happynaked [deleted] 12:36am, 25 November 2006
So why do you wear polish?? For me it is a an adrenaline rush, especially if my wife dares me to wear it openly in a public area. The embarrassment is a great turn on for me. Of course I only do this when I am out of town so that I won't run into somebody I know, coward that I am! How about you?
barefootguyinco 11 years ago
I have been wearing nail polish on my toes for about 15 years now. I do it for several reasons I guess. I mostly love the way it looks on my toes. I think my feet look sexy and nice when painted. And I think it just looks good even with jeans and a manly look.

I also love the beautiful colors you get to choose from and have about 30 bottles of polish at the current time. My wife even bought me a nice faux reptile skin box to keep them in and sometimes buys some for me. But anyway, I also do get a bit of a rush going out in public, and even wish someone would comment, positively, on my toes. I've had a few such comments and it was nice to hear.

I have always loved seeing womens toes painted & now can enjoy painting mine to. Wish I could hang out with freinds who painted their toes also, but while my friends mostly know about it and accept it, they aren't into it. Oh well, their loss....
happynaked [deleted] 11 years ago
I have been wearing polish off and on for about 5 years. I too like the way it looks and I agree that part of the fun is the variation of colors that can be used. I haven't told any of my friends. My wife often does my toes for me.
vealj [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by vealj (member) 11 years ago
I like the different colors. I also like to stir people up. It is also a great alternative to tattoos and piercings (ouch!). Almost everyone who notices say they like my nails. Mostly women notice men seldom do.
happynaked [deleted] 11 years ago
I have noticed that women do notice the nails more than men. Most of the woman have commented positively, although a few have said,"each to his own" in a less than enthusiastic manner. No men have ever commented.
Hot Babe2 [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Hot Babe2 (member) 11 years ago
I guess that it comes naturally. I'[ve always loved the look it gives me. I find it sexy. I enjoy the colors and fun feeling I get.
Call me crazy, but it just makes my day! I love the look it gives my spouse, also. It's fun!
stumpknocker552002 11 years ago
i too like to wear polish i think it looks as good on me as it does on women i also like to wear kneehi to me they are more comfortable but most people just understand
vanae2 [deleted] 11 years ago
Well, because my toes are prettier when painted....giggle and I have a strong foot fetish and love pretty toes. Even on myself. I knew I have a foot fetish even before I knew I have a dressing fetish.

I remember being in kindergarden and my teacher had red painted toes and while reading us stories I really concentrated on her pretty red toes and beautiful white feet.

Un-benounced to her she set off my fetish forever...at a very young impressionable age.

Then at some point I notice how pretty my toes were as "I could'nt find her, so I became her" the woman of my dreams.

I now find that I only pick women or love partners in my life with pretty feet.

Vanessa Renae
Buddy60 11 years ago
I like it...Why should women have all the fun?
nails1z [deleted] 11 years ago
I have been wearing toe polish on-and-off for about four years, but only recently have begun wearing it in public. The encouragment I've seen from most of you has helped me to "come out". Wow - what a rush when a pretty lady comes up and sincerely compliments me on how good my feet look. Usually, she has really nice feet as well and it turns out to be a great way to meet others that are also into nail and foot care.
I highly encourage other guys to try it. And, it really helps if your spouse of g/f is into it too because you can paint and admire each other's (my g/f is a nail tech - she got me hooked. That's how I keep my nails looking great. Thanks honey!).
If your girl is not into it, try just wearing clear for a while. Then move into sutble tasteful colors and encourage her to go with you to get a pedicure (maybe as a gift?). She may begin to see that it does look as good on you as it does her. If she brings up the 'gay' issue, ask her if men wearing earrings or tatoos or neck chains is weird to her (probably not). Then make crazy love to her and ask her if she thinks you prefer men over her - I don't think so!
You just like to have nice-looking nails. Nothing wrong with that.
chris_is_girly 11 years ago
Wow, great group!

The simple reason I do it is that it looks great! I wear my nails openly on some occasions and it's always a rush. I love picking new colors every few weeks. I like the process of having it done. My nail tech is very empathetic, sweet, and well educated, so we have great conversations. Cheaper than therapy, as the ladies say.

