MuteEarth 1:24pm, 7 March 2012
I live in NYC and love taking photos of the city. I'm visiting to Fargo in a month. Any suggestions for great spots to take photos? My style:

Thanks for your help, Fargo Experts.

Around downtown, especially on the fringes. There's a steel plant on the corner of NP Ave and 2nd Street in Fargo, An out of use power plant on Woodlawn in Moorhead. Also the west side of downtown has gone through less revitalization and, to me, is more interesting to photograph. Along the river or train tracks are also good places. Hope that helps!
Also, there are rapids near the old Moorhead Power Plant, that are almost always free of ice during the winter.
MuteEarth 5 years ago
Very cool. Thanks. I will make sure to check those out when I come!
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