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girlzoot PRO 9:30am, 30 January 2007
Rocker's Hair
For today 01/29/07
I took this while screwing around with the flash on my camera. I was of course avoiding my homework again. Always avoiding my homework lately. There were a couple different shades of color I was able to get, but the red I liked the best.

Invited to join by a lovely girl.

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Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
this is all very good
but please
remember the group rule and essence
ONE pic a day with the DATE on it !
this is supposed to be a photo diary
right ? right !
you are most welcome !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
So sorry, was trying to get January in the thread before moving on to the rest of the month.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
oh but you can post them all at the same time
you just have to write the date with each picture
no need to delete them all
sorry if I wasn't clear !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Oh, no worries, this makes it easy for me too. I can just start from here and try and muddle through this way. You were fine!
lramiro520 12 years ago
Welcome! Looking forward to following your thread.

The Other Side Of The Fence
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Clearing Up the World

January 30, 2007

My second day, officially anyway!

Took some pictures while I was at school. This I think was my favorite, although I did really like this one as well. These are from my scriptwriting class. It is a good class, and I really enjoy my teacher. She laughed a little when she saw me taking pictures. I wrote about this class earlier on my blog here.
karinga 12 years ago
Wow, you were fast to settle! :) Welcome! Admins are strict here;) But fair! Will come back to spy on your days:)

(Inga in Finland All Year Round)
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
New Foyer

January 31, 2007

I work at NJH hospital. We are almost done with the construction and general face-up of our newest building. They are now just doing the small stuff in batches and pieces.

Funny though, I work in the Pulmonary unit, most of the upgrades an improvements are going the "clinics". We are an area accessed used and accessed often by every other clinic in the hospital.

We might, might get a new roof next year. Ours is one of the bigger area and we do almost every department's testing. We don't however have the dubious honor of being the first department people see when they first come in and our upgrades are very low on the list of priorities.

The tiles and new stuff are really nice to see up close for the first time though.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Yet More Snow
February 1, 2007

For seven weeks in a row we've had a snow storm a week. This is what it looked like leaving class tonight. More snow, more cold, more ice and just more and more winter.

Wonder what Punxsutawney Phil will say tomorrow?
~magpie~ PRO 12 years ago
I really like your Jan 30 shot.

Welcome aboard!

Erica Day by Day 2007
Glow* 12 years ago
Nice to see some snow!
Which country are you from?

ebilflindas 12 years ago
Apparently Phil gave a sunny outlook...
Hope you get some of that sun soon!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
sunshinecity 12 years ago
snow seems so pretty... then again,I guess I don't have to deal with it for 7 weeks straight, or at all for that matter...
No snow here in Rome!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
@ magpie thanks! This has been fun to try and get images that are from my day, but still something I wanna look at.

@ glow I'm in the US in Colorado

@ebil We could so totally use some of the sun, in addition to the snow, it is freakin' cold.

@sunshinecity I think it was lovely the first two weeks, so pretty to look at when warm and not at work. Now it is mostly just cold and harsh winds while waiting for the bus. I still love the snow, just not used to so much of it.
bunæn PRO 12 years ago
I like the snow shot. Did you get that effect with the flash?
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
I tried a couple different flash settings and ISO levels. I think this one was high flash and ISO 200.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Wry Through the Rye
February 2, 2007

One of my closest friends was laid off and today was her last day. The whole situation stinks like yesterday's banana peels.

Tonight we went out to try and be consoling.

This is a shot of her husband and his dry, wry smile through the bread which was strangely hollow.

We ate it anyway.

We had a couple drinks and gave the best platitudes we had to offer to someone newly unemployed. Mostly we just listened and made her laugh. The most important thing of all, we let her know we love her.
girlzoot PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by girlzoot (member) 12 years ago
Flashing News Flash
February 3, 2007

Walking to the bus on Saturday, coming from the library, I catch some of the flashing headlines.

Very few of them good.
leroyer 12 years ago
Hey there...