On a deeper level, though, I like it because it's a constant reminder of my girly side. I'm not gay, I'm not at all girly on the outside, and I don't consider myself to be a crossdresser but I do keep my legs shaved and often wear panties. It's hard to explain if you don't have the same feelings, but emotionally I'll wobble between more masculine and more feminine. At some points these switches can be a little wild - like after living in my manlyman world with no outlet, the dam would eventually burst and I'd crave anything feminine. But odd as it may seem, painting my toenails keeps me much more balanced. Every morning in the shower I see evidence of my girly side that I can't escape. And the painted toes makes it a lot easier to shave my legs because I, for one, think that hair legs and nail polish do not mix.
nails1z [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by nails1z (member) 11 years ago
Great points, Chris - I agree that it satisfies something inside me also. I too really like the look of the glossy paint on my feet. Heck, you can get in trouble for even looking at a woman these days if she thinks you're staring, so admiring their nicely pedicured feet in public can be tough. However, I have found that if your nails are neatly painted, it's a great ice-breaker and some women will notice and actually strike up a conversation about it. At that point, that thing you have in common opens some doors and you never know where it will lead...
I also agree that this is a great forum!
nails1z [deleted] 11 years ago
I found a really great explanation on why one guy likes to wear his toenails polished and rather than post it here (it's rather long), I'll provide the link for it:

I cannot say it any better than he did.
Jo Dennise [deleted] 11 years ago
Very interesting information in the site you have mentioned here, I reccomend it to anyone who has doubts abt this matter.
twintoes 11 years ago
I think, polish nails is not only for women, Because, we,men should to take care of our feets. And, have better reazons to do that, cause we are doing hard works in our jobs every day and , at the end of the day, they look tire and, need a pedicure. We men need to lok beautful feet than women.
nylonfootboy [deleted] 11 years ago
I wear nail polish for 8 years now. I love polish my toenails because beautiful male polished toes make me sooooo horny! When I see them I just need to suck them!
guypaintedtoes [deleted] 11 years ago
My wife was ok when I told / showed her!
She's a bit wary of me displaying in public tho -
guypaintedtoes [deleted] 11 years ago
I've only recently dared to wear anything other than clear polish in public - I'm currently using a silver polish on my toes which doesn't seem to cause much attention.
I've had a few positive comments from females, none at all from males (who hopefully haven't noticed anyway).
A few youngsters have pronounced it to be "cool" and have decided to follow my example.
How "cool" is that? !!!
IloveMENSfeet [deleted] 11 years ago
I started painting my toes this year....I just wanted to see how it looked...and.....now I can't stop!
I have been looking for other men,here in Italy,to share this interest with, but I haven't found yet.
I like polish on men because I like the contrast between the male ( and often hairy and big ) foot and the little effeminancy that polish gives, so the male foot becomes more sexy :-).
toeringguy 11 years ago
I 've been doing it for over 10 years now and now that I am on the back side of 50., I no longer care where I go with my pretty pedicured feet. I where color with anklets and toe rings. I also where feminin/ladys sandals ALL the time! Well, also junior jeans, panties, and junior shirts. At work my pierced ears tell the straight folks that somethings going on here! I never got negative comments from women but my best (guy) friend thinks I'm a woman with a penis! LOL . I welcome you all to visit my page with your comments. While I'm not really a full time crossdresser, like most of you guys, I'm just expressing my feminin side. Work days are all man and what Chris says is true. We all have both sides. Some just show the other side more than others. This is a GREAT forum! Best in years. Keep up the momentum! And WHO KNOWS? Maybe guys wearing color will catch on and maybe the media will show it one fine day!
jimsyjim1 10 years ago
We should all fly/meet in an agreed place, and have a pedicure party! At least we all feel comfortable about this.
MiLdStEeL [deleted] 10 years ago
I agree with barefootguyinco: I love the way it looks on my toes, and it is very nice also ( and especially ) with a manly look.
I like red,pink,and colors like these.
Yes,jimsyjim1!Let's have a pedicure party!
andykharper 10 years ago
my feet are ugly but one night two young girls thought it would be fun to paint my toes, well ,,, i looked down and thought cool ! aint too bad,
been doin it myself and thought i was the only man that did til today.
thanks guys.
MiLdStEeL [deleted] 10 years ago
Could you post some pictures of your painted toes,andykharper?
RedQueenTo [deleted] 10 years ago
because ...
funcouple1 [deleted] 10 years ago
my wife did it while i was sleeping one night and when i woke up i thought it looked good and she did too and now i pick the colors and have been for over a year i like and think they look better then some womens it can't be any more wrong then peircing your ear or tongue ring i can wash mine off
sunnitgirl@sbcglobal.net [deleted] 10 years ago
I've polished my toenails,mostly hotpinks and satin colors for over 12 years now. Love it. Sunni
Barefoot Walker 10 years ago
for the obvious reason: self-expression.
it seems silly to get a piercing or a tat when nail polish is much cheaper and can be changed on a whim (though usually i paint them and, as the old wears off, just add new).
and i have enough colors that i will never repeat a color layout even if i used a different combination every day!
show off your individuality! paint your nails in bright colors and display them!
louisecd [deleted] 10 years ago
I love the way it looks!
nails1z [deleted] 10 years ago
Guys, this is awesome! I want to encourage you to help promote this practice so that it becomes common, and so that more men will feel comfortable with it. Look for opportunities to talk about it and post on other forums so others can see that there are a bunch of us out there that wear nail polish, but because we simply LIKE it!
You'd be surprised how many women really do like to talk about this with you. They don't really seem to care that you're a guy, they just like it that you have something fun to talk about they they also know something about.

