sallysue007 PRO 3:26pm, 23 May 2008
Hi all,

I am facinated by fractals & would love to try, but I just don't know where to start can anyone give me a few pointers please, it would be very much appreciated.
Have a wonderful week-end
Song_sing 10 years ago
After you have spent a few dozen hours trying(and you will want to)
you will realize why nobody answered this so far.
Song_sing 10 years ago
Not trying to be sarcastic, I would have loved some pointers ,
but you did not say what or which program or specific problem you hve.
I may be able to help getting you in the right direction.
jamesleese 9 years ago
Start with the free trial of ultra fractal and do the tutorials and do some googling of fractal equations also get yourself a book on principals of design and save your self a lot of heartache. I hope this helpful. James
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