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Welcome new members!

Before you begin, notice the 2 main rules of the group: you must be in the photos you add to the pool, and only add one photo taken on each day.

Please check out the detailed group rules for more information.


  • STICKY  [Official] Welcome to 365: Day 1-Introduce yourself

    I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started ...

    Michael D. Dunn3 weeks ago2,759 replies

  • STICKY  Old Flickr is still with us :)

    Do you dislike the new format of Flickr with white writing on a black background...

    ♔ Georgie R4 weeks ago2 replies

  • STICKY  [Official] Group Icon Thread

    This is where we announce and you post the chosen 365Days icon. The current icon...

    lollophoto6 weeks ago1,834 replies

  • STICKY  [Official] Oh pool boy, can you scoop that floater?

    Perhaps I'm being overly observant and kind of picky, but today I've noticed qui...

    Qathi3 months ago2,576 replies

  • STICKY  [Advice] 365 Ideas For 365 Days

    This is for all the people who post a topic saying "I'm on day XX and I have run...

    Kungfukitten9 months ago75 replies

  • [Milestones] Where It All Started: Show Us Your Day 1

    With all of the milestone threads I thought that day 1 was being underappreciate...

    Christina♥Kay2 months ago1,268 replies

  • Anyone else start new years day?

    Just wondering if anyone else here has started their 365 from new years day this...

    *Simon*3 months ago1 replies

  • Heyyyy

    So i started the 365 day photography project!!! Does anyone have any tip!!! ...

    Wendy N'Guessan3 months ago4 replies

  • a good tool


    the past tends to disappear4 months ago1 replies

  • New Year - New Members 2014

    Welcome to the newest members of 365 Days! A simple reminder that this is the o...

    dramamath4 months ago1 replies

  • Should we change the group's name?

    I've been helping out recently as a mod on the group, removing photos from the p...

    dumbledad6 months ago11 replies

  • Moderation

    Following the "improvements" made by flickr this group is getting more difficult...

    ♔ Georgie R6 months ago4 replies

  • Declining numbers

    I first posted a photo to this group on 21 April 2007, that's on page 17,075 of ...

    ♔ Georgie R8 months ago8 replies

  • [Milestones] 75 Days

    well... those of us who have been here since day one will be up to 75 soon!!!! c...

    theshyfox photography12 months ago297 replies

  • [Milestones] 100 Days

    happy 100 days guys!!! we've passed a real milestone ^_^ the groups been in e...

    theshyfox photography12 months ago726 replies

  • [Milestones] 25 Days

    I'm quite new to the group (5 days), but I'm also quite hooked. I've found that...

    d.rex13 months ago957 replies

  • [Milestones] 50 Days

    I'm quite new to the group (5 days), but I'm also quite hooked. I've found that...

    d.rex13 months ago885 replies

  • [Mini Challenge] Attack of the Clones

    I've noticed a lot of multiplicity shots around, but couldn't find a thread to c...

    vyxle13 months ago513 replies

  • [Milestones] Day 182.5

    No, I haven't personally reached that landmark, but I notice that others are clo...

    Kaptain Kobold14 months ago252 replies

  • [Milestones] Day 365

    And that's a wrap. 365 days. Didn't miss a one. Honestly, I'm more amazed than a...

    chrismaverick14 months ago532 replies

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