fiveyearwinter [deleted] 5:19pm, 17 November 2005
My favorite kind is the Pocket Ruled. Although I'm starting to see the virtues of the Pocket Sketchbook for some collage work.

I had a pack of 3 cahiers, but they were a little too flimsy for me. Just not worth the price, IMHO.

I don't own any regularly-sized Moleskines notebooks and I doubt I ever will. I like a different style of notebook for my large ones. Something a little more regal.

I recently introduced my girlfriend to them. She now has a weekly 2006 calendar, a set of small memo pockets, and two pocket reporters (she's left handed).

What do you guys like? And why? What is it about your design that you love so much? Why does it fit you so well?
Adam Machado PRO 11 years ago
Definitely has to be the large 2006 weekly planner. The only thing it that because of of when schoool starts and ends, 2 terms of one school year in it, then the 1st term of the next. And it has totally awesome features.
Ana Malha 11 years ago
I just bought a sketchbook and it is just what I need!!!
Samie Harding 11 years ago
I love my large squared notebook. You don't have the lines from the ruled notebook to keep you confined, and DO have the grids that allow you to write in it unlike the blank journal. Overall, I get to draw and write in it without feeling like I'm going against the lines. ;)
fiveyearwinter [deleted] 11 years ago
And going against the lines is, after all, a crime. ;)

I do need to pick up a pocket grid. That was going to be my next purchase. I always forget stuff, though, so Trish wants me to get a 2006 Daily. Too thick. I much prefer her weekly. =D
rice ingenue PRO 11 years ago
the pocket reporter ruled that lets you wrap a pen in the elastic nicely goes with me EVERYWHERE. every season i list the shows playing at the theatre and tag that page so i'll always have something to do. i list numbers for takeaway's near my house with a cut down menu of what i usually get so i don't need a clutter of menus, and the rest is for random jotting throughout the day.

i have a pocket ruled for when i have time to sit down and do some serious writing, and a large plain for sticking things in and make pretty =P
Romi Supastar 11 years ago
im good with my pocket rule mole but im thinking of switching to a pocket sketchbook...something about that thick paper is WAY enticing.

i just ordered the 2006 pocket daily planner. does anyone have that one? thoughts?
Jacob Haas Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jacob Haas (member) 11 years ago
So far, the only ones I've used are the pocket sketchbook and the pocket grid. I use the grid for jotting down notes, keeping track of bills, writing down grocery lists, etc. And the pocket sketchbook I've been using for, well, drawing in. Doodles mostly, but there's an occasional nice little artwork I add in.

I bought a Large Daily Planner 2006 a few weeks ago and have a feeling it will become my everything book. Sold my PDA in lieu of this new planner and will stick with it all year long, filling it with doodles, pictures, ticket stubs and everything else from my life throughout 2006.

So far, I guess my favorite is the Pocket Sketch. So portable and the paper is fantastic.
@BB [deleted] 11 years ago
I have the new Pocket Daily Planner. It is fantastic! But I can't wait to start it when the next year begins...;(

I think it'll become the main Moleskine of the house.
je_ju_ne 11 years ago
a5 sketchbook! damn its soooooooo hot!
Judysmile PRO 11 years ago
Though I have many kinds of moleskine, I love Japanese Album!^_^
It's my favorite moleskine.
||.|| 11 years ago
I use the plain large for "big art thoughts" but use the plain reporter sketchbook for everyday. I have grown to love it for its handbag size convenience. I have been using the Ebner and Speigel planners since 1997 and am quite addicted to them. I would love to try the daily planner skeen-a, but am too afraid planner change might throw my game.
Andy Woo 11 years ago
Man! Large Squared is a godsend to tech/engg guys!
mshea 11 years ago
I carry a plain pocket one on me all the time with a Renaissance Art wrap-and-tie cover with a Pilot Vanishing Point fine-tip loaded with Black Noodler's archival quality ink. I like to doodle a lot so lines don't work well for me.

