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Everyone is really starting to add and overcoming fear of taking photos. I love it! Just have fun with it. Go where you want to go and not where you're afraid to go. We're all human! Jump in at any time. Remember, 100 shots!


  • Keep it Going!

    I am loving getting to know you all better! SO FUN!

    possible tentages ago3 replies

  • Loving this!!

    I know it's just day two of moo. (Hey that rhymed...) Anyway, I'm really e...

    serious rootages ago3 replies

  • Just Do It!

    C'mon, you can do it. Who cares, right? Just take a photo. Doesn't have to be AL...

    possible tentages ago6 replies

  • Day 1

    So, do you need something to get you started? Just keep watching what others sho...

    possible tentages ago0 replies

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