CHARLIE CARTER PHOTOGRAPHY 3:03pm, 11 October 2011
What is the purpose of this website? Things are posted occassionally with little or no responce. Is there anyone who wants to start a disussion that will generate a responce? Is anyone out there?
Is there anyone out there who creates art also collecting other artist's work? A passion not only for your own work but the need to have other artist's work in your daily lives and why?
Richard Gagne 6 years ago
You are absolutely right,this site is Artist sharing with Artist. If you are looking for exposure and the ability to sell your Art,I believe this site is not for you. That being said,as a new Artist....Comments( Negative or positive) from the many talented Artist on this site certainly help me to move forward with my Art.
kiltarn 6 years ago
For experienced Artists,it's nice to show your work,if only to show others what can be achieved,and of coarse be appreciated.

It is also nice to be of help with advice on the many questions asked
However ! There is a problem with your Positive/Negative theory.

Personally I think it would be good to be less patronising and more helpfull if you were allowed((when invited) to offer constructive critisism.
Having said that :-
I was thrown of a site simply by suggesting that some Artists (especially newbys) would welcome controvosy and different opinions on their work,especially if you offered advice on how to do/improve their efforts.

I didn't in this case make any suggestions,but was told in no uncertain terms that nobody had to be critisised or upset in any manner what-so-ever.

When I suggested that some people enjoyed seeing an opinion from more than one angle (pos or neg) and some even enjoyed mixed opinions etc. I was stripped of my rank and booted out.
Constructive criticism.....? Who gives it and who wants to hear it? I have always encouraged comments from others but found it to be more useful when it came from my peers (artists) rather than family and friends. Those who are basing that critism (good/bad) on the art alone, who may not have an emtional ties to the artist is very positive. It is merely an opinion.

If the artist is honest with themselves, who wants to always be evolving in their craft, open dialogue by simply asking artists their thoughts on your work.
I agree mr. kiltarn
stiobhard 6 years ago
I joined originally years ago because a friend of my brother's who had gotten the attention of some major galleries worldwide because of some odd photos he posted on flickr.

My own experience has not been that exciting. But it does seem to be a good place to connect with other artists and show what you are working on. However theres alot of factionalism. A lot of photographers are pretty abusive towards non-photographers. Non digital artists are pretty dismissive of new media artists. But the taste of critique I got on flickr, however content-full or content-less, did lead me to go back to school and get my BFA. But in school I shifted the focus of my work and was not posting much on here. Besides I was getting plenty of critique in class.

I did find a real good community of artists here around 2006-7. But as I recently returned... it seems alot of those individuals have moved on, those groups have been neglected, and so it is difficult to fall right back into that. Im still searching for where the community is happening now.

I was recently talking to friend from school about it and she said you cant expect to get real critique from the internet. Flickr has however given me a reason to show my work to an audience and given me the energy needed to try new things.
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