BECKA LEE 7:32pm, 20 September 2006
"DO YOU USE BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT SIDES OF YOUR MOLESKINE? DO YOU USE THE FRONT AND THE BACK OF PAGES?"... I use to use every inch of mine, I'd collage on the back sides if my ink bled through. Now however I only use the right hand front sides. I think it was a chain reaction from buying the H20 color notebook ( only has one side). It's cold pressed so the lack of pages is worth it for the paper texture!
Juan Kerr 10 years ago
I use all sides unless, like yourself, I get excessive bleed. In this case I either paste a picture or leave it as it is.
Thomas Boesgaard PRO 10 years ago
I use both sides.

Earl - What I Saw 2.0 10 years ago
I use both sides. With a Pilot P-500, bleed-through is a non-issue. The only thing that comes through the page is hand canceled post office stamps - I get them done for the first journal entry when I'm not at home. I don't mind that it comes through; it seems to make it kind of special somehow.
rx4all2002 10 years ago
I use only 1 side. I used to journal in the composition books, and the first page was easy to tear off, and it was awkward having to write on the back of that first page. it has become a habit that if I want to make a list in my journal of somethings, I will use the back of the previous page that interrupt my entry.
niobite 10 years ago
I use leave the first side of the first page blank, and often the last two pages blank. I use both sides of most other pages.

I use a medium-nib Rotring 600 fountain pen (now marketed as the "newton") and blue-black Waterman well ink. Bleed is generally not a problem.

I have also had good results with black Lamy well ink, but was unable to find that ink in blue-black.
starria 10 years ago
I use everything. I use a Zebra G-301 gel pen and use the sketchbook so there isn't any bleeding.
gblvr 10 years ago
I use both sides; if there's bleed through, I just collage the backside.
Greg Williamson 10 years ago
of course i use both sides. the bloody things cost too much to waste so much as a square millimetre...

that said, >99% of the time i write in pencil.
owlandtheoctopus 10 years ago
Both sides for sure. Bleed through adds to the charm of the words or image on the opposite page. Gesso or liquid paper hides any and all bleed through, anyway.
PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
I use both sides on the lined one, left then right; I typically sketch in the unlined journal (I don't use the sketchbook) in a way that uses the whole facing sheets as one. Usually. I don't have bleed thru problems with my Lamy Safari or Vista (both have medium nib) and Noodler's ink, although little spots on the facing page can be a problem if I close it too rapidly before letting ink dry. Once I write on the page, it's no longer a problem - Pj
Mattias Adolfsson PRO 10 years ago
Both sides, like to use the ability to make full pages as the pages spread so fine. Have little problem with bleeding as I use a fountain pen
Cuthbert BDV [deleted] 10 years ago
Both sides, with a Fisher Space pen! No bleeding problems at all :-)
Juan Kerr 10 years ago
I sketch quite often in watercolour, so bleed-through is a big issue as you can imagine, but I kind of like the way the paper crinkles when dry.
birgitsch 10 years ago
I use both sides - I just cannot leave a page completely empty.
puzzlemepuzzle 10 years ago
I use both sides. Like jayavant said, it cost too much to waste any blank spots.. =P

I use pencil to draw and Muji oil-base ink pens to write, no bleeding.

I also cut out a postcard to the size of the pocket notebook to put inbetween pages. So, the pencil doesn't leave mark on the other side... and it works as a bookmark. =)
Sharon Frost PRO 10 years ago
I use both sides. I sketch in the plain notebook. I love a little bleed-through -- gives texture.
me-jade 10 years ago
yes i use both sides, can't waste that lovely empty space.....if any comes through you can use it to start the next drawing.........
Ioannis Dimakos 10 years ago
Both sides for me too! Front and back, left and right, occasionally sideways. If the ink bleeds (I use either a Pilot G2 or a Parker Rollerball) I paste cards from restaurants I have visited) :)

