I'm Milly, and I own a camera. 8:16am, 10 May 2008
introduce yourself

im milly
english and living in england :)
i like art, fashion design and photography.
the checked shirt
Mandolindsay 10 years ago
11/365 Project - 09/21/08
▲AGNESBAGTAS 8 years ago
I am Agnes,
I'm asian, living in canada, and I'm
a young photographer, still a bit new at photography
becsalee 8 years ago

I'm becca. I'm american. i like taking pictures. I love Jesus but I don't expect everyone too and if you don't that's cool. Whatever floats your boat. :)
outofdust 8 years ago
Hello. Call me Crittle. I adore taking pictures (though I fail at photography), writing, acting, and red plaid. Above these though, I love Jesus. And becsalee it's awesome to hear that you do too [:
lots of love to you all<3
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