tubes. PRO 12:09am, 31 March 2007

The Minneapolis City Council is looking at cracking down on graffiti by tightly regulating spray-paint sales.

A council committee has adopted an amended ordinance that would require Minneapolis retailers to keep closer tabs on who's buying spray paint, paint sticks and broad-tipped markers.

City officials see graffiti as a link to gangs and violence.

But retailers balked last year at a council proposal to require them to lock spray paint in cabinets.

Under the amended ordinance, retailers would have to ask for an I-D when selling spray paint to young people.

The full Council takes up the ordinance on March 30th. Enforcement would begin this summer.
im sure all graffiti will stop if this goes into effect.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Not all of it, but this is a bunch of bullshit. They will never stop graffiti.
MPLS LE Posted 11 years ago. Edited by MPLS LE (member) 11 years ago
What a waste of government as this will not effect any of the surrounding communities, such as, Bloomington, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Brooklyn Park, Anoka, Crystal, New Hope, Golden Valley, Edina, Mendota Heights, etc. (It is known that most of these suburbs have a Home Depot, True Value, Menard's or Lowe's: One or the other, sometimes all.)

So, get the rollers out everyone!!!
heart on my piece 11 years ago
this wont change anything. it will only make people steal more paint rather than buying it
noirkiss3 11 years ago
people buy paint (LOL)
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Yeah, it might put a little of a damper on things but not really. It's only in effect in Minneapolis, They don't think. Graffiti is not only in Minneapolis it's everywhere. St. paul is right next to MPLS and there is writing there also. Everywhere around the TC.
i buy paint. but im not really "up" like most others.
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
You mean you don't steal it hoodies? Wow man. Not cool. Not cool. You should really be stealing it. Buying paint (or anything for that matter) is for suckers. Only then can you call yourself a true writer. Because theft is what street art and graffiti is all about. Theft and vandalism. And killing puppies. Lots and lots of puppies.
maybe i can make paint from stolen dead puppies?
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
Now you're using your head.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Puppies??? wickedly oddly wierd. I went to Wet Paint yesterday, but I got there a half hour late so they were closed.
pilbox87 11 years ago
they've required id here and there, off and on, for years. for paint and markers. i think that the truth behind that move is to appear that they are doing something to stop graf, therefore making those voters and taxpayers happy. graf is about getting over, and stealing shit, and doing illegal painting. i stole shit as a younger, but i've met many straight up kings that don't rack their paint. i don't rack paint or markers or whatever. and as a general rule, don't rack shit from small business. if you don't like their business practices, don't shop there. there is such a surplus of materials to be had that i don't feel i need to. well, maybe stuff like postage stickers, but thats sorta "free" anyways.

i do believe that anyone that claims to write grafitti, or claims to be a street artist should do it illegally for the most part. it is what it is.
BLONK 11 years ago
hoodies you can steal my paint if i can steal yours. then we can keep on a rockin with all the cool people. and i also know some one who has a litter of puppies we can steal just for fun.
S.E.D. Posted 11 years ago. Edited by S.E.D. (admin) 11 years ago
H.O.M.P. - I believe Tubes was being sarcastic...
heart on my piece 11 years ago
yea i know he was being sarcastic.
pilbox87 11 years ago
tags are the root of grafitti. without them the tree would never have grown. i understand that many people don't like it, but again, it is what it is. i don't believe that street art would have become what it is without grafitti. i think the debate between the two is pretty tiresome, but i don't think street artists or folk that claim to like grafitti should be dissing tagging. just sounds a little ignorant.
S.E.D. 11 years ago
Maybe he said what he sed because he's looking at the end result of what writers / artists put up on the street rather than the means.

Example: Maybe not all writers rack...Does that make their tags / art / throwies / whatever any less meaningful?

I guess the same could go for wheat pastes and such. How do I know if you made the paste yourself? Does it matter if you printed your piece at work, on the 'Man's' pretty penny, or at home? (Cuz I wouldn't be able to tell either way.)

Every piece I see on the street stands alone, without the artist beside it, on walls that advertisers want, with words and art no one has control over. They just like it or they don't or they think "hey! such'n such is still up."

