Sydney Rome 12:15pm, 11 March 2004
Describe your FIRST navel gazing esxperience..
Pëngy! 14 years ago
She was in the mall, and had a gorgeous navel. I couldn't stop myself at the time. She walked over and asked me "What the HELL are you looking at?!" I responded that I was staring at her navel, where she responded with a "You Sick Perv!" Such is life. When she's 40 she'll be BEGGING to have that navel again.
Asslover 14 years ago
Isn't that the truth, why show it off if you don't want it looked at. It's the same with those wonderfull high tight skirts, or tight jeans, I'm going to look, and if possible click a pic.
CT Photographic Artist 12 years ago
My word, there have been so many... I would say the first one that got my attention that has stayed with me decades later was this one: I was in high school and I was either at an outdoor art festival or getting my hair cut, but I remember this blond guy in his mid-20's that probably went to the university in my area. He was wearing an all-denim outfit - denim jacket, demin pants, and a white, midriff-baring shirt that revealed a large, round outie bellybutton the size of a quarter. He had a handsome face and long hair to boot. I have never been so hard in my life. (LOL) I think what I've been doing with my photography ever since is trying to recreate the stunning beauty of that handsome male.
jeter372 12 years ago
My first navel gazing experience (in person) was about 6 years ago, a few months after Britney Spears got hers pierced. I remember not being sure if I liked pierced navels or not when i saw it on Britney. In the summer one of my friends (the girl that i liked) got hers pierced and we were at my pool. The piercing looked so good on her and i could not stop looking at it. Ever since then i have had a navel fetish, i think the stomach, especially the navel of a women is one of the sexiest parts of the human body.
aback account [deleted] 12 years ago
I've been navel gazing for so long I really cannot recall my first one. I've had an interest in the stomach/navel all my life and think it is the absolute sexiest area of a woman's body.
JustMe610 12 years ago
I'd say my first experience, the real eye-opener, was due to my older sister's friends, who were always hanging out at the house or taking me here and there. One, Denise, always wore the 70s-style halter tops that exposed her thin, tanned waist north to the bottom of her boobs. Her navel was, in a word, just right there. Best thing was, she didn't mind me touching or playing with it. Thought it was fun. Been hooked ever since.
aback account [deleted] 9 years ago
I start Navel gazing in my schooltime. I was maybe 13/14yo when I realized that many of the navels of my schoo-mates (female) are very sexy.
I loved when we had Sport-Lesson and they stretch or doing things like handstand or backbend and the cute teen-belly is visible.
Since then for me it is the most sexy part of a girls or woman.
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