leppi_photography 10:15pm, 21 May 2007
Hey All!

Just thought i would start a new topic for all of you who have just bought or have just got into the whole SLR camera scene... im actually a film production student in England and have been used to years of HD video cameras... but never digital stills... would be good to share your comments and questions on this post but also to show off your photos!

Would be awesome to hear fsome usefull tips and advice or just cool stories to share about the EOS and picture taking from some of you new or old budding photographers!
i can't open the file of the photos i took....but when you click on PROPERTIES it still says that it is so and so MB...can i retrieve the file.....by the way, when i try to open the file using microsoft picture scanner it says no camera information.....help me out, these are photos i took on a holiday and there are about 300 photos....please please please...thanks for any help you can give
oldbrummy 10 years ago
Hi Jill, I bought my camera 2 days ago and have had no problem loading pics on to my computer. I've even edited them in Photoshop.
I just used the software supplied with the camera. Do you have the canon software?.........Are your pics RAW........that may cause u a problem with microsoft.........but my very limited understanding of shooting RAW......the camera also stores a JPEG version anyway.
I would try reloading them assuming you still have them on the camera. If you don't get any joy you could try the Photoshop Support group on here. It is supposed to be just for PS but if you beg I'm sure someone will be able to help.....they are very helpfull
hello oldbrummy, i forgot to give a backgrounder....i bought this fake flash disk in China, i was in an emergency situation, my memory card was running out of free space, though i have stored the photos in my friend's laptop....as soon as i got back to my China aprtment I borrowed a friend's laptop trasnferred the photos to the flash disk, and since it was a fake i tried opening and closing the drive to check if the photos were still there..well it disappeared and the sad fact is that i never realized that i clicked on the "cut" option for transferring the photos instead of the "copy" option...when i did not find the photos in the flash disk and in the desktop i panicked that instead of just pasting the files back to the desktop, i selected all the distorted/can't be opened files in the flashdisk and cut them instead which was a wrong move....grrrrr!!!
So now I only have these files which you cannot preview at all and it is really killing me...these were photos i took on a day trip to HAngzhou, China.....help help help
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