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charmante (via kindle) PRO 7:55pm, 14 January 2007
Happy New Year, everyone! I started my 2007 photo diary a little bit late--but have caught up.
Thanks to all of you for your kind words of welcome! :~>

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Jan. 1: New Year Lilies... Happy 2007!
New Year Lilies... Happy 2007!
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glucozze 12 years ago
Hi ! welcome and nice to meet you.

Great we don't have yes NYer now i think :)
overge PRO 12 years ago
Nice to see another diary start.. so.. be welcome! : )

365 moments.. o quasi
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Yay, another diary to read! Welcome!


Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
sotonrich 12 years ago
Welcome I look forward to looking at your diary....I love the flowers of Jan 1st...just beautiful.

Breathed Upon
dda1605 12 years ago
Hi and welcome

(Didier 2007 )
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Jan. 2: Decorative Iron Work
Decorative Iron Work
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Thanks, grazie, obrigada, merci (etc.) everyone, for your greetings and wishes. I look forward to seeing your photo diaries as well!

I mistakenly placed several photos in a single post, but am correcting that error now. :~>

Jan. 3: Window Gates Reflecting Color
Window Gates Reflecting Color
sunshinecity 12 years ago
i love jan 7 and this great neon sign!

Great shots, looking forward to more!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
leroyer 12 years ago
Hey there.
Welcome to our group.
Great photos.
And me being the pain in the ass admin again, but if I don't, nobody will, everybody being so lovable here :
The rule says : 1 picture/message only.
Meaning, you ca post all those photos, with the dates, but you have to do it in different messages.
Please do.
Thanks a lot.

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
Welcome aboard!
and like Glucozze said, first from NYC it seems!

and as NYC is in my plans for next spring, be sure I'll watch over ur diary! :-)
Jan. 4: Sophisticate Reflecting
Sophisticate Reflecting
Jan. 5: Secret Smile
Secret Smile
Jan. 6: Mexicanas haciendo payasadas en Nueva York // Mexican Women Fooling Around in New York

It was the Feast of the Epiphany and this encounter was part of MY epiphany that evening!
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Beautiful photos!
I love the title of this last--and the literal translation of the Spanish:
"Mexican Women Making [Like] Clowns in New York"!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Jan. 7: Standing in Meditation
Standing in Meditation

On the pier at the end of Dyckman St. in Upper Manhattan, this man stood very still, looking out over the Hudson River, as if he were meditating.
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Jan. 8: Playing Dominoes: Hmm, let me see...
Playing Dominos: Hmm, let me see...
Jan. 9: The Brilliant Glow of Neon
The Brilliant  Glow of Neon

A gorgeous neon sign that I saw while walking in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.
Jan. 10: Empty Necks...and a Model Lighthouse
Empty Necks...and a  Model Lighthouse

Surreal night view of a jeweler's window in Midtown.
Jan. 11: Please...

The ironic message on the parking garage door for Jazz at Lincoln Center. How are musicians supposed to play there if they can't blow their horns???
Jan. 12: Mr. S. at the Pharmacy
Mr. S. at the Pharmacy

A very sweet gentleman with whom I later struck up a conversation.
ebilflindas Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ebilflindas (member) 12 years ago
Beware , of the Guru and his ilk regarding your Jan. 8 montage. I love it, though!
and for Jan. 11--thank you for the proper use of the word.
You know what I'm talking about. ;)
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Jan. 13: (Putting on) The Turquoise Shawl
(Putting on) The Turquoise Shawl

Artist Laura Gadson, having shown off the turquoise mohair top she crocheted, put on the matching shawl just as I made the shot.
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Jan. 14: Light Amidst Darkness, for MLK Day
Light Amidst Darkness, on MLK Day

Posted on Jan. 15, in celebration of Martin Luther King Day: a beautiful window illuminating the night, and perhaps our hearts...
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Jan. 15, Martin Luther King's Birthday: I am African (?) ...and Two Rude Gawkers
I am African (?) ...and Two Rude Gawkers

