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Group Description

post photos of all your make up perfum obsesions and beauty treatments ect
and whatever else you feel you must have to make yourself feel beautiful of handsome
are you obseesed with tatoos?
do you swoon when you walk into Sephora?
are you obsessed with mascara
to you get sexually excited in a shoe store>
would you flip out if they stopped making your favorite perfume/ makeup/ ect
shoes underwear whatever your beauty obbsession is
can you live without your blowdryer ? swear that your hair conditioner is the best
pray your hairdresser never leaves
worship your nails?
or is a razor and nail clippers and a bar of soap ( hopefully) and a comb all you need
post them all

Small edit:
Essentially, there are many beautiful photographs being put up but I don't believe this is the "feel" of the group.

This group caters to people who suffer in some way for their beauty, just applying simple make up doesn't cut it, false eyelashes, however, do.

Do you seriously consider not eating, just to buy THAT pair of shoes? Then we want to see it. Do your feet almost kill you but you still wear the highest heels possible? Your husband threatens to leave you over your extensive handbag collection? You nearly put your back out for that perfect posture or almost caught pneumonia because you posed on a glacier in a bikini?
Just looking like you takes hours and hours of work and a great amount of discipline? People laugh at you for your unique style but you don't care and are prepared to suffer for your idea of aesthetics? You prefer to place style over comfort?
That is the kind of "slave-ish" behaviour we are talking about. The motto is truly "you have to suffer to be beautiful".

Please, spare us your porn and gratuitous nude shots, I'm sure your motifs are all very attractive and maybe suffer by posing in cold rooms but it really needs to be exceptionally arty to not get removed.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 50 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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