mikesw1234 2:47am, 6 March 2015
Hey everyone! I was wondering if there were any fellow navel and belly lovers here who could help me find this old TV commercial. I've been searching for it for a while now to no avail.

This young short haired brunette Caucasian woman wearing a blueish/purplish shirt goes to get her picture taken for some kind of photo ID. She walks into a photo booth and starts making sassy poses in front of the camera. The male photographer gets into it and keeps taking more pictures while the woman keeps posing. She eventually lifts up her shirt and a picture is taken of her bare belly. The commercial then ends with the woman getting her ID card with that same belly photo printed on it and walking away with a smile on her face. There was also a typical female narration over the course of the ad but I remember nothing of what it was saying.

I believe the commercial aired around 2006-2007. I saw it at least twice and both times were at night so probably between 8 pm and 10 pm U.S. eastern standard time. That is all I have to go on. I remember absolutely nothing else. NOTHING! Not the product, not the type of product, not even the brand name! Just the imagery described above.

Is there anyone who can help me find this ad? At this point I'll settle for anyone else who even just remembers as I have yet to come across even that.

P.S. I will posting this to a few other discussion forums to maximize effectiveness.
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