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carissa.thomas ADMIN March 10, 2007
Thank you everyone for making this group a beautiful place!

Also - if you have photos of fauna from other phyla, you may want to check out these groups: Annelida, Arthropoda, Echinodermata, Mollusca, and Porifera!

Group Description

A group dedicated to the Cnidarians!


Hydrozoa - Hydroids, Hydrocorals, Fire Coral, Lace Coral
Anthozoa - Anemones, Corals, Gorgonians, Zoanthids, Sea Pens
Scyphozoa - True Jellyfish (Sea Jellies)
Cubozoa - Box Jellyfish

Post your photos of any and all cnidarians here! If you're not sure what species it is, post a message in the thread, and someone may be able to help out with identification.
Note: To help keep things diverse, please try to limit posting to two photos per day.

Keywords: Phylum Cnidaria, cnidarians, cnidarian, nematocysts, anemone, coral, jellyfish, sea jelly, sea jellies, marine, life, invertebrate, gorgonian, zoanthid, sea pen, scyphozoan, cubozoan, hydrozoan, anthozoan, hydrocoral, hydra, underwater, intertidal, subtidal

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Animal Taxonomy: Cnidaria

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