angry chicken 6:42pm, 28 March 2008
hey you all-
I have had a few people ask me where to buy fabrics for garment sewing. Like linens, cotton jerseys, blends, wools, you know. . .all that.

I get my goods locally so I can feel them and see the drape, but do you all have favorite online shops for this? For kids clothes and adults?

I have shopped online for clothing fabric at: (they have a shop in Portland, too)

what about you?
Better Than Rubies 14 years ago
I like
I live in the Southeast and it's located in Georgia. I always get my orders really fast. It has a wide variety of colored and printed linen. They almost always have some sort of discount code. Each time I order from them I get a 10% off coupon.
ladybean73 14 years ago
I've only recently gotten into buying fabrics online. I, too, prefer to feel and see the real color of fabrics, but so far I've purchased from Hancock fabrics. I second for selection, though I've yet to make a purchase. I happen to live near Purl Soho so I guess I can go in in person. The fabrics are beautiful, though expensive so I guess I'll never buy anything there lol...
Tara H. 14 years ago

I have shopped at all of these, as well as sewmamasew that Amy mentioned. I've never had any problems with my orders...they are usually delivered very quickly. I always check the "sale" items...sometimes you can get really great deals.
tofu robot 14 years ago
robinette handmade Posted 14 years ago. Edited by robinette handmade (member) 14 years ago
In addition to some previously mentioned, I like - I've had good customer service with them.
Also, I've had good experience with www/ for European garment fabrics (mainly Dutch).
zannestar 14 years ago
I've also shopped at:

Sometimes I just need hands on so I shop locally at
my daughter loves it too!
Fabric Bliss
Lazy Seamstress 14 years ago is fabulous for garment fabrics. I live in the UK, but have bought from this site several times,and have never been dissapointed.
texian39 14 years ago
Near Sea Naturals in New Mexico has organic knits and wovens. Great service. Great fabrics. I highly recommend them.
pinkpaddlerjudy 14 years ago
If you get the chance to go to San Francisco, go to Britex Fabrics...4 floors so lovely, you'll want to cry.
Check them out online at
emmelyd 14 years ago
For children's clothes, The Children's Corner in Nashville is the cream of the crop. They have their own pattern line which I use for almost all of my daughter's clothes. I shop in person but they also have a good selection online. I buy alot of fabric for myself there too (Liberty lawns and knits, linens, lots of European imports)! The staff is very knowledgeable if you have questions about anything.
Ellabella3 14 years ago
I like but I also had wonderful customer service with The fabrics are not cheap but the quality is amazing!!
Pink Trees 14 years ago
For knits I like to buy online from They have a lot of cute knit prints, solids, some knits made for just t-shirts (t-shirt panels), and other fabrics as well. They also sell Japanese fabrics. The prices are reasonable as well.
JDeeBella 14 years ago
Super sale and great fabric here, I'm a happy customer of both.
Follow the White Bunny Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Follow the White Bunny (moderator) 14 years ago
I haven't ordered at yet (due to too much buying stuff lately) but it's a joy just to look at all the lovely fabric and ribbons they have on offer. I buy most of my fabric on Ebay but usually I buy cottons, no experience with jerseys, knits and denims etc sorry!
riosmum 14 years ago
Another great place for knits is .
iromo LittleWorld 14 years ago
Do you know some shop in Europe???? I live in Spain.
Heide of chez zero 14 years ago
Another good one is, all purchases earn you little cash-back bonuses, there is a constantly-changing selection of short-ends, and she has lots of tutorials for making bags and appliques and all sorts of stuff. She's always adding new things.
Follow the White Bunny Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Follow the White Bunny (moderator) 14 years ago
Iromo, you might want to consider buying your fabrics in the USA! For a lot of Europeans it's quite cheap at the moment (because of the dollar). I buy most of my fabrics in US based online shops. Especially when you buy a bit more (good excuse) to keep the costs for shipping reasonable. Usually ca 8 yards can be sent for 12 usd. I've ordered with Reprodepot , Hancocks of Paducah and Amercan Ebay sellers without any problem. But keep in mind that you may have to pay extra customs/tax in your country for the stuff you buy.
Christy Sews Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Christy Sews (member) 14 years ago
My fabric stop for knit and fashion fabrics is FabricMart Fabrics ( I also like Cry Baby's boutique ( for knits (especially children's knits), Trendy Fabrics (, Buy the Piece (, Vogue Fabrics, (, Fabric Direct (, Mood Fabrics ( and, of course, Ebay (sellers: fabricsupplier (great fabrics, great prices -- they are located in New York) and fabricdepot (linen fabrics -- all weights) . I would say that overall, the bulk of my knits come from Fabric Mart. 99% of my fabric is purchased online due to the fact that we only have a JoAnn's and a Walmart in my town.

Christy (
OneGirlCircus Posted 14 years ago. Edited by OneGirlCircus (member) 14 years ago
For kids' clothes, in addition to all the wonderful resources I see listed, I recommend and you can always find deals in co-ops as well. I like and for organics.

I second the recommendations of:

I also love to buy from etsy.

aka pranamama
marytree Posted 14 years ago. Edited by marytree (member) 14 years ago
Just came across this site. The fabrics look beautiful and they are organic.
sewing at night 14 years ago
I echo a lot of what's here already--superbuzzy has some nice knits and blends. Try Etsy too--there's a lot of fabric sellers with good prices.

In England, I've heard great things about Shaukat (, at least as a walk-in store. Kitty-Craft ( seems to be the English counterpart to superbuzzy.

Another thing I do is when I'm in a new city and find a good shop: I ask them if they'll mail me more yardage based on swatches. Many say of course! So I keep little scraps after I've used up what I bought. So far it's always worked.

If you're ever in the San Francisco area, besides Britex (and lovely Peapod if you want more cottons) there's Stonemountain & Daughter in Berkeley and Piedmont Fabrics in Oakland (Piedmont being the reborn and much-missed Poppy). I buy my garment fabrics from S&D. They've got knits, woolens, silks, lycras, etc. and not an ugly thing in sight. Get on the mailing list and you'll be inundated with 20% off coupons. Those things are pure evil. Even after you use one up, the kind cutting lady slides another into your overstuffed bag with a knowing smile. She knows what she's doing, the temptress! I'm wise to you, naughty Stonemountain lady!
isabel ventura 14 years ago
From Portugal, you have fabrics (portugese vintage and more), yarns, notions, needles and many other acessories at
Accept international commands.
elliebelle7620 14 years ago
I am the fashion fabric buyer for Nancy's Notions.
We carry all kinds of fabrics from quilting cottons, to jerseys, linens, rayons, and more. Here is the link to our fashion fabric section. We have MANY pages of fabrics to choose from.
I hope this helps somebody. :)
Being from UK, I found the following online us store very good:
and some of the small online sellers from
Anyone can recommend a shop selling different kinds of linen fabrics that offers international flat rate envelop shipping (not as their shipping cost is madly high)?
Tater Eyes 13 years ago
I found a lot of solid color and toile fabrics at Carousel Fabrics. They also have a good collection of minky fabrics as well. They would do well to increase their inventory but the prices are very good.
faerygrrrl 13 years ago
i want to buy tweed for making skirts. Any suggestions?
aimeeinstitches 13 years ago
I am from Australia & the conversion rate isn't so good for me to buy overseas. Does anyone know of any Australian online shops other than Etsy?

soja 12 years ago
Just bumping this up for Justine! :-)
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