A shot of the two rude gawkers who laughed at me as I was making the photo: they simply walked into my frame unknowingly. I found this poster problematic, but loved the raindrops decorating the surface.
Jan. 16: The Tunnel
The Tunnel

The tunnel at the 190th St. subway station on the A train.
Jan. 17: Urban Shadows: Fire Escape and Barbed Wire
Urban Shadows: Fire Escape and Barbed Wire

I was struck by the unusual juxtaposition of these two shadows on a brick wall.
Jan. 18: Marry or Die...Anytime
Marry or Die...Anytime

A neighborhood florist whose decorations change according to the seasons, but whose neon lights always advertise funerals and weddings. So odd!
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Good eye on this last one--ladder over the barbed wire...
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Jan. 19: Nocturnal Window Gallery
Nocturnal  Window Gallery

I made an amazing discovery that night: a person who displays flowers, complete with lighting, in his windows...
Victor Bezrukov Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Victor Bezrukov (member) 12 years ago
Hello, darling , i'm for the first time in your diary and i like the -->> Jan. 16: The Tunnel ! Amazing ! Fav it !!!
Jan. 20: Night Café
Night Café
Jan. 21: The World Beyond
The World Beyond

Taken on City Island, the easternmost point of the Bronx, on an outing with other photographers who live in my Northern Manhattan neighborhood, Washington Heights.
Jan. 22: The Only Snow in Town
The Only Snow in Town

Although we've had a few snowfalls, none has accumulated; only this shop window displays the virtual snow we normally would have!
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Jan. 23: Sassy's Orchids
Sassy's Orchids

I was astonished to find real orchids in the window of a new store in my neighborhood.

Update: Two days later, I passed by the store and the orchids were gone. Too cold!
Jan. 24: Tree, Sky, Moon
Tree, Sky, Moon
Jan. 25: At Closing Time, A Portrait
At Closing Time, A Portrait

This charming young man, an employee of the store, asked me to take his picture...
Zuzu*Petals PRO 12 years ago
The light on those orchids is gorgeous.
HA! You're right about the snow. I just keep telling myself it's all in Denver.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
i love your window display shots!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Jan. 26: Posse on the Wall
Posse On the Wall

I decided to revisit this recently-redone mural last night, the coldest we've had so far this Winter. I love the way the image suddenly ends just as the building begins...
Zuzu*Petals PRO 12 years ago
That is really an amazing piece. Nice composition on the shot, as well.
Jan. 27: St. Joseph's Kitty
St. Joseph's Kitty

This uptown kitty was kind enough to pose for me in front of an image of St. Joseph...
Jan. 28: Girl at the Rally
Girl at the Rally

A young Latina, perhaps 8 years old, at a political rally whose face reflects how well she understood the gravity of what was being discussed.
Jan. 29: Petals and Leaves
Petals and Leaves

Simple gifts: the soft yellow of the petals and the vivid, veined green of the leaves...
Jan. 30: Don Quixote Travel Agency...the Supreme Irony
Don Quixote Travel Agency...the supreme irony

Doesn't it seem like a joke--or an oxymoron? Don Quixote knew nothing of travel plans, maps, tickets, schedules, trains, planes, etc. In fact, he wouldn't have been able to manage all that.
He had a hard enough time on the back of his donkey!
overge PRO 12 years ago
Impressive set of pictures you have here.. I particularly love the ones from the:
- 11th (signs and indications are always great.. I'm a fan of shooting them too)
- 14th (lovely, warm light!)
- 15th (why problematic?)
- 16th (this perspective is terrific!)
- 17th (just.. wow!!)
- 24th (lovely moon)

sooo.. well.. just say "good work!!" and promise I'll keep coming to check ur photos out! : ))

365 moments.. o quasi
Zuzu*Petals PRO 12 years ago
(I'd like to see the windmills, please)
Jan. 31: Window-Column

As I walked by, I was struck by how this vertical line of hallway windows formed a column of light, shining out amid the darkness.
Feb. 1: Accidental Peek-a-Boo
Accidental Peek-a-Boo

I was making a shot of the beautiful glass mosaic wall in the ladies' room at the Dance Theatre Workshop when a woman suddenly peeked around the corner. Peek-a-Boo!
dda1605 12 years ago
Some superb shots in your diary including the last one........

