MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 3:58pm, 31 July 2009
Here is what we need... please post to this group and I can copy and email it to Martin and get the ball rolling.

1) contact info, Names, numbers, e-mail of those that want to take photos.

2) Days and times you can commit to being on sight and taking photos.

**** All photos taken need to be given to Martin at 3five and cannot be used for anything else. Why you ask. ABC needs to know that anything done pre-production is controlled. You will get proper credit but we cant post theses photos on any web page or blog! *******

Some key dates and times would be the first two days and the last day. It sounds like we can have more then one photographer on sight at a time.

1) Stay out of the way of the production crew!
3) Do not ask people to pose for photos.
4) Once the walls are up.. no photos inside the home. !!! Sorry but they will not allow it. too much to do not enough room, STAY OUT.

So get your contact info posted to the thread and more details will come. Martin wants to send you more info via and e-mail ASAP so please post your info now.

Thanks, Aaron
JustinSinks Posted 9 years ago. Edited by JustinSinks (admin) 9 years ago
Justin sinks

I am able to shoot after 5 during the week and would like to get some night photos. I have also been given the ok to take time off of work during the day if needed. Oh yes, and all day/night on weekends.

I have removed the photos that were posted.

As for sending ALL photos, I have over 300 from the few hours I was there Wednesday, what would be the best way to get them to them?
The Sawinskis 9 years ago
All images can be emailed to:
or you can drop a Disc/jump-drive off at the offices or in the mailbox:

2024 West Superior Street
Suite 204 (upstairs)
Duluth, MN

Martin Sawinski
TwoOneoh! Posted 9 years ago. Edited by TwoOneoh! (member) 9 years ago
Brandon Irons

I will be free to shoot any time this weekend (7/31/09) and after 5pm Monday (8/3/09) and Tuesday (8/4/09). I also have 300-400 photos from last night in which i will be dropping off (disc) with 3Five tonight.
Anna Merritt 9 years ago
Anna Martineau Merritt

I can be available from the 4th on from early am to about 5/6 pm
on the 3rd from early am to about 3pm
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Jason Holmgren

Available first thing Monday Morning!
fragile existence [deleted] 9 years ago
sent info via flickrmail

Noreeyay 9 years ago
Nora Toth heavy breathing please

Available first thing Monday morning as well.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Lol Nora!!!
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Nate Lindstrom
218 341 1295

As I said before, I am taking the week off work. I am available ANY day ANY time!!!!!!
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Also, will we be able to use these images after the show airs, or just not at all?
Shana Clauson
I'm available Monday and Friday all day, and I have varying availability the rest of the week. Saturday and Sunday, and Monday, Aug. 10th I'm also available all day.
Akatzmarkphotography 9 years ago
Ariel Katzmark

I am not sure what days I will be there. It seems as though my energy coul dbetter be used doign shoots for the other families not picked. So I might be sparce
TwoOneoh! 9 years ago
I know that i had mentioned this earlier, but i figured that since this is the official thread that i would post again.

We should have a meeting tonight to discuss shooting this event. If you are planning on shooting this event (people listed above) it would be nice to get together and figure out a time schedule that way we are not all trampling over each other at the same time. I think that we should have minimal people on site at one time that way we do not get in the way. So how about a meeting at Thirsty Pagan (same place as last meeting) tonight. If you are able to make please post with what time works best (tonight), if you cannot make it I'll email you the details from the meeting.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
mmm thirsty pagan rocks! any time is good for me
I could meet tonight. What time? Please email me at the above address with a time, because I don't check Flickr as often as my email.
TwoOneoh! 9 years ago
I'm thinking start at 7pm and run till whenever.
HBRstudios 9 years ago
outtta town until Sunday -- let me know what happens.