For home, I just started using a large lined journal for writing short stories. I tended to go through too many of the small ones when writing stories. The large lined journal should hold about 40,000 to 45,000 words; nearly half a novel. I use the Renaissance Art large traditional leather cover for this book. It gives it a great look and feel.
mshea 11 years ago
I forgot to mention. I just started using a Lamy 2000 fine point loaded with Noodler's Black for my home short story writing in the large lined Moleskine with the Renaissance Art large traditional cover. I love that pen.
lowfatsourcreme 11 years ago
I got a pocket ruled . . . wish it was grid, but c'est la vie. Guess I'm a relative newcomer -- I like it fine; don't use it for anythign deep yet, just notes and stuff. Though I'm working on wriitng more, so there's hope :)

Unfortunately, I didn't snag a planner in time or I'd definitely have one. I am already eagerly awaiting next year's pocket planners (I also heard somewhere that an academic planner is in the works -- I'd love that!)
A Ta's Eye View 11 years ago
I'm addicted to so many, but currently I'm using the plain pocket for my everything book: journaling, doodling. I have a large sketchbook for collaging and photos and a pocket weekly planner. I found that I didn't utilize the daily planner as much. My life isn't that complicated, I guess. :)
baby_burd [deleted] 11 years ago
a couple of years back i got a moleskine diary with a felt cover_ haven't been able to get another one like it since_ it was lush!
mollyfatale 10 years ago
Large Sketchbook.

That is where it's at, my friends.
studio318 PRO 10 years ago
I use the large sketchbook and the small sketchbook. I need very strong paper for all the abuse I give my Moleskines! ha ha!
owlandtheoctopus 10 years ago
I prefer the pocket squared but that's only because I can't seem to get my hands on the music one.
luckyfish PRO 10 years ago
I like the large sketchbook for a journal combined with the small lined notebook for...notes.
Primary I use the pocket diary as a journal/diary/planner and an old large diary as a sketchbook (It is from 2004 and I got it for 10 Euro). For notes I use the reporter notebook. But: I love all moleskines! And I have a range of different moleskines at home which are waiting for their assignment.
dmkanter 10 years ago
I treated myself to the Van Gogh Museum Pocket Sketchbook for everything... journals and sketches. The weekly calendar 2006 for calendar, and I got a large Grid one for taking meeting notes at work. I also have a large sketch on deck. But I may want to get a new pocket size sketch as well.
DayTripper (Tom) 10 years ago
I picked up my first Moleskine™ about 8 to 10 years ago. It was a pocket sized sketchbook. It looked so cool, and I didn't want to "mess it up", so I didn't even use it until about 6 months ago. Since then I've used the sketchbook, ruled notebook and plain notebook - all pocket size - and I love 'em. They fit in practically any pocket in a jacket or shirt or to slip into the camera bag. I've purchased about a dozen extras in the past few months. It seems like I can't walk past them in a store without buying at least one ;)

I ordered some of the Van Gogh pocket sized sketchbooks and notebooks. They should be here next week.

