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Favorite Canyons of the World

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Black Bear Explorers says:

What are some of your favorite canyons to visit, and why?

I have somehow... accidentally.. fallen in love with canyons, especially backpacking deep into them for days. In these protected, somewhat isolated little biomes, life thrives to beautifully. Life is also intimately connected with the rivers that flow through these canyons... or used to.
11:32AM, 11 February 2010 PDT (permalink)

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williscreek is a group administrator williscreek says:

That would be the next one that I'm in - because I'll be there.
Originally posted 101 months ago. (permalink)
williscreek (a group admin) edited this topic 101 months ago.

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Black Bear Explorers says:

Great answer! ;)
100 months ago (permalink)

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