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  • lens

    i wan to buy nikon 70-300 non vr for my nikon it good for me??i m a ne...

    shahed_hossen@ymail.com3 weeks ago4 replies

  • 70-300 vs. 70-300 ED VR images?

    Hi, I have the plain 'ole 70-300 4/5-5.6 G model and would like to know if it...

    Samuel Barr Photography4 weeks ago12 replies

  • AF Fine Tune

    Has anyone tried Calibrating the 70-300 VR on a D7000 . Did it require some AF f...

    boyputik8 months ago2 replies

  • Is the 70-300 a vacuum cleaner ?

    Started shooting at no lower than f8 and suddenly it has become my favorite lens...

    gyzfr623 months ago0 replies

  • 70-300 as a portrait lens

    I haven't seen anyone else mention this here, but the 70-300 (mine's a G) takes ...

    martinnicholls26 months ago18 replies

  • What's a good companion lens for my 70-300


    Tom Irwin OCCA28 months ago7 replies

  • Help!

    I have a Nikon D3100 that I use with the 18-55 kit lens and a 50mm AF with manua...

    Millie ♥28 months ago2 replies

  • 70-300D ED vs 70-300 AF-S G VR comparison

    Does anyone own both lenses? How about a comparison/review with image samples...

    Nikola Vukićević31 months ago0 replies

  • please help - is there an aftermarket collar for this lens?

    I use this lens mostly hand-held, but sometimes I would like to use it on a trip...

    Pavel M37 months ago2 replies

  • 70 300 vr refurbished price going up

    I just noticed that Adorama shows their refurbed 70 300 vr as no longer availab...

    Rob ~40 months ago0 replies

  • Please 70-300 vr and the nikon D40

    I have a D40 and I would like to purchase a 70-300 vr lens. Do you think the pic...

    50teeslady43 months ago13 replies

  • Fireworks Advice

    I took this picture with my nikon 70-300. I did use a tripod. What settings s...

    Pixelated Alchemy44 months ago1 replies

  • Help - Having Trouble adding photos

    Hi - I've just tried adding some photos but have received a reponse saying that ...

    RIG...13..48 months ago0 replies

  • 18-200 VRII vs 70-300VR

    I currently have the the 70-300, but i am thinking about selling it and buying t...

    JNTJR51 months ago5 replies

  • Lens Extenders?

    I'm considering getting a lens extender, so I have a few questions: First, is...

    Kingdom Animalia51 months ago1 replies

  • do I need a filter on 70-300g

    Hi Folks, Good day I am new to this group and just bought a 70-300g non vr...

    nic-yhf54 months ago4 replies

  • does anyone know if this

    Does anyone know if this lens will work with a d60? I have found conflicting ...

    szollman1960 months ago3 replies

  • new group

    ian_lamb60 months ago0 replies

  • Nikon 70-300 vs Sigma 70-300 Macro

    Are they similar enough to make macro the only real difference? Or do you think...

    nexus661 months ago3 replies

  • Sweet Spot

    Hi, A newbie here. I have a D80 + 50mmf1.8, 18-55VR and 70-300G (Non VR) len...

    Upul R63 months ago8 replies

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