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2007 Rebecca

Rebecca... 1:06pm, 20 March 2007
Hi there, I'm Rebecca. I've been meaning to do this kind of thing for ages and found this group on Flickr recently so here we go. Hopefully being part of a group will encourage me to keep it up too. I don't have a good digital camera so most of the pics on here will be pretty rubbish!

I'm 26, live in Newquay, Cornwall. I never make resolutions (because I'm too weak at keeping them) but my aims for 2007 are:

win the lottery.

Failing that:
Stop spending so much
See a dentist
Surf more / better
Take more photos
Be happy!

2007 the story so far:
January - save save save, yawn! Agonise over designs for new surfboard.
February - saw Bloc Party in Bristol, got 1 year older, got lovely new board, went to Morocco.
March - Back at work after holiday :( at least the days are getting longer though.

So that's me so far, now got to put the last week's photos I've been saving up on here...
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Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sat 10 March

10 March 2007

Had my first post-maroc surf today and used my new wetsuit (birthday present from work) today. Wetsuit was lovely & warm so didn't feel so bad getting back in the cold water, but the surf was truly terrible.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sun 11 March

11 March 2007

Surf was still looking unappealing today, so went out to look at new cars for Chris instead. Volkswagen & Seat looking like the favorites.
Didn't win the lottery. Again.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 12 March

12 March 2007

My Lomo arrived today! It's a broken one I got off eBay so I've had to send it away to be fixed, can't wait to get it back and start some lo-fi snapping. Cooked roast dinner tonight, left it too late last night. Was kind of nice actually, I hate mondays.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 13 March

13 March 2007

Sunshine at last this morning. Woke up to find it streaming in through the window, it made these beads on my wardrobe glow.
It's amazing how much more optimistic you feel when it's sunny, I'm going to need it, hard week ahead.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 14 March

14 March 2007

Had a meeting at Camborne this morning so took advantage of being down there and sneaked off for a surf. This is me at work afterwards, absolutely knackered, salt & makeup everywhere. had a rough session but it was really good to be out in some better quality surf.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 15 March

15 March 2007

My desk is under there somewhere...
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 18 March

18 March 2007

Haven't been up to much this weekend, surf's still crap, test drove some cars, failed to tidy the flat for another weekend, didn't win the lottery AGAIN.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 19 March


Well I was going to post a pic of the pattern on the back of our payslips that I've been folding all day today, but we decided to look at the beach on the way home. It's been pretty stormy, 40+mph winds and sleet, but even so I wasn't expecting the sea to look so huge. We went to 'tock while there was still light but I was being blown around so much the pics came out blurry. This is looking down at the north quay, I can't believe the waves were going over the top of it.
ReeBeckiSupergirl 12 years ago
Whoa! Cool waves and I like the nighttime blurriness.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 20 March

hedge / sky

Another day another dollar. After a strangely peaceful & productive day at work we went to see what the sea was doing. I had quite a choice of photos for today, the waves were crashing over the harbour wall again, and I saw a boat with this great name. But it was such a lovely evening of mixed sunshine and sleety clouds I decided on this one. Summer is coming!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 21 March


A delivery of 70s comedy wigs arrived at work today!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 22 March


I moved office today, I'm on my own until our new assistant starts next week, it's a bit weird.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 23 March


Most girls don't like their feet, I do, although they're a bit sore at the moment. I think they just want it to be summer so they can be in the open air.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Well I haven't been able to post for the last 10 days or so for reasons you will soon see, so I've got some catching up to do...
Ladybadtiming 12 years ago
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 24 March


Bad day today. Woke up with really bad pain in my right hand side & ended up in hospital with suspected apendicitus. While I was waiting to go to a ward my dad rang and told me my grandfather had just died. Photo taken by Chris - thank god he was with me.
ReeBeckiSupergirl 12 years ago
Oh! I hope you feel better soon and I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 25 March


