zesty start [deleted] 4:00am, 27 March 2007
For the past couple of days I've been trying to figure out what are the flickr new guidelines and how they effect me, the copy writing, as always in flickr was wonderful and everything was really friendly and funny, but over all, I really couldn't understand how the new system works.

Today I got to see the whole thing in action. Ned got an e-mail from a friend that she can't see his page - everything is gone. We tried to check different ways of solving it, but as it turned out, without any notice or announcement, his account was redeemed "unsafe" because he didn't moderated his images (an option that didn't even exist till not long ago) and so, he was just removed from anybody that doesn't bother to read and change their viewing filters.

Most changes in flickr are known to all flickr users a long time in advance, they announce stuff very clearly, but this huge change took place somehow behind both his and my noses. I don't think that the actual new system is bad, I think every person has the right to avoid nudity, or, god forbid "non photographic material" if they choose to. I actually like the idea of people being responsible to mark their own contact as appropriate or inappropriate as they see fit. I think that for me - a person who has a lot of different type of content, this is a pretty great solution, however, I really don't like the way that this change was done and I really don't like it that most people would not get to see Ned's beautiful images because someone in flickr think they are unmoderated and that he's being - in their words - "a loose canon".

So in order to promote free choice and free (and easy to access information) here is how you set your account to be able to see Ned's and many other talented artist and just people who take nude photos and painting and other stuff that doesn't follow flickr idea of what safe.

1) on the left top menu, under the drop down menu of "You" there's a "Your account" option.

2) choose that then go to "Privacy and Permissions"

3) on the bottom of the page, under "content filter" press "edit"

4) choose "safe search off" and choose both non-photographic images" and "screenshot"

5) save your changes

That way you are receiving all of flickr content and not just what they think you should be getting.

For bonus points: Copy and paste those instructions and send them to all the people on flickr that you know or post it in groups.


bewildered vessel [deleted] 11 years ago
Hey...thanks for the explanation. I'm always for free choice.
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