I know, I know, rules can be a pain in the ass.
And admins too.
And the mean cop that I am is the ultimate pain in the ass.
But, hey, that's my job.
Things is, it's 1 photo/day/messages.
Which means, that the 2 photos from your last entry, being from 2 different days, must be posted in 2 separate messages.
Just copy/paste the second part...

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
you will thank him later
when you'll have a very neat and well organized topic
where even you can find what you are looking for !

pain in the ass number 2 aka LBT

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
No worries, easily fixed.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Shopping for Bedtime
February 4, 2007

So busy all weekend with homework and such. A quick dip into audible books for something to lull me away into dreamland.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Who watches the Watchmen?
February 5, 2007

One of the many cameras that watches me on my ride home on the rail.
BellaGaia PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by BellaGaia (member) 12 years ago
big brother is watching.....

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
girlzoot PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by girlzoot (member) 12 years ago
Blazing a Crowd
February 6, 2007

I go to a fairly small school. It doesn't always seem like that when more and more students join the student body every year, but really, the school is pretty small.

The one thing that every student has in common at my school? Every single one of them has a big big opinion about a film, or all film.

We have this huge multimedia center in the student lounge to broaden our horizons and bond with our fellow students and the funny thing is I rarely see that many students around the televison honestly enjoying a film.

Until tonight.

This was the single biggest crowd I've ever seen in the student lounge.

It was great. Nobody debating script or performance or camera angle or lighting. Just thirty students laughing and enjoying a movie for being a great movie.

The movie?

Blazing Saddles Baby.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Bubba for President
February 7, 2007

Bubba for President.

Which party would he run under?
bunæn PRO 12 years ago
I don't know, but you can bet there will be kegs there and a tire fire.
karinga 12 years ago
@ February the 2nd: sorry to hear what happened to your friend. Good that she had her friends and family to support her:)
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Retro Valentines and Old New Orleans
February 8, 2007

Very sick today, no time for any photos. Just cobbed on to one of my photos for my other daily project.
ReeBeckiSupergirl PRO 12 years ago
Hope you feel better! I like this collage.
~magpie~ PRO 12 years ago
Blazing Saddles, baby. Mel Brooks with the gift of slamming EVERYBODY.

Erica Day by Day 2007
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
@ Supergirl - I hope I feel better too, I am so wanting this cold to be done. I love taking pictures of the mail I send out, but since it is mail and not people it isn't always exciting pictures. Glad you liked this one!

@Erica - Gotta love that Mel Brooks humor, managed to shut up a room full of film students. That never happens, let me tell you that for free.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Malt-o-Meal Prep 2
February 9, 2007

Was still sick and came home early from work. Made some comfort food. A big bowl helped me keep my medicine down. Then straight to bed for a ton of sleep.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Don't I Look Healthy
February 10, 2007

Woke in the middle of the night and snapped a photo in between coughing fits. I look healthy, right? I look like I'm having a good time, right?
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Boy and iPod
February 11, 2007

Able to leave the house today for a little while. Waiting with my son today I took a couple of shots of him listening to his iPod. He is at the stage he hates me snapping his photo. He started getting better about it recently since he started taking photos though, and that makes me smile.

Tired from the time we spent out today. Hoping this stupid cold is over, can't handle much more coughing.
karinga 12 years ago
Hope you get well soon!
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
When my fever finally broke it was like I was a totally different person. Now to update and show what I've been doing!
girlzoot PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by girlzoot (member) 12 years ago
February 12, 2007

My kitten, Chance, comes to say hello while I try to write for class. He would not sit still!! He wanted to see what I was working on at the computer, wanted skiritchens behind the ear, and in general made sure I knew he was far more important than homework.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Secret Kitty Meeting
February 13, 2007

Stumbled upon a secret kitten meeting. Not sure my presence was all that welcome.
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
School Books
February 14, 2007

