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3000 members!!! Manual glass seems to be highly valued still. As more of us experience the use of these treasures on different cameras one start to wonder if glass is forever ... Thanks to all of you!

Please enjoy the forum and post a shot or two in the group pool. If you are NEW to this group you will get an answer to your questions here!


  • New lenses

    Picked up some new (to me) lenses recently. One is a MF Nikkor 400mm F5.6 EDIF, ...

    ScreaminScott2 hours ago11 replies

  • Tokina AT-X 100-300/4 games

    Messing with this lens and a couple of TCs... the notes under th epic say it all...

    GranDadWoof6 days ago0 replies

  • Cleaning a Nikon 20mm 3.5

    i've found a Nikon 20mm f3.5 that has some fungus behind the front element. Does...

    VTHokiEE068 days ago0 replies

  • Konica Hexanon AR 50mm 1.7 on Nikon D3000 problem

    Hi people, I fell in love with Konica Hexanons already with my first one, the...

    flowmotion802 weeks ago16 replies

  • Vivitar Series 1 28-90 f/2.8-3.5 MF

    I found this glass in my dad's camera bag and put it to my D80 for use. Anybo...

    PYKtures' Life4 weeks ago47 replies

  • A fully manual 2:1 macro lens

    Do you ever wish that your D7000 couldn't meter with manual lenses? Are you feel...

    jaerwin2 months ago3 replies

  • 35mm f/2 Nikkor-O (Non-AI)

    This is my latest manual lens. I snagged it because I wanted something with a re...

    kukkurovaca2 months ago29 replies

  • Flash: Non-meter

    Looking for a few discount bin manual flashes for an entry lever Nikon DSLR with...

    1DunPhoto2 months ago5 replies

  • KEH

    Am I the only one who hates the KEH website redesign? Every time I go there now ...

    kraig77772 months ago11 replies

  • Deals drying up

    I have found over the last few years that it is becoming increasingly difficult ...

    marksclone2 months ago55 replies

  • Falloff in postings

    Looks like postings are dwindling down a lot... I haven't posted much myself sin...

    ScreaminScott3 months ago18 replies

  • Tamron Adaptall-2 manual focus 70-210mm/F3.8-4 on D610

    I often read that cheap lenses suffer on FX sensors...but I still like to see wh...

    kitaflix5 months ago0 replies

  • how about the 35-105 f3.5-4.5ais ?

    hi friends , i just bought 35-105ais. i now have 5 primes ais20f3.5 ai28 f2...

    闲人庄生5 months ago3 replies

  • Vivitar (Komine) Series 1, 28-90mm/2.8-3.5

    Shortly after finding the Kino/Kiron version of the Vivitar Series 1, 70-210mm/F...

    kitaflix5 months ago8 replies

  • No for sale threads anymore?

    Just curious. I didn't see one for 2014.

    jsv_foto5 months ago5 replies

  • Which 20mm lens?

    Hi all - once more, I know someone will help me out here! I am looking to get a...

    -- N --6 months ago28 replies

  • cleaning/teardown of Nikkor-H 300mm

    Anybody got any tips/experience to share? I think it's got some sort of fungus i...

    jaerwin6 months ago3 replies

  • Light Meter

    Do you have a reliable handheld unit that display's incident readings, fits comf...

    1DunPhoto7 months ago18 replies

  • Help out a fella :)

    Hello everyone,I am interested in buying a Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.5n AI but I am ne...

    Papasugaristaken7 months ago4 replies

  • Nikon 135mm F2 Ais and Nikon 105F2.5

    While enjoying my 80-200 F4.5-I fell short on a Prime glass between 85 and 200.F...

    zeid shaas7 months ago16 replies

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