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Eulogy for a fallen New Zealand officer 1919

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conner395 is a group administrator conner395 says:

I am grateful to Jim Treversh, Club Administrator of the Police Memorabilia Collectors Club www.pmcc-club.co.uk for permission to quote the following which appeared in an article by Trevor Morely in issue 156 of the PMCC eMagazine on the death in 1919 of Constable Vivian Dudding of the New Zealand Police.

The eulogy at Constable Dudding's funeral was given by Police Commissioner John O’Donovan, who said:-

"The soldier in battle is often liable to be ambushed, but the police officer throughout his whole career is liable to fall into the ambushes which exist in the dark streets and alleys, the burglared dwelling or shop, in the unprepared encounter with the lunatic, the drunkard, the street rowdy, and the domestic disturber. At all times he literally carries his life in his hands."

So very true.
2:22PM, 22 January 2011 PDT (permalink)

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red33a says:

true then; certainly still true today.
67 months ago (permalink)

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