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Tomošius ADMIN December 8, 2017
This street group intends to be different. Real street shooters bring their cameras everywhere (hence the name). Work will be moderated, not for rigid or elitist aesthetics, but for meeting the objectives, guidelines and rules. The group is for fellow photographers' classic street work, not off topic images. This will be a home for all that want to contribute high quality street work and make this collection a place for all with similar standards to share their output.

Group Description

This group is for traditional, classic straight street photography in black and white or color. All traditional, classic and straight forms of urban, suburban and rural street photography are welcome. Straight street photographs taken in all places where people live or gather are welcome provided they meet the group's guidelines, requirements and rules.

Group Rules

This group is for traditional, classic straight street photography in black and white or color. Please only post your best work. If you agree with the classic perspective of the group, please post here!

The group will be moderated. No one wants to waste time on a street group full of off topic pictures of flowers, insects, still lifes, landscapes, etc. Sorry if your work does not remain but the rules will be enforced and some level of aesthetic will be imposed too.

Group objectives, requirements and rules:

1. Images must be classically and traditionally 'photographic.' This means that they must utilize and portray the inherent capability and characteristics of traditional, classic, photography. If B&W this means an image must have a true black, a true white and all shades of grey in between. If color this means the picture must be natural, realistic and properly color balanced. Whether color or B&W pictures must have details in the shadows and the highlights.
2. Images must be real.
3. Pictures must be candid street photography to the extent possible. Posed pictures do not meet group objectives (street portraits are welcome if the subject is unaware).
4. No modeling, wedding, family, landscape, nature, insect, animal, studio, portrait, commercial, macro, pets, industrial, etc. pictures.
5. No HDR, manipulated, high contrast, low contrast, artificial tonal ranges, selective colorization, double exposure, distortion, manipulation, gimmick, Kodalith emulation or any image that employed in camera or post processing to alter the picture so it is no longer concerned with the subjects of the group - the human condition or being traditionally photographic.
6. No pictures with artificial vignetting, blurring, borders, frames or signatures, watermarks or copyrights (unless they are subdued and unobtrusive - this will be rather subjective).
7. No toned pictures (no sepia, selenium, colorized, etc.). The group is for traditional style street work not antique emulation or modern coloring.
8. While moderating will be liberal, the focus of the group is on quality. So, for example, vast empty scenes with no central human focus are discouraged. The group seeks pictures that tell some story or event involving the human condition that is worth seeing.
9. The wikipedia article on street photography is an excellent piece that describes the genre. It includes an appendix of well known street photographers whose work should serve as a guide of the type of images this group seeks.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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