Wow and Flutter 3:52pm, 9 January 2007
Circa 1967, English class, Bloomington Lincoln high school, Bloomington, Minnesota. A point of reference for me or what I learned about lying to my teachers.
I'm tardy here too but I promise to do better.
"Wonderful Portland, Oregon weather we are having here?" I say to my neighbors in a snide manner. "I hear the sun will be seen sometime in June."
Well that never stopped this photographer from getting his lens wet.

Moving on;
Last Friday, January the 5th of the year 2007 I traveled to one of my favorite places in North Portland in the St. Johns neighborhood. There stands one of the most beautiful suspension bridges ever built, the St. John's Bridge. A photo icon around here worthy of its own group here on flickr.
While many spend time photographing the super structure or what's above the roadway, I find the under carriage more interesting. The cement bridge supports remind one of an old church, arches and everything. Hence the name of the park below it, Cathedral Park.
I have photographed it in almost every season but this time of year with our gray days and rain, it takes on this mystical look and feel that can only be captured on film and then only the black and white spectrum's.
Bumping into another photographer under the bridge is not unusual as we tend to think alike. Such was the case last Friday.
It is sometimes hard to get a size perspective on something as large as a bridge so I thought this image of a fellow photographer standing in the middle of one of the supports provided this:

The Human Perspective

And so it begins with the film version of my first January photograph.
leroyer 12 years ago
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
Samrag 12 years ago
Welcome, and thanx for very kind words in my thread. Will be checking up on you!!

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
chibi_butterfly 12 years ago
Great photo! Can't wait to see the following.

Ana ( Mu aasta piltides)
Wow and Flutter Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Wow and Flutter (member) 12 years ago
And then there is Charlie...

Maybe you remember the TV cartoon, "Top Cat"? If you do, that's Charlie.
He's a pretty Cool Cat in a Beatnik sort of way. Maynard G Krebs sort of cool like in "WORK!". Cool man.

Well here is Charlie today 01/09/07:


Doing what Charlie does best. Looking for mice or a handout whichever comes first. My friend Charlie. Wait till Cookie reads this.
ILIGHT 12 years ago
Charlie looks like he could use some Nip, or a nap!
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
Samrag 12 years ago
Cute... They soo know how relax.... always think of Halle Barry in The Last Boyscout, when she says "If I were a cat I would purrrrrrrr"... later she played the cat women... hhhmm

Nice shot - and I am sooo glad that you are not just going to post picture perfect like jan 1. ;-)

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Thanks all for you nice and welcoming comments. Glad to be able to contribute to this fun group.
Yes, Samraq, the first posting was just because it was what I had from Friday. Just the starting point. Now that I have focus, no pun intended, I promise to provide more anecdotal imagery.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
Looking forward to more updates!!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
My dad died back in 1995. He was 69 and died of a number of things but mostly cigarettes. It's hard to watch someone die. Sitting in the hospital with my mom, I knew it would hit her hard. They were about as tight as you can get as a married couple.
Dad and I? Not so much.
There are times that I wish Dad was still around to see how his grand kids are doing. I know he would have liked that.
Sad to say that we didn't have a strong relationship. I'm not sure if anyone is at fault for that, it just was.
I sometimes visit cemeteries. I find them to be almost as calming as a visit to our Japanese Garden.
Today I drove up to a very small cemetery here in Sherwood. It's where the Oregon settlers, those strong rugged people are buried along with day old babies and Vietnam veterans.
There are small shrines especially made for those kids that didn't make it past puberty. Christmas things like snowmen, Santa hats and little dolls.
There are also little stands with words like Mom and Dad made with plastic flowers and secured to wire stands you stick in the dirt above the grave.
Case in point:

Discarded Dad

I saw this in the trash can in the middle of the cemetery. Who would throw it away?
I think the wind did it. We had a very strong wind storm before Christmas and I think it happened then. So everyone has a dad right?
But nobody seemed to know which one belonged to this little plastic decoration.
Well Dad, I saved it for you today. In a picture right here on this thing called the Internet.
Love Bryan
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... that's such a moving dedication.
You leave me speachless...