Benefits: Men's toesnails typically look pretty sad, they're usually yellow and crusty and not very attractive to look at. With the popularity of men's sandals on the increase (been in a shoe store lately?) we need to take better care of our feet. Even if you just go in for a professional pedicure, that will make a big difference in how we're perceived by others (women especailly).
Wearing nail polish is just 'icing on the cake' so to speak because it can really make your feet look cool, cared for and noticable. You will have to choose colors you like and are comfortable with, and I can tell you that there are a lot of good masculine colors out there, but you have to look for them a little more than the more feminie ones.

Hey, it feels great, looks great, it's fun and women really like it! How many more reasons do you need?
Ten Hot Toes [deleted] 10 years ago
I love to wear my polish. I love my toes and the way they look. I have been wearing polish on my toes for almost 20 years or more. In the past 10 years it has been more open. I have gone into stores with my toes polished and no one has said a thing. I love my toes polished and wouldnt stop for nothing.
Sarah-White [deleted] 10 years ago
I have been painting my toes for 4 years.I love to have my toes painted,they look so nice,feel so good and i love to change the colour every few weeks.Wish i could paint my fingernails too.
,kljkgftdrsrtdfv 9 years ago
why??? because my feet look so hot when painted and wearing female shoes!!! it's such a trill to go in public like that. i love it when people watch my feet.
C.C. Fiorella [deleted] 9 years ago
Cause it's cute!
Theresa-anne #2 9 years ago
I wear polish on my toes because as the commercial says "I am worth it". I used to paint my own but three years ago I started having pedicures at a salon where I have my acrylic nails done. I love sitting there with other women and just be pampered. In all of the time I have been having them done there has not been a harsh word said. I sit there and one girl paints my fingernails and another paints my toes. I feel so girlish, one of the few times in my life I feel totally feminine.
Susan N Joy [deleted] 9 years ago
I agree with TERI300. I love going to the salon
toepaintguy 9 years ago
Yes, it is a nice treat. I have only had one professional pedicure, and it was a lot more relaxing and satisfying than I had expected!

The foot massage was awesome, then she filed down the callouses and rough spots on the bottoms of my feet, rubber in lotion to soften up the skin, then shaped and smoothed my toenails so they looked a LOT better than they had.

When it came to the question about polish, I took her up on it and had her apply a really cool medium-dark blue color. I don't think she expected me to ask for anything other than clear, but since I've been wearing my toenails painted for years now, I was certainly not going to pass on this opportunity. She really did a nice job and they ended up looking great. She even thought so! She had to show them to the other girls working there and they also commented on how nice they looked for a guy.

I will definitely go in for another pedicure sometime. It was awesome!
william_ily 9 years ago
I have the thing about painted toes since my childhood. I just love it, no matter male or female. I'm strait and married, and not very much into other girlie stuff ( shoes, pantyhose, rings, etc. ). It's just well groomed feet with painted nails that is my obsession. I like bright colors, especially red. I wouldn't dare to visit a nails shop on this business, not even buy a nail polish myself ( luckily, my wife shares my intrerst in it ).
And it feels really great to find out there are so many of us, guys, around to paint our toes ( secretly, or in open ). Let's keep it up !
sandalman444 9 years ago
me gusta ver mis dedos bien cuidados me gusta ver color en mis uñas y la forma en que se ven cuando uso sandalias me exita solo de ver mis pies
siempre me ha gustado ver los pies femeninos sexys y super arreglados haora los mios se ven asi.
por que no darme el gusto?
photobug34 [deleted] 9 years ago
Because it feels good, I like the way it looks, and I get compliments on my pedicures. All great reasons to keep doing it!
So what if I'm a guy who enjoys having his feet pampered a little? As someone further up on this post said "Why should the women have all the fun?" I think men shoudl be able to enjoy freedom of expression too, as long as it does not hurt anyone.

I have yet to 'injure' anyone with my painted toes, so I think I'm safe with this argument.
jnorton47 [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jnorton47 (member) 9 years ago
Only recently have I sometimes started painting my toenails. I like the looks of painting toenail on the ladies. I thought, why should they have all the fun. I think it looks cool. I also like getting in thouch with my effeminate side. I am straight, but I do like bling. I do wear toe rings.
cutetoelover [deleted] 9 years ago
I wear polish on my toes because it looks great and feminine. I am a straight normal and masculine guy, but I just love to see my feet look feminine.

