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iWho? ADMIN November 25, 2007
Wow! Goodness, we have had a sudden surge in the membership of the group. Welcome all new members and thank you for the continued participation of old members.

The diversity of the 'specimens' too continues to grow! Keep it up!

All the best, Stephen

Group Description

This is a group dedicated to photos of antiques and buildings (etc.) that demonstrate how well things used to be made. Whether it shows a high quality of craftsmanship (note wonkiness is a norm, not a flaw) or consideration for its aesthetics.

A lot of manufacturing and construction in the 21st century is centred around price rather than quality or appeal. Consider a modern door hinge and compare it to the ornate mastery of ironwork that you often find on old doors.

The themes are unlimited but to give you an idea: Corinthian (or other Classical) pillars, mullioned windows, penny farthing bicycles, old tools and even cameras would be very much welcome. Reproductions or contemporary creations are acceptable as long as they too demonstrate quality craftsmanship. You can post a contemporary opposite to this ideal if it contrasts with another posting.

Essentially, if it strikes a nostalgic cord with YOU, it's probably perfect!

Oh, and we all love a comment don't we ; )

[Posting limit of 3 photos per day]

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  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
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