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Hello everyone

There is a problem here that needs your help. The last person to administer this group has left and as I am the longest serving member of this group the admin has passed to me with a flickr request to run it. I am an admin for other groups already and have no more spare time. Can 2 or 3 members or more volunteer to help the group please? It just need a few visits a week to check the postings are ok and suitable for this group. Thanks Dave please reply to


  • Photographer needed for Short Film

    CREW CALL Director Lindsey Dickings is searching for volunteer photographer/s...

    LindseyMarieDickings9 months ago0 replies

  • Flash gun won't come off my camera??

    My flash gun won't release from my canon 550d is there anyone that can help as I...

    johnnyb0_1816 months ago0 replies

  • For sale

    Clearing out some gear so thought i'd try here before putting stuff on ebay, i'd...

    AndyO.21 months ago4 replies

  • Help taking a picture for me

    Looking for a bit of help with a picture. The image I need will be used as part ...

    BobC4422 months ago0 replies

  • Other groups...

    I believe there is no admin for this group now. If you are not in any other ...

    barry.bridges9632 months ago1 replies

  • Newbie to the group!

    Hi, having recently moved to the area, and only buying my first ever camera at c...

    southupnorth38 months ago0 replies

  • Wednesday 18th sunset

    Did anyone get tonight's sunset. It was phenominal, a once in a year job. The wh...

    BobC4439 months ago0 replies

  • Returning to Barrow

    Having lived in Barrow more than 13 years ago for a decade I've suddenly got the...

    @lifebypixels44 months ago0 replies

  • FREE CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY...Kick Start Your Creative Career

    Fantastic free 7 Day Workshop for Working in the Creative Sector - September 201...

    Kate@Signal45 months ago0 replies

  • Digital Art Photographer to share expertise in barrow - FREE OPPORTUNITY

    I hope you don't mind me posting on your site but I was hoping to let your membe...

    Kate@Signal45 months ago1 replies

  • Meet and Share photo's

    Do any people or groups of people meet up and share their ideas ? Think it woul...

    George Dougan51 months ago7 replies

  • Need a snappy buddy

    I have been interested in photography for years, but struggle getting things rig...

    Adrian Boustead ( Adi )54 months ago2 replies

  • New to the scene!

    Hey guys, there's a lot more photographer in barrow than I thought! I must say t...

    ScottLewis200954 months ago2 replies

  • elo

    hi every 1 new here ,ive put couple of pics up .advice wanted cheers frank

    blueboy196457 months ago2 replies

  • Furness Peninsula or more ????

    Just wondering what everyone thought about the extent of area this site covers, ...

    THE HAPPY SNAPPERS FLICK'R58 months ago6 replies

  • Barrow Carnival

    Did anyone watch Barrow Carnival? If you did what did you think of it?

    Elysia in Wonderland58 months ago0 replies

  • Harvey Dogson Furness Photos

    Hi, i'am Harvey Dogson of Newbiggin/Baycliff , a long time photographer of ove...

    Harvey Dogson62 months ago2 replies

  • Keswick to Barrow Walk

    Hi all, I've just set up a new group for Keswick to Barrow walk photos from o...

    Glenn Chapman69 months ago0 replies

  • Hi folks

    Hello everyone, Hope you don't mind if I rejoin you...

    Kev Wheeler72 months ago0 replies

  • someone here could do this!!!

    have a look its basically a travelguide being written when they get enough info ...

    Kitenutuk80 months ago1 replies

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