I just wear colored polish at home. I have now started to show off my feet in public with clear polish on my toes. But I am sure one day I will de brave to use some colors in places not familiar to me.

Where I live, I never saw men with polish toes.
ol' dude 9 years ago
It actually started out as a carnal bribe I tried to pull off in college about a thousand years ago. I tried to impress a girl I was interested in by asking to paint her toenails. She replied that if I did a good job, she would sleep with me. Truthfully, if I did my toenails good enough, she'd sleep with me.

I painted them, she liked what she saw, but, she didn't go to bed with me. When I tell this story, everyone says "what a bitch". Anway, I've been painting my toenails off and on since then. It's now....30 years? Never had a problem with the populace' reactions, comments, stares, what have you. It is a matter of confidence. Besides, why should the girls have all the fun? My wife agrees.
photobug34 [deleted] 9 years ago
Speaking of men painting their toenails, I recently found something that may help remove any stigmas or reservations you may have about wearing them painted in public.

"Suzi" on the OPI web site has a regular blog where she posts her opinions about what is happening in the nail polish industry. Well, check out the blog posting from June 9 where she invites men to experience a professional pedicure and take care of their feet. And then she goes on to encourage men to try wearing polish on their toenails! She even suggests some colors that are not considered exclusively feminine.

Wow, is that a refreshing attitude from a respected style-conscious industry representative or what?! As you can tell, I wholeheartedly agree with Suzi and applaud her support and encouragment to men to be more expressive and have fun with this! It may even sell more OPI nail polish, so she has a dedicated interest in helping us guys become more comfortable and enthusiastic about wearing our toenails polished too.

I think that if your spouse or g/f is giving you any grief about your polish addiction, show her Suzi's posting and take a little pride that you are certainly not alone in your love of nail polish! It may make you feel a little less aprehensive about it too.

I would like to encourage anyone who also shares an interest in seeing men wear nail polish to go on the OPI website and send in your comments to Suzi about her posting on this (use the "contact us" link since Suzi does not take email comments directly).

Try this and then come back and leave your comments here about how it turned out!
raecduk [deleted] 9 years ago
i paint my toenails whenever i want to feel as feminine and sexy as possible - it makes me feel so sexy
sissy maryjo 9 years ago
because I'm a sissy and sissys always have them done up real nice. I go get a pedicure once a month.
cherry-tv 9 years ago
boredom really if i have to be honest. i just like to pass a bit of time doing my nails and getting them painted right and experimenting with colours etc. it is a good stress reliever
footsie23 9 years ago
I enjoy wearing polish on my toes because its a fun way to express myself, even if its just me that knows about it (for now). Its like a mood ring, one day they can be solid silver, the next I can do pink and black :-). Plus my feet are much nicer looking and healthier since I've started doing it.
cchaffie 9 years ago
I just got a professional pedicure and the nail tech talked me into trying polish (for the first time). She polished my toes black and painted spider webs on my big toes. I have to say that I really like it and plan to do it again. I encourage all men to try it.
toepaintguy 9 years ago
I've been noticing more men getting into this lately. Hmmm, what's that about? Maybe these guys are getting some pressure from their gals to get their feet in better shape...

Hey, in case you are interested in how good a guy's feet can look with nail polish, check out these examples: www.flickr.com/photos/toepaintguy/

I am totally comfortable wearing my toenails polished. My wife likes it and encourages me, women on the street who see them like them (and comment positively), I like them polished, so I guess I have every reason to keep them that way!

