expired_meter 6:41pm, 30 March 2009
When you aren't shooting photos you're probably sleeping or drinking. But when you're not you're earning your bread. Building your empire. Making that green.


What do you do?

I will start. I work for St Louis County in the administration office for 911/Communications. I have a fancy title, but really I just do paperwork and pay the bills etc etc.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Essentially I babysit and make any disgruntled outsiders gruntled again.

I run a pizza place.
JulesAmeel PRO 9 years ago
Student by day...
but for money im a straight up photog! and broke as hell but still manage to pay the bills
GetLex 9 years ago
UMD Student
Digital Arts & Photography

Michaels arts & crafts store
- certified Framer in the Frameshop
brandonransom 9 years ago
I'm an Electronics Technician in the US Coast Guard.

I maintain, repair, and install all manner of electronics, from radios to radars, fathometers to GPS sensors. It's a good job, I learn a lot, and have fun doing it.
whitejade85 9 years ago
I work in registration and insurance verification at St Lukes.
Anna Merritt 9 years ago
I am a photographer of my own business
tina_p0608 9 years ago
Nursing student and Emergency/ Urgent Care Receptionist.
Drew C 9 years ago
oh my, see, and i thought everybody was unemployed like me...

i take pictures, and sleep... maybe someone will start paying me to sleep?
tina_p0608 9 years ago
Drew, if you find someone to pay you to sleep please let me know. I would love to do that.
Hambone Lewinski Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hambone Lewinski (admin) 9 years ago
i make the computers have go
HBRstudios 9 years ago
Teach chemistry and math.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Cellular engineer for ATT. Or, the guy that calls 911 over and over again to annoy the dispatchers as much as I can.
lcarlson 9 years ago
UMD Student
Digital Arts and Photography

I used to live back home each summer and work at good ole Buck's Hardware in Grand Marais, but I'm currently on the job search down here.

I do get the occasional photo-gig though. Those help a lot.
Darin... PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Darin... (member) 9 years ago
environmental, health and safety consultant/trainer, currently negotiating a couple contracts, but not too enthused about either.
oh, and i'm seriously thinking about going back to grad school for a social work or counseling masters in the next year or so. safety sucks! ha!
I'm a stay at home mom to four kiddos and a perpetual student due the fact that I continue to not write my Master's thesis. I also second shoot for another photographer in town and I've booked a couple of weddings on my own for later in the year.
Noreeyay 9 years ago
I work full time for free for SMDC blasting people with radiation in various ways. ;)

Full time student finishing my radiology degree trying to decide on my speciality, mom to 2 rockin kids 9 years apart, coastie wife(=married-single parent), & I make stuff in the 5 minutes in between.
expired_meter 9 years ago
I love all the responses! Shear brilliance.
I make sure the kidz hav worken compooters in the Duluth Skool distrikt
Cindi Carlson 9 years ago
UMD Student
Communications major, Photo minor

I barely work at a laundromat, and I help Drew with weddings whenever I get the chance! :)

I'm job-searching now- graduation is sneaking up on me!
We photograph people, brides, kids, families, pets, buildings, products, food, much, much more. Photography is only 10% of the job, there's marketing; advertising; learning; teaching; book keeping; emailing; drinking; dancing; getting fornickated upon; bill paying; smiling; laughing; singing; many other ings too.
Amanda~Christine 9 years ago
911 Dispatcher :)

Which means I'm really a doctor, psychologist, councilor, educator, secretary, computer tech, repairman...I enter information into national/state-wide/local databases, do broadcasts, contact other law-enforcement agencies, the media, first call, do amber alerts, enter missing people/body parts (lol)/monies/cars/anything with a number on it into the system (or take them out of the system once they're found), find and coordinate landing zones for medical helicopters, set up search parties, do call outs (SWAT, etc), call taxis for dunk people, process warrants, confirm warrants, fax lots of stuff to all sorts of people, talk that drunk guy with a gun to his head out of pulling the trigger....run your license plate, your drivers license, call a tow truck, fill out lots and lots of forms...OH! and in my free time I answer 911 calls :)
mb_wen 9 years ago
I work with a consulting company that suckles from the teat of the Big Oil Companies here in town. I'm a pseudo IT guy, cartographer, mind reader, and happy hour coordinator to make sure the rest of the employees forget about the boss. Sometimes it's demanding... but I haven't found a situation where beer ISN'T the solution.
Mrs HBR 9 years ago
I am a "Jane of all Trades" for a local non-profit foundation which includes just about everything from crunching numbers to troubleshooting computers and equipment to wordsmithing and proofreading.
Hambone Lewinski 9 years ago
Actually, I should just be honest. I'm a very well mannered zombie.

