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Dragonhide 9:06pm, 12 April 2007
Sexy Swedish Babe Eye Protection

Hello. Jallen Dragonhide checking in.

Today April 12, the day I happen to start my photo diary, is my 35th birthday. Blah.

I'm not sure what to say at the moment- I never do at first in "intro" topics.

So, Hi.


Sometimes it's best to don your peril sensitive goggles and just charge full speed!!

*UPDATE!* I will be wrapping this diary up in a day or so, but all my NEW 2008 posts are here:
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Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago

That's me at work making this post. :)
Dragonhide 12 years ago

Those that are easily offended by messy clutter you have been warned!
drab chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
happy birthday jallen!! i think you're just exactly what the diary group needs -- new blood! new intrigue! new solemnity and new weirdness! huzzah
Lalalian 12 years ago

Happy birthday {:->
MarySesami 12 years ago
Happy Belated Birthday! And Welcome to the group!
MarySesami's 2007
bunæn Posted 12 years ago. Edited by bunæn (member) 12 years ago
All this time, it just didn't seem right that you were not here.

bunaen: I resolve to eliminate all procrastination and regret from my life.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Wow, thanks for the warm welcome!

Been a nutty day, I forgot my camera today, so I'll have to scrape something up before bed :)
drab chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
you'd better! the diary fairy is strict
Ladybadtiming 12 years ago
yep do that, guy
this is a very rigorous group !
welcome and happy B by the way

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
Yabbered (like usual) in someone else's journal and realized it should have been in here.... Sorry Bunaen :)

Side effect of a series of creativity spurts is often a severe case of insomnia.

I had a very nice hour long snooze in the doctor's waiting room waiting for my bro to get checked out (He's OK.. a bit of a scare, but they call it allergies.. whatever.)

I probably snored like hell.

Now I'm ready to conquer something, something.. Not sure what.

I'll figure it out.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
RE: Picture---

Well actually I forgot my camera-phone thingy- they're awesome for quickies.

So, I was gonna post some sort of a smartass retort to the dairy fairy deal, so I whipped out my dSLR.. TAKE THAT!!

*flicking power lever... flick... flick... shake.. shake*

Problem is, my freaking batteries is in the charger at home.

I feel so inadequate now.
drab chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
the world!
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Be glad that that's all Friday the 13th had for you--camera-gremlins makin' mischief.

Oh, welcome and bonne année!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
bunæn 12 years ago
That picture of you up at the top is awesome, no matter what anyone says. And the real unlucky day is Sunday the first. A Friday the thirteenth almost invariably follows.
Яick Harris 12 years ago
Welcome and Happy Birthday!
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Jallen Dragonhide not wanting to be a slacker so early on only his SECOND day of 2007 daily photo diary hurries home!

*rips the battery outta the charger and jams it into the camera*

"I'm gonna prove I'm no lazy ass slacker!"

*Pulls a photo outta his ass barely before midnight of the THIRD day rolls in....*

Dragonhide 12 years ago
Wow, I don't often look at my own ass... who does, yanno?

Just noticed that my 3 year old mountain biking injury is STILL noticeable! I guess I should explain briefly-

Long story very short (abridged version for another time :) ) I flew head first over the handlebars when I mis-timed a boulder hop on the trail and crashed into it. I flipped mid-air and landed right on my ass on a painful babyhead. (babyhead is an unfortunate MTB term for rocks the size of.. uh baby heads)

An ER visit, MRI scan and 3 years later, that funny lumpy stuff on the top of my right pocket area remains.

I can tell when it's going to rain. My ass hurts. You should see the faces of people when I say, "MmmMmm My ass hurts, it must be about to rain."
Sexy Swedish Babe 12 years ago
*smacks that ass

here's for being messy!

*smacks it again

*adores order (and giving them)
Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
April 14

Just keeping an eye out for all my flickr buddies....

OoOOo Sandra! *messes up his desk some more* haha!

Actually, I'm doing some spring cleaning... I'm a chronic disorganized person who would love some order... I've done it many times, "rebooted" the lifestyle only to slip back...

One of the days I'll get it yet...

*achoo* all the dust from cleaning up down here in the dungeon!

My mad scientist computer lab is in my basement, and it's next to my wife's horse riding gear... so one can imagine all the dust generated from farm stuff.