Oh, and did I mention that it's fun too?
nail paintin' guy 9 years ago
As with several others I always have noticed and loved the sight of bare female toes with painted nails (fingers too ;) ). Finally, somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago I decided to give it a try on my own toenails. Well, even though the color and type of polish that first time wasn't one I'd choose now, it sparked an interest that continues and even grows! It does have an erotic component for me, I must admit, but I just plain like the way it looks in and of itself and I definitely think there is a place for colorful male toenails in our world!
I have no particular interest in other make up, just nail polish and I truly do not get the idea of why it is still perceived as a primarily feminine practice and look. I do believe it can look really fine on male toes and the pics in this discussion certainly prove that out!
Having said all that, I am one of the guys who has a real hard time getting up the nerves to allow my adorned toes to be visible to all. My immediate family and some close friends are aware that I paint my toes and some are quite supportive. One older female friend said she thought it was a good look and more men should take care of themselves that way. Others are less so. The range seems to be love the look, hate the look (and the idea of it) or relative indifference.
I have worn it openly a very few times, as recently as this past summer when I went to a concert at an area casino in the company of another guy. He doesn't do nail polish, but I was wearing a darker shade of red or brown...can't recall which now, and leather strapped flip flops and jeans. I just held my head up and walked as normally as I could ie: not curling toes under in half-assed attempt to hide painted nails (???!!!). I have no clue if anyone noticed or not, but it's not hard to imagine that somebody did. No comments however. On another occasion soon after I tried it again on a casual afternoon outing, this time at a local mall in the company of my (ex)wife (who expresses relative indifference but, I think, really thinks I'm weird). Again, no comments but I did feel like I was drawing looks. In that context and setting I wasn't nearly as at ease for whatever reason and it drove me nuts!! I am inherently shy to start with so I guess I just have to keep at it until I can get past that and it's just routine. That's the level of acceptance I'm hoping to see and I would be right out there and at ease if it were so. But that's just me...
skimachine01 9 years ago
I was enjoying a pedicure last summer at a local nail place and noticed that another guy there was having his toes painted dark blue. So, I asked him what was the deal with the nail polish. He explained to me that he was going to attend a wedding the next day, and that the dresses the girls in the wedding party were wearing were dark blue so he wanted to match them. It was going to be a beach wedding, so sandals were the choice of foot attire.
I thought that was pretty cool, so I decided to have the nail tech suggest a color I should try. She said that some male customers of hers had liked a deep maroon that they had just got in, so I decided to give it a shot. It tuned out pretty good!
When I got home, I showed my wife, not entirely sure what she would think. She thought it looked great and even liked it enough that she decided to go get her nails done in the same color!
Since then, she and I have been wearing matching colors when it works (I don't care to wear pink or red much). I know some people still think it's not for men, but you know what...if she and I like it, I really don't care much what others think because it's fun to wear it!
william_ily 9 years ago
Nice to hear this from you, buddy. So, why not showing what you've got to everybody over here ? Join the club !
VariableBlue 9 years ago
Reading all the comments from you guys really inspires me to be open with this topic publicly. I'm the average stereotypical guy who works in construction, has a macho outlook for the male persona.......In other words, as far as the exterior goes, I'm as manly as they get!!! I started painting my toes about a year ago thanks to the encouragement of my wife, and honesty, started doing it out of necessity rather than being open with what I really think and feel. (A great ice breaker for me to actually start doing it; although I have been wanting to do it for a long time.) Anyway, with my rigorous line of work after being on my feet all day, they end up looking really bad. To cover up my nasty looking toes, my wife suggested painting them. She didn't have to tell me twice! I've always had a feminine side never really expressing it openly due to the fact that I have a very old fashioned family and most of the guys I know would totally be against it, but over the last year or so, I have really started to take care of myself and trying to look really good, not just for my wife but to build up my confidence because since I was a young buck, I've been ashamed of my body. Over time I've realized that you can work hard and look good too!! Since then however, I express myself a little more openly and thanks to all the guys comments on this discussion, they serve as a very positive purpose for me because in reality we need more guys like us to balance so much negativity out there in the world. We cant keep living in the past with "Ol' Timer" mentalities!
nail paintin' guy 9 years ago
I hear you ScarletSpiderVII. The perception that reasonably nice looking feet and colored toenails are entirely exclusive to women needs to change. Keep at it and we will see it become more common. I know I try to.
Going public is a challenge for some of us, often for just the kind of reasons ScarletSpider mentioned, but I think that's what it will take to become more open and mainstream. It's happened with other personal style trends and I think it can happen for average guys who like to paint their toes as well. Almost all, in my experience, eventually agree that it can and does look very good on male feet so it's just a question of getting our toes out there once the warm months arrive. I think there are many more men painting out there than we might imagine.
References to this or that guy painting his toenails pop up in the media quite often anymore, from race driver Scott Speed apparently painting his toes for luck to "Dr. House" cracking off to "Dr. Wilson" a couple of seasons ago with a threat to tell everyone that Wilson paints his toenails! Did anybody else see the bit on "Dirty Jobs" awhile back where Mike works with a concrete finishing crew and one of the guys shows him his polished toenails?
Popular culture gets it out there and guys like us are who help it spread through our own circles. Eventually it becomes a case of "it's just what some of us do". Simple!! ;)
zoe louise snaggle 9 years ago
Because I like feeling feminine.
VariableBlue 9 years ago
Dude, I need to see that episode of "Dirty Jobs!" Thanks for the pointer nail paintin' guy!
toepaintguy 9 years ago
Kudos to you guys! It's kinda cool to be leading a trend instead of following for a change.
ghostchildd88 [deleted] 9 years ago
I read many of the above posts...

Let me try this...this is what I don't do it for...

