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ASK ONE! 1:37am, 20 March 2007
How do you make your own mop and a marker? and does anybody know where the mall is that sells spanish montana in it down in Minneapolis or St. Paul?
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
And one more thing I forgot to ask, Where can you get glass etching markers, and is there a place that sells cream around the cities?
i dont think anywhere sells montana here. there used to be a place, but it went out of business.

mops are just shoe polish with ink or paint in it i think.

check this group
heart on my piece 11 years ago
do you know of a place that sells montana?
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Not around here, but I got my Montana from
i was asking heart on my piece.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Ah... I see.
heart on my piece Posted 11 years ago. Edited by heart on my piece (member) 11 years ago
to the best of my knowledge you cant buy it anywhere around here anymore.. i wish balance was still around. that place was easy to rack from.
thats what i thought, just thought id check as i know you know more about this stuff than i do.
noirkiss3 11 years ago
Go to Michaels for the mop top, empty it and fill with "one shot" paint or black "griffin" shoe pollish. Wear gloves when filling with one shot and keep a window open as it is toxic.

as far as Montana goes, great paint but the people that usually sell it are not the kind of companies I rack from.
one shots fantastic.
DR. LIME GREEN 11 years ago
wet paint on grand ave. sells montana.
balance was hella easy to rack from...esp. at 9 bucks a can.
thanks for the heads up.
noirkiss3 11 years ago
glass etch or bath etch can be had at most michales
bought 3 cans of montana at wet paint. expensive but hopefully worth it.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
How much was one can of montana, and what other paints do they carry there hoodies?
BLONK 11 years ago
did they have a good spectrum of colors hoodies?? i just got like 10 more cans of rusto and found a guy at HOME DEPOT that will basically open the gate and let me rack the aerosol paints . i thought that was pretty funny. he seems like a cool guy but i just cant trust him quite yet.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
I just went to wet paint today and all they have is MONTANA GOLD, $8 bucks for one can, I picked up 3. And yeah they have a pretty good spectrum in my opinion.
pilbox87 11 years ago
ouch. if you're not into rackin, seek out mural commissions where you overstate the paint needed (the business can write off, and often finds your high number not so high), and therefore have leftover paint.
BLONK 11 years ago
thats how you do it. i call it legal rackin. everyone is a winner.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
I'm into racking paint, That's how I started when I was a graffiti groupie, I used to go get 4 cans every night from the hardware store by me, all rusto. So I'm into racking, It's just when I get montana there's no where to rack it from the stores that sell it. Unless somehow you got to know a couple people there and over a bit of time they let you come in there with a couple massive boxes and let you take as much paint as you could carry with you. That would be extreme, I would be in heaven.
stealing is cool.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Yeeaah! very cool, I got really good at it in a short period of time. It's not hard and you don't have to pay for stuff.
heart on my piece 11 years ago
DR. LIME GREEN 11 years ago
i rack my moms cigs out her purse...
no montana in there though.
wet paint has a store in phoenix az.
you can order monatana for 4 bucks a can if you want to swoop a bunch and the rusto. is 2 bucks!!!
now thats a steal..
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Ha ha, Nice.
BLONK 11 years ago
oh yeah, i am stealing the computer i am using right now!! haha catch me if you can suckers
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