenge. Yay!

{Day 039} Leaving the Scene of the Crime
[christina] 11 years ago
oh, too funny. i did this a few months ago for my 100th day - and just now stumbled on this thread.

-- from [christina] - (?)
Rachel McCauley 11 years ago
I Run Like A Girl (Day 42)
I Run Like A Girl (Day 42)
I'm off to Santa Cruz, CA for the weekend. Bye!
jump4joy Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jump4joy (member) 11 years ago
This was my first stab at clones too:
365 Day 109: See How They Run
☼ EkkyP ☼ 9 years ago
Day 12 by ☼ EkkyP ☼
Day 12
TartanHearts 9 years ago
I guess I am technically jumping away from the camera, but I was running 97% of the way.

[365.362] *splash*
carrie120505 9 years ago
midnighteskye 9 years ago
Day58 by midnighteskye

Here's mine! I even got someone to join in with me! It was quite fun! And yes I know I'm barefoot...I really don't like wearing shoes...
mrgraff 9 years ago
(310/365) Runaway
norwegianeyes 8 years ago
self portrait 103

day 103
daysi117 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by daysi117 (member) 7 years ago
I know this is kind of a dead thread, but I'm bringing it back. :) I saw this in the Mini Challenges Document, and it looked like fun!

2 Second Challenge

Either I run faster than I thought, or my 2 second self timer is longer than 2 seconds!
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