1. I don't do it to try to look or act or appear gay....
a. To me nail polish doesn't have anything to do with sexual orientation...it simply enhances your craving for that which your already attracted to...be it male, female or just feet...

2. I don't do it to offend or upset others...
a. I do it for me...cause it's my body that I have to look at everyday and feel...

I use to have a real heavy female foot fetish...and totally ignored my own...then over time, female feet stopped looking so good to me...and mine started looking better...and I guess somewhere down the line I sorta turned my external admiration for feet inward...
VariableBlue 9 years ago
You couldn't have put that any better ghostchildd88!! Thats exactly how I feel about it!
i have always had a thing for my own feet, my sister used to do my toenails as a child, and they just looked so awsome painted, red or my fave purple!
i do it primarily for my own self idulgence. i love how it looks how it makes me feel and for the comments i get from form freinds and people on the street.

here i am 44 very masculine looking guy, jeans tshirt sort of fella, wearing flip flops and red or purple toenails .

imay be gay but i also have a thing for female feet. go figure!
denverman63 8 years ago
hi guys,im a over the road trk. driver, ive tried going into the trk stop, and now im in a motel in idaho falls idaho, and walking around with my toes looking good in my sandles and nobody seems to care. not even looking at them. i do wish someone would say nice nails though lol
blackfoot68 8 years ago
I get pedi's because they feel good, and I get my toes done because it looks good and I like the way they look with color. People bold enough to speak to me have had nothing but compliments for me since I've been doing it.
bijesse169 [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi all
I've been wearing polish for about 5 years.Almost every time I go out with it on I get strange looks from all most everyone.I've had a couple of young ladies compliment me but the older people u can tell there thinking I'll bet he's gay.I loke the dark colors.The dark purple, brown ,black and the real deep red.I think it makes my feet look better.I also shave my legs.In the summer it cooler and it looks much better than old hairy ones in cut off's.I like for more men to do it. Maybe then it would be actcepted.
toeringguy 8 years ago
I really admire all the comments here. VERY POSITIVE! Me, I've been painting my toes for over 10 years now. I started off as most of you guys. Clear, then light colors then once I got more confident and realized it's just what I like to do! Now, I go anywhere I want with my pretty feet! I where nice flip flops whenever I'm not working. I live in Florida. My friends know it's just the way I am. I love my toe rings. They show the public that I care for my feet. Now I have favorite colors. OPI Red, bright pinks and my favorite, electric blue! So do it guys! --- Peace
Dlguy2009 8 years ago
Been painting my toes off and on sense HS. Kept it mostly private but never did attempt to totally hide.Thanks to you guys The summer is flip flops - sandels and color on my toes. Some hassels but that is ok.
footboy67 [deleted] 8 years ago
I started to paint my toenails initially for a different reason than I see here. I developed a pretty nasty case of toe nail fungus, and was very emberassed to wear sandals in public, which was hard for me as I generally prefer bare feet, I would paint them black, or blue usually, but they didn't really ever look that great. I finally did something about the fungus and my nails looked dynamite! I was so happy about it and found a nail salon (not in my neighborhood) and got my first pedicure. I was astounded with the whole experience, wow, really? AND you get years of dead skin removed, and then an awesome foot rub with lotion?? the next time I went in and tha gal asked if I wanted color? I said sure, as I was used to it anyway, and loved how good my feet looked and was getting compliments from both women and men too.that was 8 years ago and I am not looking back. Spring has arrived and I just got a full pedicure, and 2 layers of clear shiny polish to start, went out the same day and got me a new pair of Olokai flip flops (black leather) and put a nice masculine design toering on my middle toe, and immediately got compliments,I was wearing jeans, cant wait for shorts weather! I am thinking next color will be a dark shiny Olive, any Ideas? Go for it guys!!
toepaintguy 8 years ago
Footboy67, keep an eye out for the new BB Couture summer collection for men. There is going to be a deep green with just a hint of shimmer in it that you may really like. Other BBC colors that might look good for you are Dark Knight and iced Olive (that one is a bit lighter though). Check out their website at www.bbnailpolish.com and select "for men".
Awesome that you have discovered this as a cool style for anyone wanting to have great looking feet.!!!
love my pretty nails [deleted] 8 years ago
I wear nail polish because I like the way it looks and how I feel when I wear it. I go out in flip flops with my nails painted to the store or do errands. My wife hates me wearing it. ( looks to feminine ) I have been painting my nails for 3 years so there is no reason to stop now. ( she does not know I openly show them when I am out ) but, like I said I do it to look and feel good about myself.
barefootguyinco 8 years ago
Love my pretty nails: good for you. Life is indeed to short to worry about pleasing the world. As long as it doesn't cause a big rift with your wife, you should just do it. She may get used to it one day, or even accept it if she starts seeing other guys doing it.
toepaintguy 8 years ago
Ditto what barefootinco said, if it makes you feel good, it is right. Your wife may not be used to seeing it, but she will sense that you enjoy it, and that should help her warm up to it.
