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carissa.thomas ADMIN March 15, 2007
These are beautiful echinoderms! Thanks everyone - keep them coming!

Also - if you have photos of other phyla, you may want to check out these groups: Annelida, Arthropoda, Cnidaria, Mollusca, and Porifera!

Group Description

Echinoderms - the Spiny Skinned animals.

Asteroidea - Sea Stars ("Starfish")
Holothuroidea - Sea Cucumbers
Echinoidea - Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars
Ophiuroidea - Brittle Stars , Basket Stars
Crinoidea - Feather Stars

Keywords: Echinoderm, echinoderms, echinodermata, Sea star, starfish, starfishes, brittle star, feather star, basket star, "Sea star", Sea Cucumbers, Sea Cukes, Sea Urchins, Urchin, Sand Dollar, Heart Urchin, Taxonomy

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Sea Stars or Starfish

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