My goal is to capture a lab that I'm not embarrassed to post on flickr... haha
drab chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
i like big butts and i cannot lie.
Lalalian 12 years ago
LOL! Glory, now that's gonna be stuck in my head all day...
Dragonhide 12 years ago
You think green corduroy pants makes my ass look big? Oh no!!!

bunæn 12 years ago
Wow, I don't often look at my own ass... who does, yanno?

Well, apparently the people that count do--Sandra and Missy, and Lala.
Lalalian 12 years ago
Richard Cheese is the best {:->
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 15

Now for a real look behind the curtain of Jallen Dragonhide's life

This is what I wake up to. With my head on that foofy pink pillow, looking Eastward to greet the morning, with our horses munching their breakfast.

The land looks like shit- it rained like 2 or 3 inches last couple days, and that plus horses equals a mudbath :)

The black mass near upper right is the riding arena- topped with recycled plastic electrical insulation. Awesome stuff, always stays springy and never compacts like sand or fine gravel does. Never has wet spots since it drains immediately, and weeds hate it. It's something like 120x80 feet.

Just a snapshot- a slice out of my everyday life.

Now, I've gotta do something about this goddamn tax thing... Good thing I got an extension. I'm such a disorganized scatterbrain about crap like that.

ps: This is what I am kinda referring to being deep in the bush. :)
Dragonhide 12 years ago
So I fell asleep "watching" my kid play the GameCube... (I hate those one player only games... No fun for Dad!)

A couple hours later I bolt up wide awake.. the house's dark.

I HATE that. I hate falling asleep when I've got big plans, and I hate waking up to a dark house when it was all lit up and lively *just a few minutes ago*.

It makes me grumpy.


I should go back to bed I guess.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 16

Just saw on breaking news.. Virginia Tech... Someone went on a rampage and killed at least 22 people...

Shit. I'm from Virginia and I have many many friends that graduated from there, and some are on staff there.

I hope they're okay.

drab chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
i just saw it too. holy fuck
BellaGaia 12 years ago
Hey there.... Welcome -- my first visit to your page. Yesterday was awful. I was reading down your stream all set to have fun and then settled on the last post -- not so much fun to be had after that. Glad to have you in the group -- I've seen you over at SSB's looking forward to seeing more of your pix :-)
BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Hey there BellaGaia :) Thanks for stopping by!

Yeah that last post was a damper.. I should have followed up with something lighter- since life does fortunately go on. I'm so sorry for these folks at VA Tech. I'm fortunate I haven't lost anyone I know in that tragedy, well- that I know of so far... My heart goes out to them all. :(
Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
April 17

Deep, deep in the bowels of a secret facility in a nondisclosured location (am I redundant, am I?) where top secret nefarious plotting go on.... deep, deep underground in a concrete bunker

I risked my life capturing this with my secret spy camera. Identifying markings have been pixelated out to protect my life.

Naw, today was a boring day in the day of an IT guy.
Welcome to the group. Yes, yesterdays news was devastating.
I look forward to hearing more about your life with those horses.
( A Gypsy Outdoors)
bunæn 12 years ago
If I had a basement I would build a wicked cool fort. And I would decorate the walls with cool magazine covers.
BellaGaia 12 years ago
look!! he had to blur out the computer screen.... good thing.... if we saw it he'd have to kill us.....
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Aha Bunaen, now I know what my upcoming diary photo is going to be of! Thanks! :-)

BelleGaia you speak truth. It was also to protect myself- I would have to crack open my implanted cyanide tooth and swallow otherwise.
bunæn 12 years ago
It was just goatse
ParaScubaSailor 12 years ago
<Shocked look on face>Goatse! You mean THE Goatse ? Buns!!!</Shocked look on face>

I saw a good one on BoingBoing a few days (weeks?) ago.

Hey Jallen! Good start of a diary. Great to have you in here. I'm sure MY clutter is bigger than yours (na, na-na-na, na...)
Dragonhide 12 years ago
dammit bunaen, I'm trying to forget all about the phenomena of the great almighty Goatse!

And no this is NOT the server of the said site, it's NOT!

*Cracks open cyanide tooth & swallows*

Hey parascubasailor! Thank you, I'm pleased to have discovered this place. :)
bunæn 12 years ago
Hahah. Most of the people I work with, if they could find the right doctor, would have their lips sewn to their bosses' ass.
BellaGaia 12 years ago
did you figure out how to count comments ?
sunshinecity 12 years ago
Oh the exciting like of a secret IT guy!!!

