seitlich 11:06am, 30 August 2007
we are searching for a few new example photos for the throwaway society front page.

Themes are:

- unmasking
- distinction ( poor vs. rich ... )
- consumer behaviour
- environmental pollution


Any Idea for a new criterion? ( post your examples )

Please post your photos in small size / 2 per person per theme!
kamikadse 11 years ago
what about this for
wasting food
Mülltonne / burned bin
_barb_ Posted 11 years ago. Edited by _barb_ (member) 11 years ago
It's hard to post examples with users disabling the html areas and the emo rate comments tool down, but how about this one?

This one's awesome:
Eva the Weaver 11 years ago
It's not the users disabling the html areas. Seems we only get them for our own photos these days. They used to be there (didn't they? - I had started to think I was misremembering) when people had their settings to show "all sizes" (=any Flickr user can download your photos). I don't find anything more tha can be turned on that would give back the html areas.
Miss Misa Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Miss Misa (member) 11 years ago
Environmental/Industrial pollution

pristine lake
kamikadse 11 years ago
very cool photo, thanks Miss Misa!
Mau Alcântara Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Mau Alcântara (member) 11 years ago
What about this one?

Orhan Tsolak 11 years ago
theichibun 11 years ago
Forgotten Bike

Consumer Behavior
seitlich 11 years ago
thanx for participating so far. we are thinking about a contest for the photos on the frontpage. if you can't hold back your ideas, don't be shy, send a flickr mail to the admin team :-)
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