mountain man2007 PRO 10:03pm, 27 April 2007
I welcome you to join the CYCLE TOURING GROUP.
Landscapes from around the world taken on cycling tours,adventures,holidays etc...
Descriptions too if you have them.
Photos with bikes to feature mainly but if the shot merits inclusion wthout a bike then go ahead. I am a Uk cyclist based in Stoke on Trent , Staffs. England ., enjoying touring Peak District ,Wales, Cumbria,Scotland and the Alps ..enjoy off- road too and ' col-bagging' ( climbing hills ).. I must be mad ...but for every up there is a down !
Ibán Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ibán (member) 11 years ago
I've accepted your open invitation :) and posted a couple of cycle touring pics taken both in Spain ( where I come from) and England (where I live).

Great to see a pool like this, let's keep it up!
mountain man2007 PRO 11 years ago
Thanks for joining the group.. love your pcture of the beer on the beach with the bike ,,,keep on sending in your best shots ,...
Cheeers, Dave.
Dan Hicks PRO 9 years ago
I've posted on my page pictures from "Jaunt with Jim Klobuchar" for 2007 and 2008. (Hopefully will post 2009 in a couple of months.) These are pictures of leisure touring through Minnesota. The group is 120-150 people every year.
Dan Hicks PRO 9 years ago
Posted on my page pictures from the 2009 "Jaunt with Jim Klobuchar", a trip along Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior, and up the Gunflint Trail to Gunflint Lodge.
solcycle 8 years ago
Hi, will take you up on your Group and upload some pics from my last solo tour, trans Australia.
Good to see a group like this, good job.
Mr. Cranky PRO 8 years ago
Seek and ye shall receive. Posted some views of my tours in the Southwest U.S.
E Jennings 5 years ago
We do our touring on a tandem - my shots don't have the bike in unfortunately.
radfoto27 PRO 23 days ago
Have a look at my collection over the years for The Dieppe Raid.. Started in 1972 by that renowned cyclotourist Neville Chanin.
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