Chris Juden PRO 10:18pm, 11 February 2008
I've just joined this group - well it seemed like I should - although the only "cycle touring" set I have on flickr yet is my last year's CTC tour of Andalucia. You might like to take a look, especially if you're thinking of riding the highest road in Europe. No, it isn't in the Alps!
mountain man2007 PRO 10 years ago
Yes ,I know the road you mean...although ive yet to ride it .
Nice to have a man of your experience join the group.. we have met Derby many years ago at a DA meeting i think it was...and i bought my first ever cycle map holder from you (and i still use it !!)

We 've also been in contact over touring Southern Spain .
I'll certainly take a look at your Andalucian Tour.
Cheers, Dave Joynson
Chris Juden PRO 6 years ago
More shots of Andalucia just posted, from a slightly less ambitous tour I'm just back from leading.
solstar177040 6 years ago
cool- maybe China next !
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