(Didier 2007 )
overge PRO 12 years ago
wooo.. impressive shot this latest.. I love how sometimes people appear in one photo making it more spontaneous.. love it!!

365 moments.. o quasi
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Feb. 2: "Sleepwalkers," videoprojection by Doug Aitken at MoMA
Singer/Actor Seu Jorge in "Sleepwalkers," a videoprojection project by Doug Aitken @ MoMA

In this shot, we see an image of Seu Jorge, Brazilian singer & actor, projected onto the inner wall of MoMA's garden facing 54th St.
Feb. 3: Frozen Daze... See the icicle?
Frozen Daze...  See the icicle?

I return to photograph this wonderful neighborhood mural from time to time. The other day, I saw something new there that had nothing to do with art: a sharp icicle exiting the pipe at the top of the frame. It is really cold in New York City these days--here's the proof!
charmante (via kindle) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by charmante (via kindle) (member) 12 years ago
Feb. 4: Who was more surprised...she or I?
Who was more surprised...she or me?

I was about to photograph a sticker on the door of the grocery store when, all of a sudden, this young woman opened the door just as I made the shot. We were both extremely surprised...but I was delighted!
Feb. 5: A Swirl of Steam
A Swirl of Steam

I discovered what is perhaps the best--and largest--steamy window in New York City. It was pure steam, but the windows were smudged, enhancing the effect of the water drops on the glass, creating patterns...and suggestive forms.
Feb. 6: Deep into the Night
Deep into the Night

Night is a time of mystery. I love to walk the streets to see and experience the city transformed by its dark mantel...
Zuzu*Petals PRO 12 years ago
I see you're playing a bit with "the dark side" the last couple days. =) Fun stuff.
You're right! Daylight is so scarce these days... Or, as my contact lichtundschatten commented on the latter photo: "It's the season of dark pictures..."

Thanks for noticing! Although I love the night in spring & summer, too. :~>
Feb. 7: Experimental Self-Portrait (A Camouflage)
Experimental Self-Portrait (A Camouflage)

An experimental self-portrait, using the reflected shadow on a framed print that depicts a mythical garden scene.
Feb. 8: Lace Shadow
Lace Shadow

Posted in juxtaposition with a photo that is "graphically similar" to this one, Icy Abstraction I.
dda1605 12 years ago
Nice self portrait, but very discreet......Not showing too much.

(Didier 2007 )
Feb. 9: Night Scene à la Poe
Night Scene à la Poe

Dusk in Brooklyn... I was struck by the dark, menacing branches of the tree, silhouetted black against the deep blue of the sky and tried to capture it here. The scene was a beautiful example of urban nature...one that could be used to illustrate a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

You can see a tiny bit of the Brooklyn Academy of Music's bright facade in the lower left-hand corner, as well as some sort of heavenly body: a bright star or planet. I was in the neighborhood to attend a performance of the Hamburg Ballet at BAM. It was an extraordinary evening...
Feb. 10: Why the hurry?
In a hurry

I made a split-second decision and decided to try for this shot. But the woman was moving so fast that she came out as a blur, although a beautiful one. I like the shot anyway; it's very lively!
If she hadn't been in such a hurry, she would be much sharper for, as you can see, the door handle is in focus. There's also a cinematic feel to this, so I'm glad I tried to "grab" this wild-card. It's the kind of shot that makes street photography a challenge, but an enjoyable one!
Upper Manhattan; New York City
Feb. 11: Trees in the Barber Shop
Trees in the Barber Shop

How did it happen? Life is surreal! Trees have begun to grow in barber shops, right from the stripe of one barber's shirt, or thin branches across a customer's face.