Ugh. Being in hospital is awful. I don't want to start a rant on it here, but after being ignored all day Chris & I managed to persuade them to let me go home at 9.30 PM. Haven't got appendicitus!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 27 March


Managed to go for a very short walk in the evening - it was all misty but fresh.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 28 March


Back to work out of sheer boredom - my Holga had turned up woo!
Rebecca... Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rebecca... (member) 12 years ago
Thursday 29 March


4 hour drive back to my parents this evening, these are some mugs I got my mum when I was working at Whittard - the pink is a reject because it was too pale but I like it like that. Really good to see my parents.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 30 March


Grampy's funeral today.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 31 March


Went shooting with Daddy before going to meet Chris in Bristol, was good to spend some time together - my aim's got worse to his relief!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 2 April


Everything's getting back to normal, I'm finally feeling my usual self again. Got this at lunch time, it's way too big for me but I like it.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 3 April


Spring has sprung!
oddityinabox 12 years ago
Pretty bluebells... lovely flower macro's here

Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 4 April


Chris's sister Emma and her boyfriend Jon were waiting for us when we got home, so we went out and got fish & chips by the beach. The town is all geared up for the start of the season this weekend, everything has been repainted and freshened up. We couldn't believe all these lightbulbs at the arcade were working.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 5 April

how do you eat yours?

Last day of work before the Easter break today hooray!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 6 April


I've recently decided I like my new cameraphone after all. I had been carrying my old Nokia N70 around with me just as a camera, but my D900 is actually pretty good for macros so I'm taking lots of close shots. I saw these hairs on Chris's face catching the light and whipped the phone out. He's ill and wasn't best pleased!
daxster78 12 years ago
Interesting perspective, I'm not sure I'd want you snapping photos of my hairs if I was sick either. :-)
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 7 April


Lovely warm & sunny today, and there was a tiny bit of swell so went surfing for the first time in ages. No gloves needed either!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 8 April


Happy Easter!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 9 April

cherry blossom1.jpg

It's been so nice having the last few days off to enjoy the sunshine, now I don't want to go back to work tomorrow! The surf's dropped off to almost nothing after our sessions at Fistral & Watergate yesterday, so today we've just been walking round town enjoying the sunshine and appreciating how lucky we are to live here.
I've seen lots of other pictures of blossom on here over the last week, which inspired me to walk down to Trenance gardens and take this picture of the cherry blossom we've been passing every day.
ItinerArts 12 years ago
I'm envious--it's been gray and rainy here for over a week. Nice cherry tree shot!

Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 10 April


Long day at work today - it was the first day of the new payroll year so I had a lot of repetitve things to do, on top of which I've finally succumbed to Chris's cold.
This is outside the back of our house, I wish my phone could have got it steady, there was something lovely about the way it looked in the dusk light.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 11 April

Blue sky

Another beautiful day today, I was jealous of all the people who were still on holiday as I walked around town on my lunch break.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 12 April


Crazy day at work today, you know when you plan work to get through then so many things come up you just don't have a chance to do what you want. Got my hair cut after work, it really needed it. I wish I could style my hair as good as the hairdresser.
Rebecca... Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rebecca... (member) 12 years ago
Saturday 14 April


Decided not to enter the BLU today as I'm still a bit run down and I was exhausted after an hour of surfing last night. So we went down to Godrevy instead for a freesurf then went along to the BLU to catch up with everyone & see how they were doing.

Correct lottery numbers = 0
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 15 April


Took Yaz out for a surf lesson today - she did really well but was looking a bit more subdued than this after we'd finished!
dda1605 12 years ago
Just discovered your diary and found some great pictures in it. Welcome.
I am sorry for the loss of your grand father and I hope you feel better.
jrayfarm1980 12 years ago
Wow - I swear that your shot of the wooden walk way leading to the beach was taken in southern california. i have a nearly identical picture here!! farm1.static.flickr.com/125/336036867_30965e666a.jpg
ebilflindas 12 years ago
I know you've been here for over a month now, but I notice no one has welcomed you except for LBT, our resident whip-cracker (*thank you, Mum, may I have another?).