Couldn't decide between the school books shot and the iPod love shot. Went with my schoolbooks. They take up so much time I sometimes wonder if I should start sleeping with them since I neglect my poor beau so often for school as it is...
girlzoot PRO 12 years ago
Bus Couple
February 15, 2007

I couldn't help wondering what the hell kind of magical powers her orange had to offer her this morning.
karinga 11 years ago
Your studies sound interesting! lol at the orange shot, I would wonder too! :)
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
I do so love some of the stuff I'm learning in school. i am torn right now between more theory or more technical.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 16, 2007

I have to force myself to eat breakfast. I'm just not normally hungry first thing in the morning. i do love apples though. Yumm,
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Salsa Shark
February 17, 2007

My beau took me to lunch, it was a delight. Even the salsa shark could not put me off the deliciousness of the food.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 18, 2007

They take me everywhere. Not my favorite shoes, or my prettiest, but definitely some of my most comfortable.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
What Have I Done???
February 19, 2007

The poor mama kitten has an itchy ear. She has been tearing it up like crazy. Had to finally get her a cone collar to get her to stop itching until she bleeds. Next is the vet.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 20, 2007

In scriptwriting class we spent forever on figuring out the logline of the films we are attempting to write. loglines are a one sentence example of how your script is going to play out. Today someone wrote on the community board this Logline Generator.

The image is best viewed large, and you can clearly read most of the examples clearly in the original size.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 21, 2007

A couple halloweens ago there a guy dressed as a waiter, he had plants coming out of his costume all over him. It was the only costume that I didn't "get". I finally just asked what he was, and he told me 'In the Weeds'. I'd never heard the phrase before, or since really, and I had him explain it to me.

Apparently if you are a waiter and 'In the Weeds' you are crazy busy, totally unable to find your way out of the foliage. I had waited tables for years and never heard the phrase before. I did immediately add it to my own vocab, but haven't really had a chance to use it until now.

I am in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for tweleve hours, and recently at my job on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays I work about twelve hours a day. I feel like I am caught 'In the Weeds'. I feel like I never stop, and I'm just not sure how to get out of the weeds, out of the jungle I'm trying to forage my way through.

I know I will be fine, but whew, sometimes I'm so tired.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 22, 2007

Another attempt to force myself into breakfast. I am trying to be healthier, but man this most important meal thing is sometimes hard to do for me.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 23, 2007

I love the texture of things. I'm always to have more touchable photos. I know that sounds weird, but I just wish I could convey the texture of things I touch through my photographs.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 24, 2007

One of my closest friends in the world and his doggie Sue. God that dog loves him. They like to play shake me like a british nanny, makes the dog just so crazy happy.

(He is very, very careful with the dog just as an aside and he never shakes the dog hard)
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
February 25, 2007

Tonight was a writing group that I haven't been to in a very long time. It was very nice, calm and nice. I need to write more, but until i totally dedicate myself to writing every second of the day, it was nice to just be with some people I love and that enjoy writing and talking with me.
bunæn PRO 11 years ago
I started wondering, "what makes this girlzoot tick?" So, I gave your tome a re-read. The secret kitten meeting and the psychic orange reader are hilarious. All are worthy, and the texture via visual one works. Yeah, I'm feeling February 23.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Thank you! I'm hoping that in this next week or so to not be quite so busy and get around to reading some of my favorites over here.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
ATC side b
February 26, 2007

This was my first attempt at ATC making for swapbot. Not much else going on today but some mailing.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
TV Light on Boy
February 27, 2007

One of the rare nights I get to just sit for a bit and watch a half hour of television with my son.
Glow* 11 years ago
I just discovered your thread and I must say I loved the 13th feb photo (got 2 cats, that might explain...)
So you're in a cinema class ?
I work as a receptionnist but I'm an actress.
In which country do you live ?

girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Snow Bush and Tree
February 28, 2007

Snow again. This is the courtyard where I work at National Jewish Medical and research Center.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Sliding on the Ice
March 1, 2007