There's a lot going on here, but of note is the large Menorah that appears behind the tree high on the wall. In fact, it is located across the street and decorates the facade at one of the many neighborhood synagogues.

I "grabbed" this unseen as I was taking shots of two dogs that had been left outside while one of the man was getting his hair cut, so you can see my hat reflected in the arm of the barber...

Uptown Manhattan; New York City
Feb. 12: Inside/Outside the Café
Inside/Outside the Café

One of the "revolving door" café/restaurants along MacDougal St. in Greenwich Village (they open and close with great regularity, changing orientation/cuisine each time). Looking into their dining room, it was totally empty, not a single customer; but each table had a votive candle burning in a frosty candle-holder. That indoor "scene," looking through the window, became the right side of the image. Across the street, similar cafés and stores, some with bright storefronts; they were reflected onto the left side of the café window. Below them, the middle of the street, with the pavement picking up the silver highlights from the ambient lumens.

Somehow, the photography gods arranged for me to be there just at that privileged moment and these two scenes, indoor and outdoor, blended seamlessly on the surface of the café's window. All I had to do was make the click. I still don't understand how it was possible to get this amazing vertical (on a slight diagonal) split!
ebilflindas 12 years ago
What an amazing capture!
I've haven't been by in a few days, and look what you've done!
Have you found the Muses, yet?
Do the people who find themselves in your viewfinder ever give you beef for taking their picture? I'm not good with confrontation, so true street photography frightens/intrigues me.
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Hi ebilflindas! Thanks for your kind words. I haven't found a full-time link to the Muses, but they do visit occasionally... LOL
The 3 Fates, however, are here to stay! (And anyone can join!)
For the most part, people either don't notice that I'm taking their picture or, in the case of Feb. 4th, apologize for walking into my shot. How funny, right? Sometimes people look at me strangely when they see me taking photos in the street, but for the most part are cool. I got lots of practice over the years photographing people in festive situations: parades, outdoor performances, festivals... So now it's a little easier to ask them if I can take their pic. Unless, of course, they ask me to do so!
Feb 13: Wild (Windowed) Thing: Happy Valentine's Day!
Wild (Windowed) Thing: Happy Valentine's Day!

A rather silly Valentine's Day display that became an interesting reflection shot. Just look at all of these wonderful windows covering the upper body of the "Wild Thing!"
Why huge stuffed animals are considered romantic is beyond me! But, clearly, it works for some people... :~>
The odd thing here is that the features of the "Wild Thing" are nearly completely obliterated by the superimposed, reflected building across the street.
eelend PRO 12 years ago
very good shot
i like those lights
Feb. 14: Shadows on Steam
Shadows on Steam

A steamy Valentine photo, but not the kind one might expect! I was thrilled when I saw this window bathed in steam, as well as by the mysterious shadows created by some unknown item within. It was almost closing time and they started to lower their windowgate. Luckily, that was simply a sign to potential customers and they stayed open even after I left.
The small bits of color toward the bottom of the frame are reflections of neon & other signs across the street.
Feb. 15: Ghost Peeking Through the Steam
Ghost Peeking through the Steam

Just as I made the shot, a ghost's face appeared amid the steam that was spooking up his window... A very eerie sight!
I managed to "capture" him, but you must look closely, as he's a rather dark figure.
Although he appeared suddenly and was rather scary, he wasn't evil or malevolent, and I came away unscathed...
(Perhaps he didn't want to brave the cold temperatures outside!)