sparnell 10 years ago
I used both sides. I write with a Rotring Core Lysium fountain pen with an XS nib, and don't have any problems with bleed-through.
speedmaster70 10 years ago
Hmmm, I've just been using one side along w/ my fountain pen. Now you've got me wondering if I should use both?
Vramin 10 years ago
I write on both sides with a Pilot G-2 refill (I use various pen bodies, but always G-2 ink). I've noticed that the paper in the Cahiers is a bit funny, though. The back side of the first half and front side of the second half don't take the G-2 ink as well. I don't notice the paper being different from side to side in the hardbound notebooks. With the G-2 you don't get bleed through, but you can easily get smearing if you're not careful. Ink will transfer from face to face if you close it too soon. But one thing I like about a journal is the way it ages with use... those sorts of things are just part of breaking it in.
Shane Vorhaben 10 years ago
I only use one side because on occasion, if I really like the drawing I'll (some of you may want to sit down for this) carefully cut out the page and mount and frame the piece. If you need some justification for this "disrespect" of the Moleskine, you can sell the framed piece and have $ to buy several more Moleskines.
13254 10 years ago
I use both sides of my plain books. My micronpens and my G2 pens usually don't bleed through, but even when they do, I just tape a picture into my book over the bled-through spots. I feel like I've done something morbidly wrong when I keep a page completely blank.
ropadope PRO 10 years ago
Both sides. Using whatever 0.5 and 0.7 mechanical pencil finds itself in my hand -- completely unworried about bleed through or smudging. Whatever happens, happens. Taped up, broken down, full of everything.
equusignis [deleted] 10 years ago
i use both sides or one side depending on the ink and pen i'm using. often i write with a dip pen and bottled ink or a marker that bleeds through the paper. when i do this, i only write on one side. of course on the sketchbooks i can get away with more due to the thicker paper.
just ipernity can do it... [deleted] 10 years ago
both sides with font lamy or uni-ball signo gelstick 0.7
Darkstream 10 years ago
Both sides for my journal (in a Moleskine notebook) and one side for my Moleskine sketchbook. I find bleedthrough distracting when I am trying to draw. ;)
chadbrooks 10 years ago
cover the whole damn thing. I use the little cardboard notebooks. I usually tear out the perforated sheets cause they fall out. I stick crap on the outside or just about anything else. the last one I did I even painted on the sides
christyio 9 years ago
In moleskines, I use only one side of the page-- even with gel pens.

In most notebooks, I use both sides.

I have no idea why. I guess the moleskine pages seem a bit thin to me-- you can slighty see that words are on the other side of the page with gel pens.
E_Journeys 9 years ago
Both sides, using a Sanford Onyx Uni-ball pen. I have no problem with bleed-through.
iam(zana) [deleted] 9 years ago
I fill every empty area I could find, except the covers.
papersandtschai 9 years ago
love the paper! dont have anyproblem filling both sides
christyio 9 years ago
I found an old notebook from a decade ago. Now I know why I use only one side-- the notebook I had used showed the ink through slightly since I wrote on both sides. It wasn't a moleskine, but the pen and pencils I used back then make it a bit hard to read now.

And, with water damage, at least one side means that the two written on pages won't run/smear into each other as much as when there's a blank sheet on one side. How do I know? Um, my moleskine somehow got wet on an airplane. The lined paper book actually 'held up' better than the 'plain' reporter-- the plain reporter's edges looked stained, but the lined notebook looked fine.
JennTRC 9 years ago
no space is left empty in mine.
jea_06710 9 years ago
I use both sides. It just makes the notebook seems more to complete to me when I finish with it.
desireux 9 years ago
I use both sides. Love the 'full' feeling when I flip the pages. But I design mostly in pencil, so bleed through is not really a problem.
The Cluttered Desk PRO 9 years ago
I generally write on both sides if the pages are lined or squared.

Because of my handwriting, I skip a line when writing.

When I get to the back of a page I just write in the alternate set of lines that don't have any bleed-through. I use the same corresponding lines of the following sheet, and so on.

Sometimes I leave the back of a page blank to leave room for any sketches or additional comments I may need to add for the stuff on the following page. When this is the case I usually switch to a pencil or needle-point ink pen to avoid any bleed when I'm adding such stuff.

m00by 9 years ago
on the sketchbook, I write on both sides, on the normal thin paper, I sketch on one side only. I'm *all* messed up :)
Captain_Peleg PRO 9 years ago
In the lined ones I use for my bird lists each day's bird list starts on a right hand page.

On the sketchbook I use both sides.
Fortunate_One [deleted] 9 years ago
I use both sides- left- right- front- back- whatever you want to call it- that's why I hate bleed through- I'm not a big fan of ball point pens- I'm using colored pencils right now...
halften 9 years ago
I use both sides of my moleskines. My Lamy Al-Star with Waterman black ink doesn't seem to bleed through the pages of my cahiers, which surprised me.

I never use both sides of other notebooks though.
wormulus 9 years ago
i generally use both sides of my sketchbooks, though sometimes, i feel that what i draw warrants having a blank page left in front of it just so i don't feel like there's something else on that spread competing with it.

pasting over the bleedthroughs is always fun
i've started drawing over the bleed and turning them into other things, lately, though... like this:
cell phones are evil
speedmaster70 9 years ago
I didn't for a while. But a couple years ago I realized that I was burning through Moleskine journals quite fast and wasting paper. I had been worried about ink bleeding through, but it hasn't really been a problem.

I mainly use a Lamy 2000 fountain pen and Lamy inks.