OH! and in my free time I answer 911 calls :) Better you than me, that's too many directions at once. I'll call soon to chat :?)
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
i am a distributor for maurices. i play with clothes. : )

oh and Drew, there are jobs that will pay you to sleep. Some of the area group homes have staff do overnights at the client's house. Pretty much you arrive and the client is getting into bed, you get to sleep, and in the morning you may have to help them make breakfast.

I have some friends who are students and do it and they make fairly decent pay just to sleep. : )
Amanda do you work in Superior or Duluth? My neighbor is a 911 dispatcher here in Superior. I love her. She talked an officer out of giving me a speeding ticket once. ;-)
Amanda~Christine Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Amanda~Christine (member) 9 years ago
Superior...who's your neighbor? :) Most of the officers are pretty nice that way for minor offenses.

And sometimes people do call just to chat!
lcarlson 9 years ago
I'll second on what Nat said about the group homes- I have a few friends who make some bank on that stuff.
expired_meter 9 years ago
I worked at a group home when I first moved back to Minnesota. I had an ever changing schedule with hours that were in OT some weeks and non existent others. It was pretty messed up. I did get paid to sleep sometimes, so that was neat. It was more than minimum wage, but not enough more for some of the things I had to deal with.

I guess its all in what company you work for and what house they put you at.
QuietDelusions 9 years ago
I work for United Healthcare, doing premium billing for groups and individuals. It's not a wonderfully fun job, but I get to work from home, in my pajamas. That's a small slice of heaven.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
I doubt I would get anything done if I worked from home.....
Hambone Lewinski 9 years ago
"I doubt I would get anything done if I worked from home..... "

I am 190,000% more productive at home.

HBRstudios 9 years ago
Jason, so you do a total of 15 seconds of work when not at home during an 8 hour day?
Amanda, my neighbor is Tera P. :-) Her house is right across the street from mine and her daughter is in my daughter Gwen's class.

If anyone is looking for group home work I recommend Duluth Regional Care Center. I worked for them for many years and they are a great company. Their starting pay is quite a bit higher than minimum wage. One of our fellow DPG'ers works for them currently.

I can also tell you who NOT to work for since both my husband and I worked in that field for a long time, but I won't post that info publicly. ;-)
Hambone Lewinski 9 years ago
@HBR, no I do 7.3 years of work each day working at home. Trouble is, that's longer than the average product lifecycle, so I start, complete, maintain and retire a project every day I work at home... and it looks like I did nothing.

By the way, since I'm a professional zombie, I should point out that that's what I do for an UN-living.

Amanda~Christine 9 years ago
Shana, you should ask Terra about her "wife" sometime. :) We spend a weeee bit of time together. I love her to death!
Building manager and administration for Harbor City International School & Freelance Photographer & Musician in the band If Thousands. Single father / home maker.
ae-ae-ae PRO 9 years ago
i have narcolepsy so work hard at Not sleeping.. [pay sucks, btw] might have another job [some day] i dont drink alcohol [19 yrs] in my freetime practice photog [the same three places]
Puggus12 9 years ago
I just found out yesterday that I am going to be a full time nursing student come fall and I work at St. Luke's Urgent Care Main Hospital and then flow to ER when they are busy. Its a pretty fun job somedays.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
I sit behind a computer all day for a construction company. I guess my "title" is estimator/project manager. But really, I'm a paper pusher. ~Boring! The highlight of my day is when I get a really good paper cut. Lol!
Captain Campion 9 years ago
i am a retired Art major from the UW-Superior school of higher drinking and to pay the bills i am a drag kinging gigalo working at SLH as a Facility Assistant in the ER/UC in my spare time .. lol
duluthiscool Posted 9 years ago. Edited by duluthiscool (admin) 9 years ago
Me? I work for a local electrical power producer in their IT department. My specialty is in the are of enterprise computing, messaging, server virtualization, remote computing, and other forms of nerdery. In short, I work hard to pay child support, and legal defense fees in order to not see my children. Wait. That sounds slightly bitter. Based upon false allegations, it's no wonder.

(expired_meter: when are you going to get rid of the grey square head?)
Loren in lakeside 9 years ago
I am a freelance photographer. I originally moved here from Ohio to be a wildlife photographer that was 20 years or so ago. I did well , made a good living shooting photographing wildlife but got bored. Now I do mostly people in the outdoors photography(kayers,mountaineers etc) I work from home and am always looking for assignment work. I started my own photo a day project about 160 days ago and plan to do it for whole year. shooting 7 days a week has both benefits and pit falls.
noxious kettle [deleted] 9 years ago
umd student (digital art and photography)

i donate plasma, which is about a legit a source of income as selling drugs. i also work at target over breaks and in the summer.
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