The Ghost's House; New York City

Another way of describing this shot would be "a festival of Kelvins"!
Feb. 16: In the Late Afternoon
In the Late Afternoon

Late afternoon, looking over the Hudson River in Midtown. I love the glorious light!
Feb. 17: The Candle's Flame
The Candle's Flame

A new Lunar year has just begun. This afternoon, I hope to attend a celebration of this happy event in New York City's Chinatown, the largest Chinese community in North America. It's a wonderful neighborhood, in constant transformation...
The candle indicates my desire to see things, including life itself, in a new light; it's a time of/for renewal...
Feb. 18: Sleepwalker

On a little walk in my neighborhood, I came upon this young man who blinked heavily just at the moment I made the shot; he didn't even see my camera. He looks as if he's sleepwalking... Wasn't it nice of this handsome sleepwalker to turn his head my way as he passed by?
Feb. 19: Freezing, yet Smiling
Freezing, yet Smiling

Sitting on the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum is usually done in Late Spring, Summer, or Early Fall. NEVER have I seen anyone sitting there in the depth of Winter. You can see how cold the man is from his body language. But the woman wanted to have a cigarette...seen in her left, gloved hand. And somehow, he is able to smile...
Feb. 20: Chrysler Bldg. & Someone's Window
Chrysler Bldg. & Someone's Window

I love the quiet window below the bright lights of the Chrysler Bldg., actually a couple of blocks away between 2nd Ave and Lexington Ave. Such an intimate scene, with the light peeking out slightly to the right of the reddish curtain...
Feb. 21: Transluscent Doorway
Transluscent Doorway

I passed this gorgeous windowed door on my way home from visiting a friend and was struck by the beauty of the iron work, the shape of the windows and the transluscent curtains, which created an atmosphere of mystery. When I'd taken a couple of shots, I looked at them on my viewfinder and discovered the wonderful and unusual silvery quality of the light. Most light bulbs, in NYC at least, don't give off such a cool shade of light; rather they illuminate with yellow, or even deep orange tones, very warm colors.
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Lovely scenes, as usual!
Tell me, that 'ghost' was really just some guys reflection, right?
Right? ;-)
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Well I have some catching up to do here - your photos tell nice stories as well as being good in their own rite. Thank you for the entertainment -

CollardGreens: Oops!
Feb. 22: All in Brown, Drank Red Wine
All in Brown, Drank Red Wine

I decided to try to capture this woman as she searched for something in her bag. Her pose reminds me of paintings and sketches by Degas, somehow, except that in his case, the women were usually getting in or out of their bath...

She was seated at a table, drinking red wine and reading a manuscript she (or someone else) had written. For a moment, I almost felt I was back in Paris...

The title was created for the group Six Word Story.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
I looked at this and thought - Hey wait a minute, charmante is in New York...this is Paris. Then I read the post. Very nicely done. Paris is cool and grey this morning...

CollardGreens: Oops!
dda1605 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by dda1605 (member) 11 years ago
great atmosphere, almost "Parisien".

Et pourtant il y a un detail qui ne trompe pas, les echelles metaliquesde secours......

(Didier 2007 )
Feb. 23: The Vamp
The Vamp

I call this the "The Vamp" because the face of this woman reminds me of silent film actresses Theda Bara or Louise Brooks, who were most often cast as vamps.
This glass mosaic was designed by US artist Nancy Spero, who has a deep interest in ancient mythology. (I'll post a link with info soon.)
This can be seen on the wall of the 66th St. subway station under Lincoln Center on Manhattan's West Side and was installed a couple of years ago. There are different versions of this woman along the wall, along with semi-Egyptian motifs.
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Great diary!! I will be back to visit!!
Thanks so much for your recent visits & comments, CollardGreens, dda1605 & Frère Jacques...francophones de naissance ou d'adoption!
Ensemble, vous formez comme un petit club à trois... C'est très sympa!
Le café plus haut (22 février) s'appelle Le Figaro... Et il y a des pages d'anciens numéros du journal (très jaunies!) collées aux murs.
C'est vrai, il y a une certaine atmosphère parisienne...bien que la fenêtre nous montre une scène tout à fait new-yorkaise, comme tu as bien remarqué, Didier. Merci encore de vos visites!
Feb. 24: Heather, Full of Creativity
Heather, Full of Creativity...