The snow from yesterday fell on fairly warm streets and we ended up with the delightful side effect of icy everything. This poor school bus tried to get up the hill by our house for twenty minutes.
girlzoot PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by girlzoot (member) 11 years ago
March 2, 2007

I don't always remember or have time for the Diary Archives shot. I always send a piece of mail everyday, so it is a nice backup.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
March 3, 2007

Went down to Broadway today and did a mess of used books browsing. I collect the O'Henry award winning collections. Of course just like everything else in my life, it isn't a complete collection, so I'm always looking for more of them. Sadly it is rarely a thing you can find used anywhere but online. I did get some fun books eventually.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
@ Glow - I am in film school, learning how to produce and write films. Sometimes it is great, sometimes it is just exhausting.

I live in Colorado in USA.

Do you enjoy acting?
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
March 4, 2007

Went to check out the new Ben Franklin exhibit at the Nature and Science Museum. Afterward we went to a grocery to pick up some dinner food. This was on a pillar in the grocery store. I think in theory I'm glad there is a kit for body fluid clean up. I can't decide if I'm grossed out by the idea of having to use it, or that it may happen so often at this grocery they felt the need to buy multiple kits and put them at strategic areas.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Garden Card
March 5, 2007

Another mail day.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Approaching the End
March 6, 2007

Only one more day of scriptwriting class. I will honestly miss these guys. They make me laugh.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Windy-Upy Bunny
March 7, 2007

My mom collects wind-up toys. Whenever I see a cutesy one I get it for her. Maybe I'll take a shot of her collection for one of my later diary shots.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Business Class Lecture
March 8, 2007

I do so wish I had more interesting photos to offer, but it seems like I'm always in school, or always at work. I liked this one for today because the blurred girl never moves in class. I found it amusing that when I took the photo she was moving all over the place.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Hospital Statue 1
March 9, 2007

I work at National Jewish Medical and Research Center. This statue out front gets photographed a lot to show the softer, kinder side of NJH. Personally the statue is a little weird in my opinion.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Viking in the Bathroom
March 10, 2007

First day of helping out on a studen't film shoot. Lots of props and costumes. My first time doing a film that I didn't write or schedule. A very different experience.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Suave Zombie
March 11, 2007

Second day of student film shoot. Our zombie was in for his shots. It was fun to do his makeup. He was adorably funny.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
New Zealand Sheepie
March 12, 2007

A wonderful letter from my New Zealand penpal.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Bears of Love
March 13, 2007

An 'I miss you' card for one of my favoritest people in Denver.
girlzoot PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by girlzoot (member) 11 years ago
Casting Her Shadow
March 14, 2007

A friend of mine passed away in August 2005. It was unexpected, one of those deaths that takes you out of yourself and when you come back to yourself you aren't really okay or not okay.

Her mother sent me this angel as a thank you for adopting two of her cats when she passed away. I can't get her out of my mind today. Tried to catch a photo to express that she has cast her shadow into my life.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
The Light From Abovestairs
March 15, 2007

Waiting for my son downstairs so we could get a start on our day.

The light from above while I sat in the dark had the Julius Caesar 'Beware the Ides of March' line going through my head.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Ya know, I hate being on this side of the lens...
March 16, 2007

Hooked up with Twitch and Valium today to see a flick. Here Valium ties his shoe and lectures me that it is wrong for photographers to photograph each other.
bunæn PRO 11 years ago
Wow, are you going to get totally caught up?

If so, that is ambitious.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Can't Look Away
March 17, 2007

Look I love orange, but seriously even at 99 dollars I'm not sure I can afford this much orange.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
March 18, 2007

We were going to the flea market today and ended up in a HUGE traffic jam. A car tried to break out of the traffic jam and ride up the shoulder to cut ahead in the jam. A motorcycle cop pulled out of the jam and gave them a ticket and then made them wait on the shoulder and get back in line where they were before.

girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Hey B!

