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joe with a camera ADMIN March 22, 2012
*****NEW REQUEST: PLEASE GEOTAG IMAGES SUBMITTED TO THE POOL - this is so that your finds can be easily included in the national recording schemes*****

All the hard work (!) put in to this and the UK Heteroptera groups by their members have led to a website: www,

Have a look on there for advice on identification, but feel free to also post pictures on here. Remember that not all species are identifiable from photographs alone.

Group Description

Froghoppers, leafhoppers, elephanthoppers (ok, I made that one up) - they and their relatives are all welcome here. We'll even allow psyllids and aphids, if you feel that way inclined; in fact, the whole jolly homopteran family is invited. But hoppers are definitely the mopst photogenic.

UK specimens only please, and info on where you found it (region, habitat) is essential - especially which plant it was on. As this group is often a source of records, please ADD GEOTAGS to any photos submitted.

Over the last few years this group has gone from an idle idea by complete beginners to spawning an id website (together with the British Bugs pool on Flickr, which also has contributed to British Bugs), and updating the UK recording scheme. In other words, several of us now know quite a bit, but we still haven't lost the enthusiasm for going out and whacking the undergrowth, and are very glad to help IDing things in the pool.

In total there are something like 500 species of UK Auchenorrhyncha (leafhoppers, planthoppers and froghoppers) and over 100 species of psyllids. We've got something like half of them now, but there are many more to find and photograph - and even the most familiar are very welcome here. Please note, though, that many species are not easily identifiable, even from extremely good photos. In some cases, there's no alternative to dissecting a specimen... but most photos we should at least be able to get to genus level.

Additional Info

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