Heather is one of the most gifted solo dancers I've seen! I saw her perform earlier this year and she is pure dynamite...I call her a dance tornado!

I ran into her at the NYC Armory Art Show, making notes and sketches of work she found thought-provoking and/or inspiring. I hope to photograph her dancing someday...
Feb. 25: My Homeboys 'n' Me: All Smiles
My Homeboys 'n' Me: All Smiles

I got off the bus uptown and was walking down 178th St. and saw a group of young men taking a group photo. They were starting to go their separate ways when I called to them, "Yo también quiero tomar una foto!" (I want to take a photo, too.) They smilingly agreed, one of them volunteering to take the shot. I'd been planning to photograph them, not vice versa. But hey, how many chances to you get to have a photo with your homies in the snow?
It's not the greatest photo in the world by any means, but it's one of the broadest smiles I've ever made on camera! And my homies are fun, full of vitality. Immediately after the shot, they started to get into a waiting car or to throw snowballs at each other and I didn't get the photographer's name. Sorry 'bout that... :~>
Feb. 26: Our Daddy Is the Best!
Our Daddy is the Best!

The joys of fatherhood...and the joy of making children laugh! An "action" shot full of love and laughter. I panned on the little boy, so the dad and big sister's heads were both moving, so there's motion blur. But I think it adds to the spontaneous feel of the shot...

I love the children's nearly-identical expressions!
Feb. 27: A Night View of the Morris-Jumel Mansion
A Night View of the Morris-Jumel Mansion

I stood in the garden following a lecture by geologist Sidney Horenstein, photographing the house and its surroundings. I loved the rich, golden light coming out of the windows around the door... Just after I made this shot, these lights were turned off from indoors; caught them at the last possible moment! (Yes!!!) I'm wondering if these decorative windows date back to the house's construction or whether they were added/replaced later, when the house was restored. They rather remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright's windows...

Built in 1765, the Morris-Jumel Mansion is Manhattan's oldest surviving house. George Washington used this house as headquarters during the Revolutionary War.
Feb. 28: New to the Neighborhood
New to the Neighborhood

The doggie's name is Lucky and he was stopping (pedestrian) traffic from all directions when he appeared in the arms of his person. Lucky is beyond cute, more like irresistible, almost like a living toy... And only a month old! His person, a dominicana neighbor is wild about him, as you can see. I petted him and he was silky-soft...
Mar. 1: There Once Was A Young Puddle...
There once was a young puddle...

Night fell on a young puddle, created by melting snow. Her friend the tree looked over her when the sun set, just as he'd done through the day. At nightfall, the silvery moon, came for a visit, bright against a deep blue sky, and looked deeply into her eyes. This made her very happy! (Not every young puddle can say as much...) And then, the orange streetlights, perhaps jealous of the moon, sent their rays through the fence all the way over to her edges, their stripes touching her watery hem.
This made her feel very cozy indeed; she closed her eyes and she went to sleep...
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
I love stories about young puddles - there is so much hope ! Nicely done.

CollardGreens: Oops!</a
Mar. 2: Chinoiseries (Layers + Reflections)
Chinoiseries (Layers + Reflections)

I've taken many a photo of this place, Jimmy's Oro Restaurant; it continues to attract me (as a photographer only--it's not vegetarian-friendly). Actually, I am quite heartened by the fact that I contiinue to see it anew! Last night, however, was the ultimate experience. I was able to photograph workers at the back of the restaurant, but layers of glass and reflections as well as decorations celebrating Lunar New Year, among others. Of course there is the centerpiece, the neon sign and the fake strands of red "firecracker" lights, which I like SO much. :~>
(Too bad you can't see them * *flashing* *...)
Mar. 3: 'Atlas' Tree -- Holding Up the Sky
'Atlas' Tree -- Holding Up the Sky