Rule_62 PRO 9 years ago
I use both sides- I'm left handed- I use an unruled notebook so I can add doodles easier- I even discovered turning the book upside down so I always have a wrist rest for which ever side I'm writing on- In the beginning writing upside down and sideways seem like a sin- but then I remembered first- it's my notebook- second while nothing in it is private, neither do I write it for anyone else- therefore I can write in it anyway that's comfortable-
how liberating!
owlandtheoctopus 9 years ago
I write on either side, I even write/draw on the covers.
tom//Harrison 9 years ago
When I first started with Moleskines I never used the left hand side. I've never liked the way there's less padding behind the page (this goes for almost any notebook or pad). However I have been using both sides more and more often, and even going back to the beginning of the notebook to fill up unused pages.

The main time I have a problem is when I use my Letraset markers, then I get a lot of bleed through, which lately I've tried to put to some purpose. Even if it's just to amuse myself for a minute or two.

Bleed Through
amy huddleston PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by amy huddleston (member) 9 years ago
one side only. guess I'm the odd man out here. I often tear out pages I detest, pages I sell, and pages I exhibit; so using both sides doesn't really work out for me.

If anyone is freaked out because I tear up my moleskines, relax, its just a notebook.
Chet_ PRO 9 years ago
I just discovered something last night.

Disclaimer: The following wasn't done on a Moleskine, but it could be, especially for the thinner cahiers.

I was using a cheap notebook to record some numbers for a demo forex trading account. Not wanting to waste space, I started on the left side of the notebook and found the various columns of numbers were too wide for just that left side of the notebook. So what I did was I wrote across to the right side, which means both the left and right side of the notebook became just one continuous writing surface.

Later, I wrote some notes below the columns of numbers, and it felt strange following the standard left and right side of the notebook. It felt like I was writing on two columns, beginning with the left column, and when I came to the end of it, continuing to the top of the right column to continue writing.

I think I'm going to try using the left and right sides as a continuous writing surface for a while and see how I like it.

This, of course, doesn't work on a Circa notebook or other spiral bound notebooks. The rings would get in the way.

If I like it, it probably means I'm back to Moleskine for certain writing requirements. And my unused Cahiers will finally get to be used.
Facing Fury 9 years ago
I normally use every available inch, writing in it the way a book would be formatted.

The exception would be the Music notebooks; they only come in the pocket size and I find that the staves on each leaf are entirely too narrow. So I use the left and right sides as one continuous writing surface. This widens my "page" to a usable size, allowing me to fit up to five or six measures per line, depending on notation. Also, this makes for easier reading while actually playing. The layout is very reminiscent of the size and format of traditional marching band flip-folder music.

Music notebook
tiffanyzajas 9 years ago
I definitely use both sides. I would feel like I was wasting half of my Moleskine if I didn't. I do get a lot of bleed through, because I use my Moleskine as an art journal. But I fix it by priming the bled through side of the page with gesso, or I just put a collage over that part. I don't want to leave one page blank.
m0lly74 PRO 9 years ago
Yes both sides for sure!
.comma h. 9 years ago
I use avery sticker paper trimmed to size in my sketchbook if I need to cover bleed. I dont think Id get such a nice "full" look to a finished book if I didnt use every available space.
writinglife 9 years ago
Blank pages are not a waste of space.

Blank pages can express just as much as filled pages in the end.

Ever spill water on your notebook? You'll appreciate one-side onlyness if you do, as it smears and runs less together than if it were double-sided.
emilja frances [deleted] 9 years ago
i use both sides in my sketchbooks. not the journals, though, i can't stand the bleed-through.
longjohnsilver3000 9 years ago
I just write in my journal, no painting, so I have no such thing as bleed-through.

However, the pages in the Moleskine are thin, and you can see the next page through them anyway, about as clearly as if they were written on the backside (just not mirrored).