I'm sorry to hear your ass hurts when the weather changes... though I will admit that did make me chuckle!!

Welcome to this fun, crazy group... better late than never right??

~ a picture, a story
Sexy Swedish Babe 12 years ago

*inspects the clutter


no spanking today, mister. keep it up or you'll be bruised badly.
drab chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
lmao. the ssb is tough
Dragonhide 12 years ago
For some reason I'm feeling like a butt of the joke.......

Anyway, my ass doesn't hurt today, so it's poised to be a beautiful day in spring. I'll be traveling waaaay into the backwoods today to visit a school district that we service.

It is about a hour and half drive on all backroads, sometimes gravel, mostly rural highway. One of their campus- an alternative school, cannot be reached when it rains heavy, the river floods and overflows over the only bridge entry point.

It's a strange place, Lesterville, MO. It is so far in the middle of nowhere, one wouldn't expect anything but tobacco spitting butt scratching hicks.

Lesterville does have that, but... it also is home to a very viable artistic community & vacation resort. Their #1 industry is tourism, since they're situated along Black River, part of the National Scenic Riverways protected by the Government.

They're also much more technology advanced with their IT (which I am very pleased to play a major part of :) ) than their peers that one would find in more urban areas.

Anyway, I best hit the road. I'm hoping to have some spiffy photos when I get back. :)
Sexy Swedish Babe 12 years ago
You better.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
*looking at floor* Yes Madam!
CollardGreens 12 years ago
Allow me to add a late welcome to the group - I see you are making nice with the locals...good idea ! Keep it up - very entertaining !

CollardGreens: Oops !
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Thank you CollardGreens.

It wasn't so hard- I have been haunting a lot of these people's photostream for a long time harassing them.. Then I found this, and found them all together in one convenient package. How cool is that?


I'm not home yet, but, I think you'll like some of my nipple shots, Sandra I'll be posting in a bit, from my travels today.......
MarySesami 12 years ago
I understand what you mean about knowing when it is going to rain. I have the same thing, well not my bum, it is my knee. I hurt it rollerskating when I was a kid and now it hurts when it is going to rain.

Love the horse picture.

MarySesami's 2007
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Thank you Mary!

I think having a knee that hurts with weather changes is even worse.. you NEED your knees to move around... Besides, it's not as humorous, and doesn't seem to make people laugh. I know this because I have a bum knee too.

In fact, I think people are happy I hurt my ass, a change of subject.

Kidding of course.... maybe. :-)
Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
April 18



I passed by this school district today. It's a huge series of concrete domes that is in use as a Kindergarten-12 grade school buildings.

Around here it's affectionately (?) known as "Hooters-ville"

The story goes that the school board was so enamored by the whole concept of domes from the engineers who made the bid for the job... That they failed to factor in a budget for the finishing touches. You know, power wires, interior walls, plumbing, those little stuff... ha!

So, they ran out of money shortly after concrete was poured. The first couple of years, all they had was a nearly empty concrete dome with hardly any interiors.

It always pays to finetooth any contracts one signs.... lest they be left with something as visibly embrassing as this was.

It's not so bad now, I got to tour the inside when they were nearing completation of the interiors, and it was really neat.

But man, I'll be damned if it doesn't look like a pair of boobs.
Sexy Swedish Babe 12 years ago
I approve.
bunæn 12 years ago
I hope those edifices don't slide off into the canyon in about 30 years.

Come to think of it, my knee that was injured in a motorcycle wreck hurts when the weather changes too. The trouble is, it is a subtle change in the ambient air pressure, humidity, and temperature that does it. So it is useless for predicting anything but a truculent mood on my part for the next few weeks or so.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 19 (minus 45 minutes)

I'm in monitor calibrating hell. I took this well before midnight, so it still qualifies.. But anyway.

On some monitors, this looks as I intended, on other, it looks like a kindergarten cut and paste job with a dull scissor.

I work in front of two computers, one is usually my communications and web browsing machine, and another is my media creation machine. My media creation machine is obviously much darker than my other monitor. The background looks beautifully black on the monitor I created on.. But not on the other monitor Ugh.

I'll mess around with it some more in photoshop and get what I'm after...

But for right now, I just wanna go to bed- and post at least something. :)

Oh, 25 second exposure @ 22mm F/6.3 ISO 800. This is not a clone job- but a moving long exposure shot. The only photoshop I did was to "clean" the background up which failed miserably.... Bah, small setback. :)
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Dude! That's is so cool!