This topic can get beat to death but I for one do not believe Tubes should get that same beating over an argument / topic that was hashed out months ago.
BLONK 11 years ago
i agree agree with pilbox somewhat. it is the root to american graffiti. but just because you like to listen to hardcore metal doesnt mean you should enjoy mozart or even black sabbath. but you should recognize the part it plays in the history of the art. different strokes for different folks.
BLONK 11 years ago
indeed s.e.d.
pilbox87 11 years ago
exactly. i don't think people should get dissed for doing street art and not liking tags, or not playing into the history of graf. i love whats going on now. i'm stoked to see tubes shit, and hoodies (found my very own hoodies sticker the other day), 27, ect. i used to get reamed for being pro european graf. the argument will likely never end. i would've lost interest long ago if it had just stayed the way it started. it should be a agree to disagree thing...
BLONK 11 years ago
noirkiss3 11 years ago
I can see arguments for and against racking. In the end getting up is bottom line, not how the tools were aquired.
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
For the record, I respect the history of graffiti and understand street art derived from it and my problem isn't tags, it's sloppy, tags. The ones that have no style that look like a 1st grader wrote them. But I don't do tags so I'm no authority and that's another argument that's been done for while now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
noirkiss3 11 years ago
I think there is a huge irony in graff, and most subcultures, in that they espouse being anti-mainstream but then get pissy when you don't follow their rules. I think the beauty of the street art movement over the graff tradition is that it is much ,more free form. I love the history of graff, but when I started doing my characters, heads dissed me for not doing letters. I think creativity is the key.
As for tags, i love them. But not every tagcan be a Matisse. There is a pic someone posted in this group of a tag I did that makes me cringe. Sometime people are fucked up, or tired or interrupted. At least they tried, beats talking about some work you'll never do.
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
I'm talking about consistently bad tags, not someone having an off day. I've never see a TRILL tag that looked like it took any practice, have you?
noirkiss3 11 years ago
Do you mean they are effortless?
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
TRILL is'nt that good but I'm not going to diss on him, The only people I diss on are DUI, LST, ASH, YOUNG, DTC.
trill is terrible. but it makes me laugh.
heart on my piece 11 years ago
trill is dope because he dosnt care. i love seeing his tags
my sentiment exactly.
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
Well personally, I don't think not caring about what you do is really a good trait.

"Shit doc, you forgot to put my spleen back in!"
"Yeah, I don't care."

But anyway, we're way off topic. It'll be interesting to keep tabs on what happens with this paint sales thing. God forbid anyone in Minneapolis under 25 wants to paint their bike or their... um... radio flyer. I don't know. What the hell else do you do with spray paint anyway?
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
Oh yeah, in the spirit of Google's quote of the day, I'm going to stop criticizing others, even if I don't like them.

I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, "I wanna grow up and be a critic."
- Richard Pryor
DR. LIME GREEN 11 years ago
trill keeps it trill.
im sure hes a nice guy and everthing but you get better the more you do it.. i put up alot of wack tags in 2000 and i still see them around...
puts a smile on my face that i never gave up..
writters never die..
tubes is right though you should work on your style first unless you want to get popped by the fuzz for some wack tags...
you will regret it later in life...
that shit sticks on your record and only 500 bucks is a felony..
not worth it to me but hey.....
i had to learn the hard way.
we used to go through 2 notebooks a day just practicicing tags and throw ups..
i highly suggest it..
but im only one man i dont speak for all.
droppin some knowledge.
eleventh wonder 11 years ago
everyones gotta start somewhere... I hope trill doesn't read this shit though.... trill, if you are reading this.... your cool in my book.
im pretty sure trill wouldnt be reading this, hes from madison.
p...kin...e 11 years ago
trill is pretty weak, but everyone here knows who he is, so that's sumpthin. now, ppl like n8 and mike gould are so weak they deserve a whoppin...they get up just to be assholes, trill and kids like that i think are at least trying to some degree even if they ain't that good...
p...kin...e 11 years ago
ps - i was at the mpls home depot this weekend and saw all that paint locked away, it was so weird...
i think the charm of trill if you can call it that, is that its seemingly purposely bad. kinda like a b movie. if that makes sense.
eleventh wonder 11 years ago
you only watch it cuz theres nothing else on?
haha, no. theres a certain quality to b movies that makes up for what they lack. i think that trill's tags embody that. like it sucks but you love it anyway because it is unapologeticly bad. maybe that makes sense?
pilbox87 11 years ago
from what i've been told, trill is down for the mental end and the history. i don't really know tho. look at those birds hatching out of the eggs that 27 did at first. who would've known then that he'd be good now. i think its worse when someone tries to go straight to a wildstyle before learning anything. but then, i still like to revisit punk chicken-scratch. i think it was subway art that spoke of making your tag nice before ever putting it up. i don't think hardly anyone ever does that. i agree with the piles of notebooks...
heart on my piece 11 years ago
i think dry erase boards are better than notebooks cause you actually get practice at writing on a wall opposed to writing flat on a desk or table or somthing like that..

plus you save an unbelivable amount of paper
thats a really good idea, never would have thought of that.
pilbox87 11 years ago
theres the wacom tablet too...
BLONK 11 years ago
yeah i need to hit the notebooks or dry erase board some more. if you guys want to see some lame ass tags go down nicollet and look at the ones i did recently. oh man. i just wasnt all there i guess. and even my stencils dripped.. so i started drawing really big shrimp. i had fun tho. and caught a cold.
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