So welcome to the group!
I never new there were surf spots over there!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Hey, thanks guys.

And yes, there is lots of surf over here, it's just not that good compared to the rest of the world! I'm trying not to post too many pictures of the surf otherwise this would just be a surf diary..!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 16 April


Another busy day at work, didn't leave the office all day, then was too tired to go for a surf when I got home.
Seeing as I haven't been out much today I thought I'd introduce Geoffry to you. I don't usually name inanimate objects, but when I saw him all wilted & sad in the reduced section of the supermarket I immediately thought that Geoffry should be his name. Now 5 years on he's going strong, and this flower came out two days before Good Friday - he's an Easter cactus so he got it nearly spot on!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 17 April

me & chris1.jpg

Went to the beach after work to check the surf, tide was too high really but there were some people out so we sat in the car and watched for a bit from the top.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 18 April

ooh new shoes

ooh new shoes!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 19 April


It's _still_ sunny! Fingers crossed it lasts til the weekend when I can actually go out & enjoy it...
ItinerArts 12 years ago
I see you're taking advantage ofthe beautiful weather.

Rebecca... 12 years ago
Absolutely, it's times like this that make me so grateful and glad I live by the coast. I moved here from London 2 years ago and it's made such a difference to my life.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 20 April


Went to the Lewinnick for a drink after work, this cheeky seagull just wouldn't give up eating people's leftovers!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 21 April


Went for a walk around one of my favorite spots today before going to see Adrian at Fluid Juice and then driving up to Saunton ready for the comp on Sunday.
It's so beautiful this time of year, the foxgloves violets and bluebells are covering the hedgerows in pink and blue, and these alpines are coming out all over the cliffs.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 22 April


Very busy - up in Devon for the Hotdoggers comp today, came third in the Ladies. Sold my old board, met up with Chris's family, drove home & unloaded the van then collapsed into bed. Forgot to take a pic of the board before it went, so here it is when it was shiny and new and I still loved it. I'm supposed to be using the money to pay my credit card back for the replacement board I bought in feb, but I'm seriously thinking of getting a Canon EOS 350 with the money instead - I hate phone cameras!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
No internet at home at the moment so here's last week in one go from work:
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 23 April


Loads of insects around at the moment, ugh. There seem to be lots of bumble bees dying though which is a bit of a worry much as I dislike them.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 24 April


We had a sneak preview of the menu at our new restaurant tonight, they're opening tomorrow. The lighting was really dim but take it from me the puddings were divine!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 25 April


Argh, got about 3 miles from home this morning when the coolant warning light started flashing on my car. Guess I'm going to have to kiss goodbye to the new camera for a while :(
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 26 April


Been buying sample decorations for the restaurant - how cool is this?!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 27 April


Spend ages down at the Grill today, the signage is up finally - think we're all ready for the Trevithick Day invasion!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 28 April


Ahh the weekend. I usually hate pictures of myself but this didn't come out too bad - I used the vanity mirror in the car to see the screen of my phone.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 29 April


In Devon for another comp today, got through to the quarter finals and had a really good freesurf afterwards - good day.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 30 April


I love lettering & signs so I snapped this on the way home. I had no idea these temporary lights would make me over 40 mins late for work the next morning.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 1 May


It may not look it here (unless you look at the full size image anyway) but the surf tonight was lovely & clean, great shape and hardly any wind. Shame some guys seem to think it's ok to ruin a girl's wave :(
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 2 May


We're driving a different route to work at the moment to avoid those lights, which means we get to go past the cool windfarm at Chybucca. One day I want to take a photo stood right underneath them.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday May 3