So, I have no problems writing on both sides -- the other spreads are going to show through anyway.
Dr_J PRO 9 years ago
I use every page. The inside and back covers are usually used as "index pages" for me to keep track of where my content is inside the moleskin. Bleeding really isn't an issue with the Zebra F-301 pens
musicaleyesight 9 years ago
it looks like the majority used both sides... and i guess i do in a sense.. but i use only the right side until its full and then i flip it over and use the once left side but now right side until its full... so if you open my moleskine the right page will face you correctly while the left is upside down. and i usually use either pencil or good ol papermate ballpoint( hey im a poor college art student. lol )
IvanRomero PRO 9 years ago
^^ I thought about using just the right side and flipping it over. I just started a new book and forgot about that. :Doh!:
jcshale PRO 9 years ago
I did, until I starting playing with sharpies. Makes it kind of hard to use the backs of my sketch pages. Though I might try the collage idea....
eternity101488 9 years ago
I use both sides but not continually. I'm currently working on my first moleskine (go me) and I carried my old habit of journaling over. I write poems, random lines, story ideas and characters, all that on the front pages of my reporter. Then for random things, or song lists, or whatever, i use the reverse. So far my poetry and my randomness haven't crossed paths but in a month or so I'm sure they will
syrup-tendons. 9 years ago
i find it hard as a lefty to work on the inside left page but i usually use a fountain pen for those pages to work through it. it can be awkward because i do a lot of my writing and drawing on the subway. generally i use it all- and in tiny print too!
yyy. [deleted] 9 years ago
i use both, with a pilot hi-tec pen.
Phocion Timon 9 years ago
Both sides. Any bleed-through is camoflaged by my horrendous penmanship.
speedmaster70 8 years ago
I didn't use both side when I started 4-5 years ago, then I did for a year, now I'm back off it. I prefer the cleaner look when using only one side. But I feel bad about 'wasting' paper.
speedmaster70 8 years ago
Forgot to mention, I use fountain pens almost exclusively in them.
jmevans19 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by jmevans19 (member) 8 years ago
Could someone tell me what an H20 color notebook is and why/how it only has pages with one side? Thanks!
PhotoDe 8 years ago
I could have sworn I had already replied to this topic but maybe it was a similar one.
I always felt like I had to use both sides because that's what we all learned to do when we started writing in our spiral notebooks. I hate writing on the left side; it's just not comfortable for me. Then one day I realized that I was an adult, I buy my own Moleskines and I can do whatever I want! So I stopped writing on the left and only use the right.
I use the blank left pages for pasting pictures or ticket stubs or other things that correspond with my journal entry.
I'm much happier this way!
stevethomas 8 years ago
i'm using both sides, but bleeding is not the big issue. at times i can feel the imprint of the previous side. it becomes almost braille-ish. thats more my writing problem than anything else. i find that being an issue more than bleeding.
speedmaster70 8 years ago
>> "Could someone tell me what an H20 color notebook is and why/how it only has pages with one side? Thanks! "

Wondering that myself! ;-)
end.paradox 8 years ago
I use both sides, I've yet to encounter problems with excessive bleeding.
ningningning 8 years ago
I usually use both sides. The thing is, I don't go in sequence or chronological order. I make it a point to have the both facing pages complement each other. If they look better somewhere else, I'll just skip the pages and head off.
ambie_d_d26 8 years ago
I use both sides.

When I'm starting a new entry, I start a new page, but that's about it.
pixellated spiff 8 years ago
i use both also, for various reasons. firstly, i used g2 gel ink exclusively, & it doesn't have enough bleed-through to bother me, & although i can still tell just by looking at a page whether i've written on the other side, i actually like that. i feel it adds texture & character to my 'skine, although that's probably just me being an idiot. & especially for my journal, i love being able to flip through the pages & see page after page crammed full with text. i don't even skip a line occasionally. ever.
I Am Thumbs [deleted] 8 years ago
no idea why but i only use one side, it really does bother me that i will spend good money on a moleskine and technically only use half of it! i am about to start using my new volant, i think i shall try to use both sides of the paper and see how i feel about it. although i do have a foreboding feeling that i will get 4 or 5 pages in and hate myself for using both sides then i'll stop using the moleskine and put it in a drawer and ignore it. ARGH, what to do?
Mr.Burning (ChompStomp) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Mr.Burning (ChompStomp) (member) 8 years ago
I always used to use one side, no matter what notebook/sketchbook I was using. Now I don't mind, I like to get more bang for my book so it makes sense to use the available space. Bleed through used to bother the hell out of me but now I just use it to my advantage and scribble something over it.
I go with Juan on this one,
use one side , paste a pretty picture on the other.
Saves looking at the bleed through.
preshaa 8 years ago

And there is no bleed if you pencils and rollerballs...
stevlight PRO 8 years ago
I only use one side-- the right--I'm usually holding the larger moleskines in my lap to draw and find it easier to only draw on one side. I do write notes on the left side sometimes.
azul plumbago [deleted] 8 years ago
BOTH ! :)
belle_vue_ 8 years ago
only one side 'cause i use watercolors and ink and that makes "traces" at the riverse side of the page
jen.k.r. 8 years ago
Another both sides user, but I'm very particular with where I write on the page. When opening a new notebook I always skip the first lined page (I only use ruled since I just write) and the last lined page. On each page I skip the first line to start writing and the then leave the bottom two empty and go on to the next page.
Bustafish 8 years ago
i used both sides of the page . it is a lot easier to use the sketchbook moleskine . i love the four color pen the bic puts out .
kelsokraft PRO 8 years ago
In my drawing book, If there is no bleed through, I use both sides. And when I work with markers, I make sure I don't draw on the side with an already drawn picture behind it. It is a very unsymetrical book. My watercolor book it is just the one side.
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