habeebee PRO 12:38pm, 15 September 2013
Hi all,

I offered Németh Szilvia to help clean and moderate the pool a bit. It's been a great group, but in recent times a lot of photos had been getting in that don't fit the group description. I've now started cleaning the recent submissions from pictures of the Chain Bridge, Castle Hill, Fishers' Bastion etc, and will regularly check in to keep them out going forward.

I hope this will encourage those of you who liked and contributed to this group with great photos to keep submitting your work and new people to join!

The group's goal remains the same:

"Please forget the usual tourist images of Budapest. Only show those moods and details of the city that are left out of guidebooks and were never shown on postcard. So forget the the Halászbástya...and go for the real feeling of Budapest."

Do contribute photos that highlight "interesting details, places, people shot in a creative, artistic way that shows a little from the magic and atmosphere of this city. More emotion, less precision... Find the right subject and please play with the angles, textures, colors, composition to create a poetically unique slice of Budapest reality."
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