Exercised my democratic right today. To be honest they all seem as bad as each other, but I had another mediocre experience of the NHS today and saw Panorama's article on failures in NHS maternity units so I felt I should. Not sure if it's good or bad news but I had a scan today and the pain that put me in hospital a few weeks ago is a bleeding cyst (nice!) so at least I have a diagnosis now.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 4 May


I walked around the front of the house today and came across these amazing poppies. I don't normally pass that side so I had no idea they were there! Late spring is possibly my favorite time of year.
James KEZMAN Photo 12 years ago
So how you doin', Chewbecca...? Heh -- sorry, couldn't resist! You make Cornwall look great!! I have never visited, but I heard that there *was* good surfing!! Happy week-end!!
ReeBeckiSupergirl 12 years ago
Beautiful poppies!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Hey Jacques, you should visit, I think it's the best place in the UK but then again I'm biased ;)
Rebecca... Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rebecca... (member) 12 years ago
Saturday 5 May


The surf's finally gone flat after a great week or so of swell, so we decided to make the most of the last sunshine forecast for a bit and had a picnic / bbq on the beach. We fell asleep and when we woke up it had clouded over :( that's it for the sunshine for the moment.

Correct lottery numbers = 1.
Rebecca... Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rebecca... (member) 12 years ago
Sunday 6 May


There's a real problem round here with affordable housing, average salaries are some of the lowest in the country, and house prices among the most expensive outside London / Thames Valley. I noticed this graffiti today on a new development about to start. With average earnings at around £15,000 p/a and the prices on these new developments starting at £250,000 who locally can afford to buy them?

(PS - there's a joke in the name, the developers are Penpol and the area is called Pentire)
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 7 May


Bank hol today, so obviously the good weather is well and truly over and it's pouring with rain! Did the usual bank hol thing and went to the garden centre where we saw these cool lizards (or are they geckos?) basking under a heat lamp.
Jonathan W 12 years ago
Like the poppys, My home town has same problem a pretty small mountain town it became populer place to retire and vacation the cost of living and housing prices are now insane and the only jobs are minimum wage.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 8 May


We randomly decided at the weekend that we'd like to get pet rats, so tonight we stopped at a petshop on the way home to check some out. They don't stay still enough to get a decent picture! We're going to have a think about it and maybe get some at the weekend.
Rebecca... Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rebecca... (member) 12 years ago
Wednesday 9 May


It's still raining. We needed it after the amazing weather we had the last few weeks, but it is a bit depressing! Went for a few drinks after work, then Chris & I decided to treat ourselves to a trip to the noodle bar for dinner - yum. I was trying to get a photo of how green it has suddenly got on the way home, my phone has the worst shutter lag ever which occasionally produces suprise good results like this. I was actually aiming for a tree in front of the bridge...
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 10 May / Friday 11 May


Totally uneventful few days. It's _still_ raining, work's the same, the surf's still blown out. This is the view from my office - I couldn't capture just how heavy it was raining but going out for lunch wasn't an option.
We're going to get the rats tomorrow, very exciting!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 12 May


Disaster! The petshop only had one rat left! We didn't want to get one on its own because it would get lonely, and it's tricky to introduce two strange rats to each other, so we had to leave him in the shop. We got a cage and other stuff, they should be getting more in on Tuesday so we'll have everything ready. Spent the evening making this papier-mache nest box for them - need to cut the door out.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 13 May


Went for a walk on a beach we hadn't been to before, even though it's only about 3 miles away. It's really beautiful, there's a lovely stream you have to cross with yellow irises around it, doesn't look like something you'd find by the sea. Needless to say as soon as we came over the top of the dunes it started to pour down with rain...
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 14 May


It didn't rain all day today.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 15 May


Still no rats :(
ParaScubaSailor 12 years ago
Drats! Still no rats?!?

I have a loose mouse in the house... but it's very shy. It likes chocolate and very quiet evenings. If there's noise it doesn't come out. It's probably going to take quite a while until we become friends enough for me to take a picture...