paintednails [deleted] 7 years ago
I paint my toes because I like the way it looks most of all.
It makes me feel good about myself. My feet look better and well cared for when have I my toes polished. My wife only cares about what others will say. I do not care what other people will think. If we live our life based on what others think, then we have not truly lived our life. I live in a small town and have been going out with my toes painted without my wife knowing until her cousin saw my nails.
I have not had any negative comments in 3 years. I have had alot ot positive comments. The only person that has said anything negative is my wife. like I said I paint my toes because I like The way I look and feel. Painting my toes makes me more of a complete person.
Bare Feet 4 Me PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Bare Feet 4 Me (member) 7 years ago
I started wearing nail polish about five years ago I saw some guys in Pismo beach sporting painted toes and liked the way it looked I was allready wearing toe rings on booth feet go barefoot everywhere I can so I figured what the hell why not my wife was very supported even helped me select colors that looked masculine so here Iam today painting my toes and loving it I have to say I really like this site it's nice to know there are others like me Iam not gay nor Bi just a regular guy that likes wearing nail polish on my toes. But I must admit I do have thing for feet.
New to Color 7 years ago
It all started because of my fingernails. They were falling off and the doctors said nothing could be done. On a whim, I decided to ask some nail salon's if they could do anything and about six refused and finally I found a shop that said they could try acrylic/gel nail. Well, it worked and one day she suggested a pedicure and I agreed but ended up with clear on my toes. One day while getting my fingers redone she mentioned that guys were getting color on their toes and she name a few colors that were popular in her shop. I decided I would give it a try and loved it. I think I am hooked for life. I don't too much care for the blacks or colors that are so dark they look black. I do like Maroon/wine. I just bought a bottle of Lunar Eclipse by Orly. I haven't tried it as of yet, but the next color change it will happen. I have to be very careful how far I go because of my job and other circumstances that I don't get into crossdressing or become too "feminine." I am a straight guy and wish to remain so, but I do love the colored nails. Hopefully, we will be able to do fingernails as a norm also. Here is a suggestion for everyone who loves painted toes. Make it a cause and contact every nail polish company and asked them to promote their product with magazine ads, tv ads and anyother way to get the idea of men wearing polish in the public eye. Until this happens, I don't see it as a mainstream idea.
malepolishdude [deleted] 7 years ago
I started wearing nailpolish on my fingers when my girlfriend was doing her nails one night. She just started painting mine. Toes followed a few weeks later. It was an erotic thing between us. I kept painting my nails after we broke up, and 12 years later, here I am. I still get a rush out of it but do it now because I like the way it looks. My wife (different girl) likes it too. I mostly wear masculine colors, but occasionally do maroon or plum. I love it when I see another guy in public with either toes or fingers painted.
New to Color 7 years ago
I need your help to convince my grown children to accept my polished toes. I need a couple of things: 1. I need those who are Christians and straight who paint their toes to write their views on this blog. 2. I need pictures that do not include women's shoes in them. If I show anything that resembles "crossdress" I don't have a chance of convincing them to accept this "hobby." I ask this not to offend those who wear womens shoes, etc. I have already crossed this bridge before and almost lost my family as a result. If you are a Christian and straight, please respond and offer your honest feelings on this subject of painting our toes as men. I will be grateful. I don't have a problem going into the general public but my family is another matter.
New to Color 7 years ago
I forgot to mention something about the wives of the Christian men. If your husband paints his toes and you are OK with it. Please include your views and support as well. This will go a long way in helping my daughter to accept this. The are very conservative in their Biblical views and I am also, but I love the colored toes on me.
malepolishdude [deleted] 7 years ago
I can say I am mostly straight, married, Christian, my wife often does my toes for me, and I never wear female shoes. In fact, I never use red or pink, only masculine colors like silver, blue, and black. I always wear men' clothing as well. It has nothing to do with gender or sexual preference, and nothing to do with your belief in God.
Bare Feet 4 Me PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Bare Feet 4 Me (member) 7 years ago
New to color I am a straight married for 26 years man who Loves the Lord going barefoot wearing toe rings and painting my toes oh yeah I also have several tatoos my two daughters are cool with me painting my toes I raised them to not be afraid to express themselfs do what you like so long as you don't break the law man as well as Gods. Yes there some unusual pics on this site everyone has the right to be what they want.All I can say is to keep doing what your doing sooner or later they will get used to it may not accept it afterall you have the right to express your self I know I do.Good luck Barefeet4me
New to Color 7 years ago