I have all the photos, I just don't have them posted here. So I'm going to make the attempt. I keep lurking and watching all of the diaries as they progress, and they are so cool.

We will see how it goes.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Stamp Cocoon
March 19, 2007

I send a lot of mail.

I mean it.

A lot.

Just trying to get creative with my butterfly postcard stamps. So I made a butterfly stamp cocoon.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Lettered 22
March 20, 2007

'Nuff Said.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Long Haul Send Outs
March 21, 2007

Another attempt at finding long term pen-pals. Always trying to find someone to swap letters and postcards with over a long period of time.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
So Addicted to Used Books
March 22, 2007

This is a pretty good used book location by my old apartment where one can do quick turnaround paperbacks. I turned in some duplicate paperbacks the other day and was able to pick up some really nice trade paperbacks.

Places like this are great for mystery readers that blaze through books like crazy.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Colorado Bus Stop
March 23, 2007

This is my bus stop for work at Colorado Boulevard and Colfax Avenue. That gentleman at the end often drives the route fifteen.

Anyone else in Colorado recognize him?
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Esther at Brunch
March 24, 2007

This is Esther, she was part of the birthday gift for one of my closest friends, T-Rex. We all went to a lovely brunch today and at a pretty cool French place.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Dad and Daughter
March 25, 2007

Ms. Priestes of Nothing graduated from phase one of massage therapy school. That is her father behind her peeking over her shoulder.

I think the image shows just a peek of both of their senses of humor.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
You Can't Be Serious
March 26, 2007

I've been sick off and on, working too many hours, going to school so many hours, for long long days. The weather has not been much help. My son came in to comfort me and made me laugh.

Even though we are not always this happy, when he opens up my heart like this he fills it up with so much love and joy I think it will burst from my chest.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Goofy Grin
March 27, 2007

Me: So you don't want to watch my French film with me?
Boy: I read the description, it sounds creepy.
Me: Well I must admit it sounds a little borderline.
Boy: No, it sounds creepy, like ugh, ugh, ew, ugh, ugghhh.
Me: So that is a no.
Boy: The mother and son have a sexual relationship and one of them kills the other one. That's just gross.
Me: Or greek drama.
Boy: What?
Me: Nevermind.
Boy: How about we keep it down to five moves that make me question my sexuality and creep me out at the same time in one year.
Me: Deal.
girlzoot PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by girlzoot (member) 11 years ago
Short Stories
March 28, 2007

Took some time away from everything to read for pleasure today.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Kotter Thermos
March 29, 2007

While out shopping for my new addiction (postcards) we came across this little piece of vintage pop culture.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Ghost Rider
March 30, 2007

Played a little Marvel Scene It over at a friend's house tonight. It was fun, and I even knew a couple of the answers.

The duck in the background? My friend loves rubber duckies and her husband gives her crap about it, so all of their friends, myself included always manages to bring yet another rubber duck over to the house whenever we find them.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Metrosexual Origami now with Stonehenge
March 31, 2007

Book shopping, hanging out with friends today. I love coming across things that are labeled like this, that made sense at the time and then taken out of context it just seems freaking surreal.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Beau Packs
April 1, 2007

My Beau is headed to Washington. He overpacks. I can't decide if it is endearing or not.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
DIA from the Car
April 2, 2007

Beau drop off to our big tented airport.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Purse Inside Out
April 3, 2007

Nothing more exciting in my life right now than what I carry in my bag. I am just school, work, school, work, school, work, school, work and then some schoolwork.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Sheepy Pez
April 4, 2007

I miss my beau today and take a photo of the sheepy pez he gave me to remind me of him.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Lacrosse Fan
April 5, 2007

Down at my transfer school attempting to get all my transfer credits taken care of, my financial aide applied for, and all those fun details taken care of as far in advance as possible.

Ran into a pigeon looking to buy lacrosse tickets.
girlzoot PRO 11 years ago
Kitten Love
April 6, 2007

A lovely postcard sent to a lovely friend.
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