~ sunshinecity, a picture, a story
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I along with one of my photography buddies drove down to the new OHSU tram in south Portland. The sky was beautiful with a few puffy clouds and the sun was low in the sky providing perfect light to photograph the tram pods.
Mission accomplished and there are a few to see on my stream.
Not really thinking about my daily shot, I headed for the men's room.
Now I have to say, I have been around the world to all of the continents on the planet and I've been in plenty of men's rooms. This is a first for me.
I think the concept of "Jay Walking" now has merit or are we so stupid as to not know this:
Do Not Drink
God help us all.
sunshinecity Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sunshinecity (member) 12 years ago
... hey there are some weird DESPERATE people out there.... it's better to warn!! "A man warned, is a man half saved", as we say in Italy!

~ sunshinecity,
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BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
oh you have my attention! What a great collection of photos (you got me from the first!) Can't wait to see what's coming next.....
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
beautiful insult to our manly intelligence I must say !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
I've been a photographer for 40-years. I got my first 35mm camera when I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan in 1969 and moved up to a nice Nikon-F two years later. I still use the Nikon.
I doubt I'll be using my brand new Sony Alpha in five years. That assumes that I'm still around of course.
I also have many other film cameras and three digital camera. In the past year, I've been using a variety of infrared films.
Digital cannot duplicate the product of well exposed infrared film with the proper opaque filter. I use a #72.
Kodak high speed infrared film must be kept cool in a dark and dry place. I use the butter compartment in my old Sears Kenmore. Every once in a while I grab the film by accident when I really want the butter. This is typically early in the morning before coffee.
This picture should be titled, "Honey, are we out of butter? How about the IR film?":
Film & Butter

I wanted to use up this roll last fall. Today I wish there were still leaves on the trees to photograph and heat to radiate. No luck there, it's cold today.
Hurry up summer!
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
The bottom of the heap. Yup, that's where Pop-Photo placed my brand new Sony DSLR, the bottom of the heap.
Consulting My Crystal Ball
I just bought the darned thing last week. I thought I got a pretty good deal with a couple of lenses, an extra battery the MACK warranties and even a DVD video to tell me how stupid I am when it comes to using this camera.
It is a bit deflating to be sure... but wait, how objective are these so called objective battle of the photographic bands?
Let's see, who obviously does the most advertising in this rag? Nikon.
Who wins the shoot out, Nikon. Could there be some sort of bias here? Naw it couldn't be.
If only I had a real crystal ball to tell me what's around the next corner but really, do you want to know? Life is supposed to be a surprise isn't it?
Maybe I'm asking way too many questions here. Am I?
What a day to be alive, January the 13th, 2007.
durhamyankee Posted 12 years ago. Edited by durhamyankee (member) 12 years ago
Is that a full sphere or a desk weight? Or something else....
DWM's return to the everyday
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
It's one of those bobbles you get during sales meetings that is supposed to get you all pumped up about the company and its products.
What you don't see of course are the two slogans that are etched into the glass so they look real big when viewed from afar.
So I guess it must be a desk weight.
An aside, don't put these things in a window where the sun shines. One of my coworkers did and almost burned down the house.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
sunshinecity 12 years ago
lmao, i guess we do kind of forget the power of light reflected huh?

