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Submission rate to the FlickrCentral pool has been restored to its former 1 per day limit. The total number of pictures in the pool is controlled by a bot, and older images (but not the oldest) are removed to make room for newer stuff.


  • STICKY  FlickrCentral photo appreciation.

    The FlickrCentral pool is a fast moving and varied place of many superb images. ...

    Brock34 hours ago547 replies

  • STICKY  Self Introductions!

    New to Flickr? New to FlickrCentral? Want to say "hello", tell us what interests...

    Brock2 days ago1088 replies

  • STICKY  (FlickrCentral Pool is full) Is the thingie broken?

    NO, REALLY. THE POOL IS FULL. That's the problem. (admin edit for all the newcom...

    mag37373 days ago249 replies

  • Active groups on Flickr?

    Besides this group, are there any others that are still active which aren't of t...

    right2roam4 hours ago46 replies

  • Denied access to uploade photos

    I have tried to uploade a photo in this group, but access is denied. It says tha...

    Munkerii31 hours ago14 replies

  • New Group Announcements!

    This is the official thread for announcing groups. Please follow up with a succi...

    Brock2 days ago198 replies

  • First booth at an art show!

    But I'm a total rookie. Any and all advice is welcome!

    JRitterstein3 days ago0 replies

  • Bonjour a tous

    J aime la photo , la nature , tous ce qui s éloigne un peu de l être humain ,p...

    Arcadieberger4 days ago1 replies

  • How too make

    Can someone explain to me how to make the long thin title like photo. I would l...

    cuddlebaby9 days ago3 replies

  • Group quantity

    I have a group with photos uploaded from various people. Is the number of ima...

    stevie_d549 days ago3 replies

  • Lotsa of Spammers and Sex Site Solicitors

    Flickr, what is the deal? I got a slew of new comments on my photos the past day...

    EllenJo10 days ago8 replies

  • Statement of Purpose

    I just read this Statement of Purpose on Flickr. Can you tell me if this is Smu...

    gaudy spoon2 weeks ago15 replies

  • How do I create a new album?

    Trying to create a new album

    wob262 weeks ago2 replies

  • Reasonable price for a pic?

    I need some advice from experienced photo-sellers. :) A freelance journalist wan...

    ratexla2 weeks ago5 replies

  • Unable to post!

    Hi all! I'm new here. When I attempt to submit a new photo I get the follow...

    Mortal Adventures6 weeks ago3 replies

  • My EXIF not showing

    i hope you someone can help me, my pictures on here are not showing my exif data...

    BonniesNaturePhotography6 weeks ago9 replies

  • Older lenses that surprised you

    I'be bought and sold quite a few lenses through eBay UK in the last 12 years and...

    Woof.6 weeks ago9 replies

  • Are there any American patriots in this group?

    Just asking.

    jasbond0072 months ago21 replies

  • Good News for Flickr.

    I recently read that Google Plus is shuttering its consumer side. I joined a ne...

    regular furniture2 months ago68 replies

  • Hey Y'all!

    Hi everybody!! I'm Kay. I'm new to the whole Flickr deal, but I just want to lea...

    kayy.marie2 months ago5 replies

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