I have been e-mailing martin, hope he got them.
TwoOneoh! Posted 9 years ago. Edited by TwoOneoh! (member) 9 years ago

I'll make sure to shoot you an email and let you know what the plans are will you have your phone on you tonight, cause i may just give you call in case i need to ask you question or two about your time constraints (or lack thereof, whichever)
Noreeyay 9 years ago
I can't make the meeting, I just saw this and I got the kids. If someone can keep me updated that'd be great! Im free till the 5th to shoot anytime all day. Like everyone else I'd love to get to be there Monday morning. So if it's possible count me in definitly! Thanks guys!
I'll be there at 7.
If you wish to be on the list, please call Martin at the number above or get a hold of Aaron.

Supply us with:
- name
- phone
- email
- time committing

Things to bring:
Memory Cards
Transfer cables/ card readers
Laptop (there should be WiFi)
Snacks/ light food (not sure how much food will be supplied, best be prepared)

You must be registered with 3FIVE
You must be on the list of Photogs to receive credentials at check in tent
You must wear closed toe shoes (it is a construction site)
You must have credentials on and visible at all times (security will boot you otherwise)
You must respect and observe all rules of the production crew
You are representing 3FIVE, Builders Commonwealth and the DPG, act accordingly.

Lock and Key Productions (EMHE and ABC) own the job site and reserve the right to evict you at their discretion without warning or explanation. Best behave.

- You have free reign of the build site but must be aware of the show's cameras and stay out of shots, AT ALL TIMES. This is critical! If you get in the shot, it is bad for all of us.
- You cannot directly shoot the on-camera design talent and crew (Ty and others), It is in their contracts. They can be in B-roll and in the background. You cannot publish photos of the designers or talent on websites, in ads, commercials or otherwise profit from their images. There is very strict endorsement language written into their contracts and will be enforced by their legal authorities.
- You will not be allowed in the house after the contractor "turns over the house." 24 hours before the family comes home.
- You are not allowed to put images on any website without approval from ABC. Approval is not granted until after the "airdate".
- You cannot broadcast your images. If images shot on-site is to be used in a non-Extreme Makeover- Home Edition broadcast, the images cannot reference the build, house, family, design team, Extreme Makeover Home Edition logo or ABC.
- You must share your photos with the subcontractors, trade partners, sponsors, Builders Commonwealth, 3FIVE, and any other party 3FIVE deems appropriate.
- All on-site photography is coordinated by 3FIVE.

ALL images are controlled by 3FIVE and all rights are relinquished to 3FIVE DESIGNS, INC. and Builders Commonwealth, Inc.
We expect to have a copy of all photos by sun down each day, and no later than 9 am the following day, so that the site can be updated.

Pictures of the house are forbidden from being published in any form prior to the "airing" of the episode on ABC networks. Once the show has been aired on national television you will have permission to publish, print or post the images you capture. Violations of this will be enforced by ABC and their legal authorities.

- You may email them:

- FTP them:
(by choosing the FTP option you are agreeing to limit you access and actions to the uploading and depositing of images with in the necessary directory. You will honor this request and not share, disseminate or otherwise cause harm to 3FIVE by altering or accessing other files found in the associated directories. If you feel you are capable of abiding by these requests, contact martin directly for access information)

- Or coordinate with Martin at the job site and transfer them directly to the computer.

If you have any questions please call:
Martin Sawinski 3FIVE 218.393.3583
Patrick Thompson Lock and Key Productions 323.574.3563



AFTER THE DOOR KNOCK- builder meets the family- & designer interviews (typically 12:30pm)
INTERVIEW THE FAMILY- before they leave on vacation (typically 4pm)

BRAVEHEART AND DEMO- build team marches to the house and then demolition begins (typically 9am- 1pm)

HOUSE IS FRAMED- all day event

REVEAL- move that bus, family sees house for the first time (typically between 1and 3pm)

FAMILY PRESS CONFERENCE- first interview with the family after they see their house( typically 11am)