~ sunshinecity,
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Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Middle age crisis? No, it's middle age downsizing.
Once our kids, (young adults but still our kids), were out and on their own, we started downsizing the stuff in our house.
The first part of this process is trying to dump as much of this stuff onto our unsuspecting children. Those of you just moving out of the nest, be prepared for this.
Well actually it was mostly their stuff to begin with. We just provided rent free space for a while.
Books and more books. We could start our own bookmobile with the amount of books we have. They are darned heavy too.
Part of our downsizing process is to first get this stuff out of the living spaces. We have no basement and can't afford a monthly storage thing so our two car garage becomes the staging area as we process all the stuff. Some in the garbage, some to Goodwill and some we are still trying to decide on. Well it's the latter that has us parking our vehicles in the driveway. Thus the photo here. I betcha thought I'd never get to the photo right!
Frozen Foods Special Today
Most of the winter here in Portland, Oregon, USA, it is either gray and cloudy or it's raining. But just about this time every year in January, we get a cold snap. The temps get down to the teens F and stay there for a few days to a week.
On those days, it is quite often sunny and it was so today the 14th.
On a day like today, we have to scrape off the frost on our car/truck windows. We think it's safer this way. Actually some people in out neighborhood think they can see through snow and frost on their windshields. Maybe his name is Mr. Kent from the newspaper or maybe he is just simply stupid and wants to kill some poor guy like me. Oh he was able to crank down his side window and stick his head out to see those of us immediately to his left OK but I was on his right.
So until spring or until we finish downsizing, I'll be scraping frost off the windows when it is below freezing.
Safeway is one of those large corporate grocery stores here on the west coast. They sucker you into signing up for their discount card otherwise you end up being really suckered into paying their tricky inflated prices for the poor slobs that don't have a card.
I think it is a Republican conspiracy of the worst kind. They track what you purchase from dental floss to cheap wine and they file that information away till they need to cross check your grocery profile against some terrorists that might have entered the country years ago as a sleeper agent. Well on Sunday afternoons I am a sleeper agent! And I can multi-task my Safeway card...
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Not that January the 15th is special but today is a day with sunshine! Easier to wake up as long as I have my coffee.
Normally my day starts with coffee, then an email check and then a shower and
once I start getting dressed, I can expect a visit from "The Cookster" AKA, The Dog.
The Cookster
She seems to know that I'm getting dressed somehow. Maybe it's the deodorant or something, I don't know.
This is her alert to begging me for a walk. A little whining and tail wagging and we are on our way. We have the standard route through the neighborhood. There seems to be the dog equivalent of one-upsmanship they have. Having the last pee is the goal. Anyway, the grand tour is finished and we are back in the house. Wasn't that exciting?
Cookie is 13-years old now. She has had a tough last year. 13 is old for most any dog. The cold dry weather causes her great pain because of her arthritis. Me too at times so I can relate. She rarely doesn't wag her tail even when she hurts all over. We humans could take a lesson I think.
msspider66 12 years ago
I love Portland. I was suppose to spend two weeks there in the fall of 2000. I was very happy to extend my stay to two months. I was offered a job there and almost accepted it. It was late October and I had been wandering since January. I was too homesick for NYC to make the move.

Dogs know what is going on. During my wandering days I would visit my parents. Summer, the family dog, would get upset when I was leaving. She would try to hide so I couldn't say goodbye.

Later on when I had to move back home, she became my better half. It was hard to move back with my parents when I was well into my 30s. Summer was there for me.

There is nothing like the uncondional love of a good dog. I hope Cookie will be wagging her tail pain free for a long long time.

[Ms Spider66]
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Thank you for your kind comments msspider66.
Having lived in many other states and cities we know that Portland is one of those secret gems here in the "states". It is even worth living through those gray days in the winter to enjoy the rest of the year.
Cookie was a pound dog rescued by my son ten years ago when we lived in Greeley, Colorado. When he moved out on his own to an apartment, we inherited her. She has kept me company while I have recovered from several operations and kept my spirits up during times that were tough.
As you said, I hope she'll be wagg'in her tail for a while longer.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
good to see you're getting more use out of your safeway card than just reward points

The Cookster looks sweet!

~ sunshinecity,
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Wow and Flutter Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Wow and Flutter (member) 12 years ago
Well, the old Safeway card wouldn't cut it today. Three inches of snow and climbing in just four hours. No great shakes by my Yooper Michigan standards but unusual for the Pacific Northwest. In fact the most snow I've seen since we moved to Oregon.
I was greeted by this view when I opened the blinds to my home office this morning:
No Tracks Yet
That was just the start of the snow. Since then, I've been snapping pictures of the neighbor kids that are off from school for the day. Buses have a hard time on the hills in our area when it snows.
We don't use salt to melt the snow here in Oregon and we rarely see a plow and sanding the road would be nice but we haven't seen that yet either.
After lunch I'm heading down to the local town center where there is a man made pond that water fowl like to use. Maybe I'll get a few nice photographs.
January 16th 2007.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
ooh beautiful pic
could you send us some of that golden rosy snow ?

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Can do! Plenty to spare after today. Check out this link:
msspider66 12 years ago
Send me some too! If is finally cold here, No snow expected but we may get flurries over the weekend.

[Ms Spider66]
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
msspider: Do you want that with or without the anchovies? There is a special on the anchovies, half off if you order before midnight. Think about it.
msspider66 12 years ago
Anchovies? Yuck!