Hooters-ville looks like a perky school! =D
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Lalalian 12 years ago
I love your long exposure stuff, Tim.

It's alway so cool {:->
bunæn 12 years ago
Maybe the monitor needs a shot of gamma globulin.

Cool shot. Hard to do. You must have an slr.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
I need to trash my old monitor is what. I got it refurb, and it arrived with the shell cracked open. It's looong in the tooth.

At least that helped me to afford my slr. ;-)
sunshinecity 12 years ago
How awesome ! Looks really really cool!

Hootersville... yeah, not the brightest architectural ideas, but oh well...

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Lalaian- Thanks... and I'm just burning for a poi.... (boo hiss at bad pun) hehe
Lalalian 12 years ago
Haa haa!!

Good one, Tim {:->

I can't wait to see the pix when you get them!!
Lalalian 12 years ago
You could make some you know.

All you need is some aluminium tube, chain, kevlar wick, and something for the handle...
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 21

Cool Kid.

This is my son. we all went to a wedding today. You know how kids enjoy weddings. So, to entertain himself at the reception hall, he figured a sliding trick. Run full sprint, drop to his knees and sliiiiiideeeeeee down the smooth wood floor. He did it probably about 248 times.

I wanted to do that too. At least once. But alas...

Maybe next time we'll sneak into a bowling alley and take turns running & sliding. I'll even bring knee pads.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Lala- I've got chain, and lots of hay twine.. hmmmmmm hehe
sunshinecity 12 years ago
r son sure knows how to party! Tell him next time I'll join in too!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 22
Cooper Profile

Gonna go take my son out fishing. I've been promising him for weeks that I would teach him how to fish.

Trouble is, I don't really know how myself. I know all about going through the whole motion of fishing.. I've done it many times.

But I never catch ANYTHING, except the random underwater weed and stick.

Maybe he isn't cursed like I am.
Lalalian 12 years ago
My favourite bit about fishing is doing all the stuff before the fish jumps on the hook.

Then I just get stressed because I don't know how to take them off...
Dragonhide 12 years ago
I wish fish would jump onto my hook. That's the problem. hahaha

It was SO windy yesterday.. it nearly knocked us over, so we gave up on fishing and flew a kite, and goofed off at the park.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I've never been fishing.... it's one of those things that i always hear of, or see in movies but never consider doing myself.

Great shot of your dog!

~ a picture, a story
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 24

Skipped a couple days... sorry :P Been in a foul mood lately... I think I need a vacation.
Lalalian 12 years ago

I wish I looked that cool when I'm cranky! {:->
sunshinecity Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sunshinecity (member) 12 years ago
lmao @ Lalalian's comment!!

Yep, that's a neat little shot there...
Hope you find a reason to smile soon!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 25
hacked treo 600

Well, my mood did turn even more foul... I was just sitting at my desk plugging along on my day's work as an IT dude. My cel phone sitting at my desk, then all of sudden the hard reset Palm logo comes out of nowhere, and it won't turn off. The phone was frozen.. The paperclip reset hole in the back didn't do anything...

So I bravely charged ahead and took it apart while it was still powered on (power button didnt work either!), and then disconnected the battery.

Then put it back together.

What do you know! It works!

It's nice to occasionally find out I'm not always such an inept moron. :)

ps: For those of you that know I'm Deaf and wondering "WTF is he doing with a phone?!" I use it for web & email and PDA only... :-)
Dragonhide 12 years ago
lala- hahahaha well I can fake it sometimes, not being grumpy.. :)
MarySesami 12 years ago
Those buildings are pretty funny. We have similar buildings around here but I think they are just used for storage.

Love the picture of your son. Look like he is flying with both feet off the ground.

Hope you mood gets better, I have been feeling the same way myself lately.

MarySesami's 2007
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 26

Well, the camera on the celphone still works. And it's still REAL crappy. weeee!
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Hey, now, a Palm pda for a Deaf guy makes a lot of sense to me--especially with how functional they are now. I'm still tryin to figure out the braille at the drive-thru! ;-)
Dragonhide 12 years ago
braille at the drive thru? YIKES!!!!!!!! hahaha

Oh wait. In California, on the freeway they have all those bumpy dots separating the lanes... that's for blind people, right?