Door Knock Convoy
Door Knock- singles of family
Door Knock- family and designers
Family on Door Knock Day
Builder meets the Family
Builder with the Family
Build Team
BEFORE shots of the house exterior, sometimes interior
Builder with media
Behind the Scenes
Designer Bus

Move out
Construction Set-up
Heavy Equipment
Block Demo- Builder with Production

Braveheart March
Braveheart Speech
Construction Begins
Project Managers and Subs
Crowds cheer!
Night work-grading and concrete,

House wrap
Fire Department
Special Guests
Plumbers and Electricians
City Team
Sponsor shots


Key Turn Over
Furniture Move-In- exterior only!
Inside Shots are not allowed
City Signs COO
Builder with crowd
Builder with Media

Finished House- exterior
Build team in front of finished house
Move that Bus
Builder with Design Team during move that bus chants
Reveal- Family Comes Home
Family Sees House for first time
Family with designers
Family with Builder
Family solo shots
Wrap party

Family Press Conference
Finished House- interiors (5-7pm only!!!!)

How do they do that?: The question everybody wants to know. How can a home that normally takes 6 months to build be built in one week and with a shorter punch list than a typical home?
“Giving at a time when it is harder to give”: Local builder and contractors donating labor and supplies at a time when the building market has slowed
Competitors coming together: many competing contractors and trades will be working side-by-side in a high stress environment under tight deadlines to get this house done
One family helping another family: why the Builder decided to take part in this project and how it has changed their lives.
The fine details: all the things no one sees on the show or may think about; zoning laws, electrical and phone lines, getting big equipment in and out, crowd control, security, when/where do workers sleep, how many work at once, who picks the home design etc.
Behind the local scenes: Our Builder. How do they orchestrate an event of this magnitude? (they are not only responsible for building the home, but have also coordinated volunteers, donations and a few surprises)
Pay It Forward: Hear how this project will benefit other local families in need and will continue to benefit the community beyond this week and this one house.
FACTS, FIGURES & LOCAL VENDORS- info available online at:


Martin Sawinski
President Designer
Everyone above this post has been added to the list except Brian. Im not sure about his situation this week. (let me know Brian) I sent Martin the e-mail with your info. Anyone who posts after this will need to call Martin or myself to be added. Info to do that is in the above post. Thanks everyone.
I just realized that I forgot to add my email address. It's

Thanks Aaron!
Noreeyay 9 years ago
Thanks everyone for putting this together! How will this go Monday morning? Will we all meet somewhere first?
Monday morning? I will talk to Martin about where and when... and post it here.
The deal on Monday morning is.... No one until after the door knock... So my best guess on times that we can be there will most likely not be till the afternoon. They will have the location posted on ..
or posted here.

As soon as you see it on either place you should be free to go and start taking photos. They need to keep the location secret until after the knock and Martin is the only one that has permission to be at the door knock.
Thanks for understanding.
MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina (admin) 9 years ago
If you have any photos from the parking lot build. PLEASE edit up 5 , 10, 20 of your best and e-mail them one by one if you have to or get a disk to Martin.. ASAP!!!

Same goes for any other shots from here on out. we need to turn this stuff around pronto as all the attention will be during the we and not next week per say. Lets get noticed.

PS if you have a DPG shirt... wear it!
TwoOneoh! Posted 9 years ago. Edited by TwoOneoh! (member) 9 years ago

PS if you have a DPG shirt... wear it!

I want a DPG shirt!
Just for clarity, tomorrow we should be able to take pictures without press passes? Is there any word on the press passes? I just need to confirm because if I am going to be able to participate in photographing the events this week I need to figure out child care arrangements for my kids and plan around other things.
Akatzmarkphotography 9 years ago
Ok So I am down tomorrow night for the house burning! Anyone with me!
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
It sounds like we just go and check in with Martin on site?
HBRstudios 9 years ago
The way I read the info above, you will be given credentials at the site at the check-in tent.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
This just in...."Official Announcement" at 10:00 am.