''Atlas' Tree -- Holding Up the Sky' On Black

Amazing tree with two looooong arms reaching toward the sky...and holding it up, just as Atas did in mythology?
I see a face in the center, in the remaining section on the fallen main branch used to be. (maytoic sees it too.) I've created the 'on black' version so you can make up your own mind... :~>
Reservoir Road, Katonah, NY
Romain S. Donadio Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Romain S. Donadio (admin) 11 years ago
This tree definitively has a face. At night, under a specific lighting the place must be scary.
Nice shot.

Photogrin's Daily ['o°] Click!
Extra! Extra! Extra!: February photos are finally online. Check my February's pictures, they comes with a soundtrack.
Mar. 4: Neighborhood Reflections
Neighborhood Reflections

A store selling toys as well as other child-related items on Broadway. The reflected buildings and sky create a bit of a mumbo-jumbo combination of elelments, quite visually dense.
Mar. 5: Snow, Resisting the Urge to Melt
Snow, Resisting the Urge to Melt

Nestled against the cool rocks, this patch of snow is too comfortable to melt, enjoying its passage on this earth. Note the bird "footprint" on the narrowest portion of the snow.
Especially when viewed as a thumbnail, the snow looks like part of a mask...or a face.
Amazing, even surreal!
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
I do see the overall mask you mention - but there is another...off to the right and top. The dark rock forms a profile with a large nose and eyelashes...about to eat the bird track. I enjoy your attention to detail...Indeed this piece of snow is too comfortable to leave just yet .

CollardGreens: Oops!
Mar. 6: What A Face!
What A Face!

I saw this guy coming down the street and documented his approach. I don't think he knew the man next to him, but at one point made a grand gesture, showing him something across the street.
I just LOVE his face and his near-smile... I almost titled this "Cutie Pie" because I find him rather adorable indeed... (I felt he might not enjoy being called "cute" though, so found another title.)
Mar. 7: Tonight I Saw My Shadow's Shadow...
Tonight I Saw My Shadow's Shadow...

Does your shadow have a shadow, too? What could it mean? Normally, people only have one shadow, it's like a second self. In the right conditions, it appears and does everything everything we do... It's the kind of shadow I'm used to. I'm actually rather fond of it; after all, it's been with me all my life. That's why it's so disturbing to think that my shadow has "divided" affection (or attention). Perhaps I've taken it for granted and hurt its feelings...

That's why I was so worried when I saw that my shadow had a shadow. I'd always thought of my shadow as being mine, totally devoted to me. I was rather perplexed, even distressed, to think that my shadow had a life of its own*... It's not totally devoted to me, since it has its own shadow to worry about. I felt so let down... Imagine being abandoned by one's own shadow! I could be walking down the street on a gloriously sunny day and look down to see that my friendly shadow was absent, had taken a sick day, as it were, or was on vacation. Unless it was absent for a reason having to do with ITS shadow.

Should I see a shadow-doctor? I think they're called Shadowists (Sombristas in Spanish; Ombrologues in French; Schattenärzte in German). This photo proves that I'm not suffering from double vision!

Should I report a missing shadow to the Shadow Government near Washington if it goes missing, or to mention the fact that it's sprouted its own shadow? (The extra shadow may, in fact, belong to someone else...)

I hardly dare to go outside, for fear of encountering my shadow and its shadow in a bright alley. The two of them could gang up on me! (After all, my shadow knows all my secrets...)

*Reference Manual: "Haroun and the Sea of Stories" by Salman Rushdie
Soundtrack: "Ombra mai fu" by G. F. Händel
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Meeting up with your shadow in a BRIGHT alley...we are at the breakfast table enjoying a good laugh about this !! Well done indeed.

CollardGreens: Oops!
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