I have found it interesting to see that, unless it's just my imagination, people look at you a bit differently when you're busy jotting something in a Moleskine™ than they do if you're using anything else. They really seem to notice the notebook. Some appear fascinated, and some even ask, "What is that, and where can I get one?"
Izzymd 10 years ago
I gotta go with the large squared notebook. The grid allows me to draw my own calendars and it gives my type A personlity some structure to write on without forcing me into a specific line. It's like a gentle guide that also allows me to freeform...
Bone Daddy 10 years ago
Pocket Grid. The spacing contains my writing perfectly. I write in it sideways, starting from the back of the book towards the front (why? longer lines I guess). In the front I keep lists, Bible verses, etc. The grid lets me keep the same spacing no matter the orientation. About eight 3x5 Scripture memory cards in the pocket.
mur58 10 years ago
My favorite Moleskin is not a Moleskin at all. After I used several kinds (like 20 I used) I decided that the paper quality is not good enough for me. Thought I draw on anything including napkins, after I pay this much I'd rather buy something more art friendly. But most of the cool looking notebooks has the same problem. So I began doing my own. I use a large variety of papers both stationary and fine arts now. And make different formats for different moods and carrying situation which you can't buy from a shop.
Princess Valium 10 years ago
Hm. After much consideration, I have to say that my favorite kind of Moleskine is a brand new one.
So full of promise, potential, and anticipation. :)
eezeewryter 10 years ago
As a writer, my Pocket Squared (Grid) goes with me everywhere. My halfpage Squared (Grid) is for longer projects. I've gone through hundreds of "half "journals and such over the years, but the squared Moleskines are the only ones that I tend to fill up. I think it has to do with the lack of confinement to ruled paper, and just enough structure to keep me from veering off the page.
The Cameras Voice 10 years ago
I've used different ones but the pocket squared is probably my favorite because it's the most portable. They all have their place I think. The clean minimal design suits my sensibilities and that's why I like them. Also the longevity of the brand; I've found other books over the years that I liked but I never knew they would be around next year.
PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
Pocket plain (not the sketch), with home-made line guide (in excel, it's REALLY easy) inserted behind the page for straightness, removed for doodles, loodles, and various scribbles. Best of both worlds!

And of course, my beloved Lamy Vista or Safari, medium nib, black noodlers ink.

Oh, and I've started dinking around with Pentel brush pens.
I have one filled with noodlers ink, one with plain water, for messing around with my watercolor crayons, Prismacolor pastel pencils (yes, they blend with water), and watercolor pans and tubes of varying degrees. I have some more on the way for more various and sundry creative weirdness, too.

Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
I don't like the Cahiers because of the perforated pages which begin from the middle of the notebook. I thought they were only supposed to be the last 16 pages?
fiveyearwinter [deleted] 10 years ago
I was given a large ruled as a gift. So much for my intent never to own. It *is* nice, but I'm still a pocket guy.
razorberries 10 years ago
the new watercolor sketchbook is my fav. i prefer the larger one. it's the perfect one for me for sketching on the go.
LHOON PRO 10 years ago
Large squared for business notebook, small size for travel journal. And please write with a fountain pen, a ballpoint would be an abomination!
emilja frances [deleted] 10 years ago
they're all good for different things! i can't write in anything but a large squared moleskine. and i can't draw in anything but a large sketchbook moleskine (although i got a watercolor one which i'm going to try out once this one is over). and i use my pocket original moleskine for a little randomness notebook in my purse.
grannykass 10 years ago
I primarily use the squared/grid format. I love it for everything. But I have at least one in every style and size. (except Info book)

Currently working on the NaNoWriMo so am using last of my stock pile of Volants and starting with the Cahiers. Bought several packs the other day and for the very first time I am disappointed in a Moleskine book. I got my first batch of BAD books. It is horrible. The sticking is so big the paper is just like it had been perferated to come out and the thread they used is BLACK. Never saw black thread in a Moleskine. [If this is the quality the new company is going to produce, I'm calling Rhodia and asking for a bound book..>
Juan Kerr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Juan Kerr (member) 10 years ago
Book size - including paperback novels - is a bit of an obsession with me, so only the 'classic' pocket size molies will do. They're the only 'skines I've ever owned.

Oh, apart from the large Volant that was part of my giveaway comp recently.
I like the large (A5ish) sketchbook for my portfolio work (I'm a fashion and costume designer), as the pocket sized are just a tad too small to my liking.

I'd love to get a London notebook, but I didn't keep track of the releasedate well enough and now they're all sold out apparently so I'll have to wait for the next batch to come in :(
Mattias Adolfsson PRO 10 years ago
Just used the a5 and 16 sized sketchbooks with heavy paper, but I'd like to try the watercolor. I have finished 3 books in under a half year, this is an expensive hobby
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