I saw that post on the Builders Twitter page.
Okay, thanks Brian and Nate.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
I'll be heading out there tonight also! See you there!
Those of you shooting today, have fun! Should be a good time
Noreeyay 9 years ago
I'll be heading down there as well.
Akatzmarkphotography 9 years ago
I know them! Amazing! South range baby!
So you know who it is Ariel?!
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Yes, if you know the addy please share! The official website has crashed
I think it's about 20 minutes from my house, so if anyone wants to ride share LMK. For you Duluth folks it's going to be a good hour drive one way.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
An hour? Oh cripes.
Yeah, it's going to be more difficult to get out there as much as I was hoping. I'm going to try to get out there this afternoon to get some preliminary photos though.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
What timeish?
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Since their main page crashed .... Check out
It's up on the DNT site too and Facebook.
Nate, I'm working on trying to set up care for my kids. I'll post back if I get something figured out.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Found it, I'm heading out.
5742 S. Swamp Rd., South Range, WI 54874

They are a young family in their early 30's with two little kids. Should be fun!
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
I'm putting in a good word for an Ariel Lift Bridge themed room for one of the kids. You know, the bed could be an ore boat ..... : )
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Lol Nate! Thanks for the address Shana!
Noreeyay 9 years ago
Very cool, thanks for posting the info. I'll be heading out soon as I drop the kids off.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Small group, no Martin yet.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Hmmm, apperently no one goes in until 4
Yep, I just drove out and came home. So, we will be able to get in at 4 then?
MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina (admin) 9 years ago
****** Until there is a post here or you get a direct email for Martin or I ... we are not allowed on sight!!! Please do not go there with the intent to enter the sight till then. Even though the sight is released.. we as the DPG cannot check in as being a part until we get the go ahead and that has not happened yet. Thanks for understanding.

Sorry.. I know this is confusing, please understand that it is this way for everyone and we will just need to hold tight.
That's fine. I just went out because you posted yesterday that we'd be able to go once the location was announced and I never heard anything different since then.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Ah ha, that there is some useful information!
Noreeyay 9 years ago
Thanks Aaron!
TwoOneoh! 9 years ago
I really really hope we get the go ahead to go out there tonight. I got all my gear packed up, Justin and I are (were planning) on carpooling out there with all of our equipment, assuming we get the go ahead of course. Fingers crossed:)
Still waiting... I just sent Martin a text asking when we can go out. I heard tonight and tomorrow are just detail with the family and packing .. not much of anything going on. I know this because my roommate works for BUilders and was on sight. Ill keep you posted
MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina (admin) 9 years ago
Here is the deal. They said we can start shooting at 9am Tuesday.

Here is how it will work...

1) You need to e-mail this address

2) sign up for blocks of time.

3) no more then 4 photographers per block.

4) stay out of the way. If someone askes you to move. No questions... you move. dont bother anyone.. just take candid photos.

here are the blocks of time

AM 9am-3pm
PM 3pm-9pm
over night 9-6am

the 1st 4 emails with the blocks of time noted are the only ones that can go out.

They had a rough start today some unexpected malfunctions so they need the night to get back on track.

Thanks... Aaron
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Since we aren't shooting tonight, anyone want to get together with Brandon and I? We were thinking norms or something.
Let us know 218-390-3094
-Snapshot- 9 years ago
I just viewed the Builders / Extreme website, WOW! You photog’s took some really nice shots.
Brian (HBR), I especially like your night shots when they were framing, really nice!
Hey all.. there is another event taking place and they need to show photos at this but there will be no internet access... can those of you who took photos burn 20 or so of your best shots to disk? Please.... I need them asap.. call or write me and I will pick them up from you.. You can watermark them with your info for credit....,

Aaron 341-6114
What is the event?
I honestly dont know the details. Lisa Blade just called me..
Groups Beta