I found that rather odd, since you don't see those bumpy dots in places where it snows..(snow plows uproots them) and that's where I always seem to end up living in :)
BellaGaia 12 years ago
These days it seems my phone gets more text alerts than phone rings anyway -- you should get a sidekick, that would be the perfect communication gadget for you -- a lot easier than trying to text on a regular phone.

useless trivia -- the bumpy dots on the highway are called Botts Dots. Do they only have them here?
sunshinecity 12 years ago
those are in case you didn't actually SEE that the lane is ending..... so you can "feel" it under your tires...

Wish I'd have you around to fix things that don't want to comply, over here!
; )

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Yeah, Bella- I like those sidekicks too.. I opted for a Treo though, those thing are infinitely hackable, and I like hacking things until they don't work and then go whoopsie and make it work again. I'm funny that way.

Sunshinecity... *running away* I want this T-Shirt. Then maybe my friends and family will let me do my other hobbies.... haha

sunshinecity 12 years ago
LMAO, I knew I'd get your attention with that remark! Hahahah
= P
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 27
Woah hi what's up eh how's it going huh?  What? No I'm fine!!

WOAH! Hi, hello, What's up! Eh how are YOU? I'mfinethanks oh! Wow, look at that bee, Ah, I need a copy of the password...oh my dog has fleas do you know if.. oh I gotta go pee, BYE!

uhh.. maybe I had too much.

That's one of the things I drink @ work to stay sharp when I'm sick of the morning coffee...

One of the downfalls about being the only one in the company that does all the Internet servers and services... is that the Internet is 24/7.

Excuse me, I think I'm going to.... *falls face down flat on the floor* ...*snore*
ebilflindas 12 years ago
HAHAHA! XTREME stuff like that has always made me laugh, especially after I came across this guy's rant! Like those XTREME-jerks in Harold & Kumar go to White Castle:
Man, that was so totally not extreme...
CollardGreens 12 years ago
Woah ! Extremeness is a malady...an extreme malady...

CollardGreens: Oops!
Dragonhide 12 years ago
I forgot all about that maddox guy!! I used to follow his stuff, EXCELLENT rants, some days I agree completely, some days I want to punch him in the guts. It's all good! Thank you for bringing him back to my attention ebilfindas!!!

Oh, and btw, this particular mix tastes like SHIT. It's bright neon pink and tastes like bright neon pink. Yeech.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 28
Playground Roundtable Discussion: Plotting the global dominance  of evil clowns.

Playground roundtable discussion. We made many important decisions regarding the affairs of the world yesterday.

I'm leaving in a hour or so to go to an international IBM PartnerWorld conference... I'll be back on Wed.

I might get a chance to shoot up my flickr addiction from the hotel, but no promises.

Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
April 29

So, what do I do when I'm out a long way from home at a conference, bored at night?

Go to a show!

I'm not gay, but my friend I went with is, and I've found that gay bars are full of more interesting characters than the boring ol' meat-market bars.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
April 30

Checking in from the conference.... on my BatPad.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
May 1

I drove this $13,000 protype F1 racecar simulator. Mario Andretti was one of the keynote speaker at the IBM PartnerWorld conference I went to.

So, when I was driving in this simulator for my first time, just zooming down the Italian course... I suddenly noticed I had a large crowd behind me cheering me on... they made my friend tell me (I'm deaf...) that I'm about to break the lap-time record on the simulator, and of course that distracted me and I crashed into a wall.

I still came in second despite it.

I think it would be cool if the winner of best lap time could have gone head-to-head with Mario Andretti in those linked simulators (there were two linked together)
Dragonhide 12 years ago
May 2

A Case of Unfortunate Translation?

Dragonhide 12 years ago
Anyway I'm back home now. :)
noxious bulb [deleted] 12 years ago
Yikes. I wouldn't eat it, no way...
sunshinecity 12 years ago
Lol, cock soup? Maybe it's catered to women?? hahaha

The IBM conference sounded fun.... see I knew it that men never get any work done when ever they go to those places!!!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Dragonhide 12 years ago
May 4
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
May 5- Constructin 101

What not to do in construction
Dragonhide 12 years ago
May 6

Water of Life

life water
sunshinecity Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sunshinecity (member) 12 years ago
oh wow!! This is a stunning shot!!
I'd love it if you'd consider posting it in the group Caught in the Act
Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
May 7
Photoshop Kungfu- JerryDonuts  vs Jallen End of Round 3

Ok, I know it's not kosher.. not a photo.. but that's all I did on that day... attempt to kick some ass in a photoshop kungfu battle.
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