I really like your beach and sea photographs. Nice viewpoints and good framing.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 17 May


Been really busy at work, we have to have our payroll year end submitted by friday, and I had to have today off to make sure Chris was ok after his surgery. It was quite nice though, we chilled out and I got some errands done in the afternoon including getting my car looked at. I made pancakes for us after dinner & realised we'd eaten all the eggs so I had to go back out - the cloud was low and the streetlight and sunset reflected off them in lovely purples and pinks,
Rebecca... 12 years ago
ParaScubaSailor - apparently a rats most favorite treat is yoghurt or yoghurt drops, maybe that will make you a friend out of your mouse?!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 18 May


Phew, just about got all of my work done today. After work Chris & I went down to Fistral to hand our entry forms in for the British Longboard Championships and decided to go down to South and watch the people braving the extremely chunky surf. There's a cafe on the beach that we've never been to so we had a cup of tea on the terrace and took some pictures with my newly fixed Lomo. Will have to wat and see if they actually come out.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 19 / Sunday 20 May


Took it easy again over the weekend as Chris isn't up to too much. We went up to the RSPCA centre and are going to 'adopt' some rats from there, they just need to come & do a home check. This evening we went for a walk near our house, I've never really explored the area as I always go to the beach but it's lovely. The light coming through the leaves of this copper beach was amazing.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 22 May


OK we've got the rats! Now we need a little help with names...
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 23 May


Went for a surf on my own this evening, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of quiet time to myself with only the noise of the sea or the rush of my tires as I drive home.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 24 May


Had lunch with Chris up at Treliske today, there're some picnic tables behind his office with pretty flower-speckled grass and it's surprisingly quiet - until the air ambulance lands anyway!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 25 May


The rats are still a bit scared, so funny to watch though, and tonight we discovered they LOVE spaghetti!
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Saturday 26 May


British Longboard Championships today. Longboard comps aren't really promoted within British surfing, even so it was a bit dissapointing that only 6 girls competed - making me the joint UK no5 ;) Enjoyed my heat and the surf cleaned up nicely for it so good comp.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Sunday 27 May


Why does it always rain on a bank holiday weekend? Chris's friend Magic was staying with us so we spent the afternoon wrapped up in the Bowgie with a great view of the stormy seas.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Monday 28 May


Spent the day chilling out at home and playing with the rats - they're getting braver and cuter by the day!
and so they got names now?
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Yeah, eventually! The brown one is Bohdi and the white one was going to be Waxer but he looks so much like a litte sugar mouse we call him Sugar.

(Spot the surf film references ;)
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Tuesday 29 May


Chris made burgers tonight - steak mince & Eden Ale - yum!
ItinerArts 12 years ago
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Wednesday 30 May


I'm trying to drink more water, I used to drink at least 2 litres a day at work in London. We had a kind of water drinking oneupmanship thing going on, I feel much more healthy when I manage to do it.
Rebecca... 12 years ago
Thursday 31 May


Raining again - guess who didn't bring a coat, umbrella or lunch to work today?
ItinerArts Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 12 years ago
Wait-- I missed something-- RATS??

OK.... Names.... Male or female? How about Nigel and Ludmilla?

Rebecca... 12 years ago
Friday 1 June


Went to check the surf after work - tiny. I had to fool my camera into getting the exposure right for this shot by covering up the sky while it set itself up then pulling it away as the shutter went..
Rebecca... 12 years ago
"ItinerArts says:
Wait-- I missed something-- RATS??

OK.... Names.... Male or female? How about Nigel and Ludmilla?"

Oh yes, rats. Both male (otherwise we'd quickly have more than two!) called Bodhi & Sugar. I'm desperately trying NOT to turn into one of those pet owners who is totally obsessed with them and takes millions of photos. Problem is they pretty much always look cute, so I'm trying to confine photos of them to this set.

Can anyone tell me how you quote someone using the mini square of thier picture?!
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