[Ms Spider66]
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
OK then, I'll hold the anchovies. You get the same deal on the snow that Ladybadtiming got. Shipping USPS unless otherwise noted. No guarantees and no insurance. I suggest if you see water damage that you refuse the box.
I guess I've taken this lark far enough don't you think?
msspider66 12 years ago
I'll pay extra to have it Fed Exed.

[Ms Spider66]
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
The 17th was more or less, mostly less a continuation of yesterday. The snow is still here and the roads are iffy at best. Not a real good day for photography out of doors. Some might say it is great ambient light but I say it's more of a fluorescent day.
The neighborhood kids were undeterred of course, building their version of ski jumps in the middle of the road:
Snow Recycling
Not even thinking that anyone or any car would dare to plow it over. That would be pure sacrilege.
I think tomorrow this dream will be interrupted by the alarm clock or Mom yelling "Ya better get going or you'll miss the bus!".
sunshinecity 12 years ago
that's a lot of snow!!

~ sunshinecity,
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Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Any snow in Portland is a lot of snow. We actually only got about 3-4 inches and the kids are piling it up here.
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Horizon Trees

Silence for my eyes.
There are times when I get to the point that I go looking for that "Roaring Silence" that seems impossible to find in this electronic and mechanical world.
All the kind things spoken by everyone that rises above the bad even becomes obnoxious to my ears.
In my house, we have a small walk-in closet that is too full of rarely worn clothes. Closing both the bedroom door and standing inside this closet with its door closed is almost Roaring Silence. The kind of silence that allows you to hear your ears ringing for a while from all of the world's noise still resonating inside your head.
I think much of our stress comes from all of this damned noise.
Overloading any of your senses is not good. Extreme anything is not good.
Today's image for 01/18/07 is sponsored by Zero Sum Ambient Levels of the mind.
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Well it's time again to ramble on for a while in my own little thread/topic to push it up chronologically in this group.
Sort of like a whale or a penguin comes to the surface to take a breath for the next go-around.
Yesterday I reorganized about 100 image folders by date instead of by subject. I wasn't sure which convention in which to subscribe. MM-DD-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD or something else like January 19, 2007.
Since I changed all of the folder names that hold over 20,000 images, my computer HDD sounds like an active coffee grinder while my photo management software tries to figure out what the heck happened. I'm so mean to my computer.
Poor thing, little does it know that the noisy little HDD that is six years old and ready for the dump, will soon be replaced by another, bigger and quieter unit. I hope anyway as long as I can move all of the program files OK.
Also on my 2-do list is putting away the Christmas ornaments that have been sitting on the coffee table of at least a week:

Packing It In

I still have our little metal tree with all the tiny Christmas lights turned on. It's pretty small only about two feet tall and it makes a nice night lamp for the dog or us when we walk around at night. Who knows, maybe will keep it up till daylight savings time.
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
Logging in... logging out.
Your serve in this game of topic badminton.
ReeBeckiSupergirl PRO 12 years ago
I love the trees! I love the contast of them against the sky with their dark bark. It's quite lovely that.
Wow and Flutter 11 years ago
Thanks for keeping my topic in play RBS.
I didn't get a photo for yesterday. Maybe today... we'll see what the day has in store.
Please check back!
Wow and Flutter 11 years ago
Da Beers!  Who's Next?

OK, I'm not a real big sports fan and though I use to beg the gods to let the Vikings win just one miserable Super Bowl after five, count'em, five tries, I was happy to see a team from the "black & blue" league get this far. I don't really know much about the Chicago team this year but I do know it's been about 25-years since they have been in this position. Good for them.
The Super Bowl? I may watch unless I have something better to occupy me... maybe Flickr?
sunshinecity 11 years ago
lol, well I've got my fiancé routing for the Colts....

the christmas ornaments pic is delightful, so full of detail!

~ sunshinecity,
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Wow and Flutter 11 years ago
The Bears & Colts it will be!
colorful education [deleted] 11 years ago
I just discovered your corner of the group.. and have fallen in love with the pictures...!
ah yes, and go Bears!!!!!!!

{[Unusually and exceedingly peculiar, and altogether quite impossible to describe..]}
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