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Welcome new members!

Before you begin, notice the 2 main rules of the group: you must be in the photos you add to the pool, and only add one photo taken on each day.

Please check out the detailed group rules for more information.


  • STICKY  [Official] Welcome to 365: Day 1-Introduce yourself

    I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started ...

    Michael D. Dunn14 months ago2788 replies

  • STICKY  [Official] Group Icon Thread

    This is where we announce and you post the chosen 365Days icon. The current icon...

    lollophoto33 months ago1851 replies

  • STICKY  [Official] Oh pool boy, can you scoop that floater?

    Perhaps I'm being overly observant and kind of picky, but today I've noticed qui...

    alike writer39 months ago2587 replies

  • STICKY  [Advice] 365 Ideas For 365 Days

    This is for all the people who post a topic saying "I'm on day XX and I have run...

    Kungfukitten67 months ago76 replies

  • intersectionality

    Dear all, I am an enthusiastic selfist, as well as an enthusiastic researcher o...

    Djuliet15 months ago0 replies

  • [Tutorial] - Fake TTV in 30 seconds or less in photoshop

    I have been doing a little research with all the talk of TTV lately. Since I don...

    net_guy26 months ago16 replies

  • Is this group still active?

    Asking for a friend. Hello, admins?

    go ask alice . . .29 months ago2 replies

  • 30/60 limit.

    Dear Administrator, As a group member I request that you open the moderation se...

    stumbleon29 months ago1 replies

  • Selfies taken with a 'phone

    Like many 365ers I use my 'phone to take many of my daily selfies, but how to ge...

    ♔ Georgie R33 months ago3 replies

  • my first day with 365 Days

    Hi this is my first day with this project and With these doors,I make my way to ... months ago1 replies

  • Mini Challenge List

    I put this list together today at work. Next week, maybe I'll put it in a doc...

    kellygrape45 months ago9 replies

  • New year 2016

    Hey everyone!! I am on day 1 of a new 365. Is anyone else starting a new 365 to...

    MJ Citronella53 months ago1 replies

  • 365 days alternatives

    After doing two runs of 365 self portrait I thought I'd do another run but not i...

    /J58 months ago1 replies

  • Is this group still pretty active?

    I was in this group back in 2007/2008 and it was booming! There were hundreds of...

    ThisKory58 months ago2 replies

  • Your Inspiration?!

    Hi together! I'am trying to make a dream come trough: I want to take a photo,...

    viktor.dite66 months ago0 replies

  • Before & After Your 365

    I've heard so much about how doing a 365 project would improve one's photography...

    zoesque68 months ago3 replies

  • Flickr's changed again

    And now Flickr's changed again – when did that happen? I've been using Flickr ...

    ♔ Georgie R72 months ago1 replies

  • Day 182 at 3 a.m. is half way July 1st

    Day 182 July 1, 2014 Tuesday is 49,86% Day 183 July 2, 2014 Wednesday is 50...

    Charmed Public Studios72 months ago0 replies

  • 365 days hookups

    So, Chris and I met up over the weekend for the first time, and had a lovely tim...

    metró73 months ago38 replies

  • Old Flickr is still with us :)

    Do you dislike the new format of Flickr with white writing on a black background...

    ♔ Georgie R75 months ago2 replies

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