Thanks Barefeet4me for your response. On another note: Since I live alone, I would like to see an open forum or dialogue on a daily basis between us men who polish. I would like especially to include the wives or girlfriends and have them give their opinions pro or con. We could share on a daily basis new colors, new nail art that we have tried, encouragement or anything else that seems appropriate. Today, I am wearing "Lunar Eclipse" by Orly and it is a beautiful irredescent blue and I really love it. Being a guy, I can't believe I said that...but it is true. Enough about me....how about guys and GALS let's start up a daily/nightly session. Just for your info, I would like to say even though we can't see each other and probably won't due to the distance between us....I would like to say and I consider you all my new friends and members of my personal "Polish Club." Waiting to hear from you....God Bless!
Osahar 7 years ago
New Color, I too am Christian and a straight male. To date I've had 4 girlfriends who are very much ok with me having my toes and/or nails painted in any color(though I prefer dark colors). Biblically, as well as by gender we can be nothing but men. It doesn't matter how long our hair grows, what color clothing we wear or the fact that most of us like to paint our toes or nails in any color but clear; it can never change our masculinity. It is the brainwashed, over-critical sheeple who like to add any and everything(including religion) to their opinion to go against anything that "they" might not like, but it's nothing that God would ever find offensive. Some people may never like that we do our toes and nails. But the keyword is: "our". Do what makes you happy.
Bare Feet 4 Me PRO 7 years ago
Amen Brother
New to Color 7 years ago
Thank you Osahar for your reply to my request. I am glad to add you to my list of new friends. Hopefully we can get others to have a dialogue session. Years ago, when CB's first came into fame, I used to set around the CB and talk with about ten or so individuals and talked about whatever came into our minds. I made many wonderful friendships as result and some I never saw in person. I would like to do something like that with this polish thing we have going. Usually, I am free to do this between 8 pm and 1 am each day. If you are any others out there would like to form a "Polish Club" let me know and what your available times are to talk and I would be more than glad to join in. Thanks again for your reponse and may God Bless and have a Great Day!
yellowrv 7 years ago
I saw some guys in California on our honeymoon with painted nails and my wife and I thought it was very cool. She paints them for me. I live in the buckle of the bible belt so it is quite a rush to go out in public. I've been bodybuilding for about five years so I'm kinda used to getting some strange glances from time to time but the only comments I've gotten were from women and they were all positive. My natural nails are not very attractive.
New to Color 7 years ago
Hi! Yellowrv: I'm in Georgia also but if I read your info correctly, you are on western side of Georgia and I'm on the eastern side. Anyway, whereever you are, I was glad to hear you are wearing polish. I am like you, the only comments that I have received from painting my toes, has been from women. I am a Christian living in the Bible belt also and I do not find anything wrong with us guys wearing nail polish. I am trying to figure out how to wear my fingernails painted. With my currect jobs, it is very difficult. Sometimes I have to paint them one day and remove it the next. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi and keep on polishing and have a Blessed Day! From: New to Color
ol' dude 7 years ago
For what it's worth guys, I only painted my fingernails on my days off. Because of my job, and the hazards associated with it, I needed to have unpolished nails in case of possible injury to my hands. Just a suggestion. Usually I did my nails on my Friday after work, and removed the polish the evening before returning to work, or the morning of work while shaving and combing my hair. Something to consider.
IPMT PRO 7 years ago
I am a straight male. I like clean, well-kept, hands and feet. The logical next step for me was to paint my toes. I have done it for over a year and enjoy it very much. So much so that not having my toes painted makes my feet look so naked and completely boring.

I just love it. I have worn my many colors in public. Have not received any comments at all, really, positive or negative, and interestingly enough, I still have not seen another male doing it also. Definitely the talk of the day when I visit my favorite spa.
i wear it because i can
their my toenails i can do what i like with them
New to Color 7 years ago
I was in Wal Mart yesterday and while checking out the lady behind me said, "You're going make a lot of people jealouse." I said how's that and she said that my toes look better than most women's. Well I was pleased but surprised because no one as said that to me before. Others have said they liked my color or my toes but nothing so complimenting as her comment. She even suggested that I do my fingernails in color. So, they are painted now in the same color as my toes. What a RUSH! Just wanted to share my joy. Keep polishing and have a blessed day.
toepaintguy 7 years ago
Yeah, and that's just the icing on the cake because the rush you get from wearing it and just knowing your toes look great is the cake!
Silvanailz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Silvanailz (member) 7 years ago
I started wearing nail hardening clear polish a few years ago as my toenails tend to be thin and so get very dry and split easily. It was only a few months ago I decided to try different colours, just for the fun of it!
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