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ektarama ADMIN January 14, 2021
We're currently at 1,524 members. Thanks everyone. Film is back! Though for some of us it never left. Please remember to tag your photos with the Retina model you used to take the photo. Thanks,your humble administrator. PS, I'm busy and don't have time to purge the photos that shouldn't be in the group so instead I am banning people that persist in clicking every group they are a member of when posting a photo. Keep it to photos by or of Retina. Thanks

Group Description

Welcome to the group devoted to the Kodak Retina. The Retina is perhaps the most important camera of the 20th century as it was the first camera to use the ubiquitous standard daylight loadable 35mm film cassette we all know and love, introduced by Kodak of course. Prior to the Retina's introduction, 35mm cameras (Leica and others) used similar cassettes, but photographers had to spool film onto them in darkness. After the Retina's introduction, other camera makers quickly adopted the new cassette and the rest is history.

Kodak made about a zillion of these brilliantly designed high quality cameras at the Nagel factory in Germany over the course of more than 30 years. The folding models in particular are a marvel of compactness and functionality. A 60 year old Retina isn't much larger than an average p-s digital camera but is capable of visual results nearly equal in resolution to a professional level digital camera if using Velvia 50, with an additional advantage of film choices (these getting more limited though, unfortunately) and will fit in a pocket.

Sir Edmund Hillary chose a Retina camera to document his ascent of Mt. Everest, no doubt partly because of it's compactness.

Here's a place to post your Retina photos and discuss any aspect of the Retina camera.
Please tag photos with the model of Retina and lens.

REPEAT: Please tag your photos with model of Retina and lens. There were many different lenses mounted to Retinas over the years and it's interesting for some of us to know which one was used to make your photo. That information is conveniently printed around the outside of the lens.
I'm not going to remove photos that aren't appropriately tagged but let's help make our photos relevant to the other group members.

Many of us like to know about film/developer combinations as well, so if you are really feeling ambitious, tag your photos. It only takes a few seconds.

And camera porn is ok, too. Show us your Retina.

And in response to a question; Retinettes are ok, too. There is also a group specifically for the Retinette here

And if anyone is an 'avid' collector of Retinas, meaning 10 or more (I'm not a member but I'm up to 6 (or is it 7) now so there is some hope for me), you are eligible to join the Historical Society for Retina Cameras. They publish monthly journals that are very informative;

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